Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter – Full Review

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Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter – Full Review

By Harry Ka-yan Cheung

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Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter was a highly anticipated game when it became announced. After testing it, I can confirm that the wait was well worth it. Neverwinter is fast, engaging, free, fun, and not a cake-walk. A problem with most games today is the content being much too easy. At certain points of Neverwinter, players will find themselves trying to stay alive because of bosses or large groups of monsters. From my own experience, I was trying to travel quickly to one point quickly and gathered a large portion of enemies in one area and nearly died, but a nearby friend was able to gather their attention. Neverwinter provides features that hold certain unique aspects to them and overall, it looks very promising.

The graphics are spectacular. There aren’t a lot of flashy and eye-catching skills in Neverwinter.” The graphics represent a very dark looking atmosphere set in a medieval time. As players make their way from town to the fields and from the fields into the zones where monsters are engaging in battles against other NPCs, players can easily see the transition from the peaceful town into the battlezones. There are certain orb-shaped mounted objects, named Scrying Stones, that players can click on. By clicking on these objects; they are able to see the area from a high angle. This way, players can really see how spectacular these areas really look.

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The Hall of Justice seen through a Scrying Stone

Players are thrown straight into a tutorial that helps them get situated in what the gameplay will be like from then on. The general idea behind the gameplay is basic. Players are able to fight in real-time and are able to time certain skills as they need to. Aiming skills at certain enemies will make that target the main target. Neverwinter also has the basic gathering quests and kill quests. The skills are what really make the gameplay interesting. Players can decide to play with others and make very good skill combinations with them in which allows different play styles for different parties.

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Character Creation & Customization
The character creation allows players to almost fully customize their characters. The limitation is that players cannot select the length of hair and the color of their fingernails, but the selection list is still pretty vast. Aside from the physical customization of a character’s body, players are also given the choice to change their mainland location. Players can choose to change their background information and are also given the choice of customizing their starting stats. The customization is top quality, but not fully customizable.

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Character appearance customization screen

Skills & Feats
The skills in Neverwinter are named “powers”. Players must level to certain levels to receive skills and gain new abilities. Every player is allowed to carry three encounter powers, two daily powers, two at-will powers and two utility powers. Every class also receives their own unique ability at level 10. To put this simpler, players are allowed to use their right click, left click, shift to dodge, two passives, and five active skills. As players level, they will also have to decide on a Paragon Path. With different combination of skills and use of unique abilities, players will be able to make use of powerful abilities without much complication. For example, players can root enemies and then use their abilities to quickly take down multiple foes at once. In addition to these skills, players will also receive points for their “Feats” at level 10 and above. These “Feats” are basically more passive skills players can add points into to make their character stronger.

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Feats 620x424

Character appearance customization screen

Class Skills
As soon as a player’s character gets created, it is able to perform certain skills unique to only their class. These skills allow players to collect materials for usage in later crafting and obtaining of items. Players can pick up certain “kits” to allow their own character to perform skills that do not apply their character’s class. This is a nice addition to the world of Neverwinter to involve players more into the feeling of having to gather to survive rather than getting every item from enemies they destroy.

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No nature kit, no nature skill, no nature items

Community & Communication
Players are given the choice to speak to other players through use of the in-game voice chat as long as the players are in the same party. This can be a bad or a good thing but that’s up to each individual’s opinion. There are certain instances that require players to join a queue to engage in an instance with a full party. These parties are often where players will end up talking to each other and meeting new people if they decide to. If friends are made, players can add each other by the use of their nickname. This allows players to stay in contact even when they are on another character.

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Social Window

Most games only allow players to choose a single profession. At often times, players can only stick with that profession. However, in Neverwinter, they can choose to specialize in all the professions if they have what it takes. These professions take time to accomplish each task. The main issue behind why players may not want to try and do every profession lies in the time consumption and items required.

Professions 520x500

Profession Window


Graphics – 4/5 – Spectacular but I personally enjoy a bit more flashiness to my graphics. Neverwinter is fluid and has no issues in graphical issues.

Features – 4/5 – Plenty of features to keep players interested. I only covered some of the features. There are many more things players can get involved in.

Gameplay – 4/5 – Neverwinter keeps its players involved and pushes players to fight any chance they are forced to. Nearly every monster will fight players once they are in sight.

Community – 4/5 – It already has a large player base and is pushing for even more success at this rate. The community continues to grow and there is always a conversation going on in world chat.

Customization – 4/5 – Not quite perfect but the amount of customization is to be given a high rating because it does has a larger selection than most.

Overall – 4/5 – Neverwinter is not perfect, but it is definitely worth a look as long as an individual is willing to try something new.

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