Five Features that EVERY MMORPG Should Have

There are a lot of great free to play MMORPGs out there, but many of them lack features that would make these great games even better. Below is a list of features that EVERY MMORPG, both pay to play and free to play,  should have.

1 – An Auction House

Why on Earth do game developers feel the need to make life more difficult for us gamers? Adding an Auction House to an MMORPG would make commerce infinitely easier. Instead of an auction house, most Asian MMORPGs have a ‘player shop’ type system where players can open up their own little shops. It’s neat and all, but it just isn’t practical. I should NOT have to leave my character AFK for 5 hours in ‘shop mode’ just to sell some rare drops. If you’ve ever tried to sell an Item in MapleStory / Dream of Mirror Online or any other game that doesn’t have an auction house, you’ll know what I mean.

14011  400x325 wonderking online auction house

Auction House in WonderKing

2- PvP

That’s right MapleStory – I’m looking at you. There’s absolutely no excuse for an MMORPG not to have PvP. I mean, it doesn’t need to be a game’s ‘biggest appeal’, but every MMORPG should have some sort of PvP system. Something simple like a dueling or PvP arena system would suffice. Personally, when I sink hundreds of hours into an MMORPG I want to be able to duke it out against other players to see how powerful my character is.

6302  400x325 lunia pvp mode

PvP in Lunia

3- A Clean, Sleek and Easy to use Interface

The one thing you interact with most in an MMORPG is its interface. For that reason alone, a game’s interface should be both easy to use, customizable and sleek. I say sleek because even if a game’s interface is functional – it should still be easy on the eyes and pleasing to look at. After all, i’m tired of newer games like Soul of the Ultimate Nation having a 1999 like interface. A game’s controls should also be both point and click / WSAD compatible. That way, everyone wins. Another little thing that vaguely falls under ‘interface’ is a game’s graphic options. Every game should be widescreen compatible. MMORPGs like Cloud Nine and Florensia are examples of two MMORPGs with a good interface.

19663  400x325 cloud nine skill information

Interface in Cloud Nine

4. Good English Translations

With so many free to play MMORPGs coming straight from East Asia, it’s not surprising that many of that have awful English translations. So many games have such piss poor translations that it really takes away from the game. Magic World Online is notorious for its incredibly bad English translations. One of the game’s job advancements is called ‘Dragonbaking Master’ and another is called ‘Freezing Uranus’. What on EARTH is a Dragonbaking master? Some sort of chef who handles dragon meat? In the same game a ‘Beggar’ inside one of the main towns offers a quest that basically says, “I’ll give you this GOD’S GEM for a piece of fried chicken”. I kid you not – the quest reward for bringing this beggar a piece of fried chicken was a ‘GOD’S GEM’. Not all MMORPGs have such bad English translations, but I think it’s safe to say that there’s room for improvement in most games.

3360  400x325 magic world online npc dialogue

Random NPC Dialogue in Magic World Online

5. A Good Radar / Map

Wouldn’t every MMORPG just be better if you could easily go from point A to point B just by opening up the map and clicking on your destination? Unfortunately only a handful of games seem to think so. Games like Atlantica Online and Asda Story are some of the few that support this feature. I don’t know about you guys, but having to manually run back to town or around town just to pick up new quests is a bit tedious. What’s even more tedious though is having to manually run across half a dozen areas just to get to a dungeon somewhere. More MMORPGs need to automate this process. While on the topic of maps though, all games should mark NPCs and quest locations right on the radar / map so questing is easier. Having to run around for 30+ minutes just trying to find where the camp of ‘Ferocious Yellow Fanged Wolves’ spawn is not my idea of fun.

5075  400x325 atlantica online world map

Map from Atlantica Online

These are just a few of the ‘must have’ features in an MMORPG. There are obviously many more features that a perfect MMORPG would require. Feel free to add to the list with your comments below!

By, Jake Bismarck

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