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After years of Zynga domination and thousands of application requests for farming, cooking, and city building, Facebook gaming is shifting to new areas. In recognizing Facebook’s large reach and ease of connecting friends online, game developers are taking a look at new ways to play on the social network. Making its debut this week on Facebook is Rebel Entertainment, whose first title, Dungeon Rampage, seeks to reach the action-loving, dungeon-stomping gamer lurking on Facebook, along with gamers at Kongregate and its own website. MMOHuts had a chance to sit down with Mike Goslin, General Manager of Rebel Entertainment, and get a tour of Dungeon Rampage.



To set the stage, here’s Dungeon Rampage’s basic story: The evil Lord Dinglepus reigns with terror over the land. For his entertainment – and to distract the citizens from his horrible rule – he runs dungeon games, challenging adventurers to face off against minions and monsters in special arenas. You, a begrudgingly kind adventurer, have taken up the challenge to find and face Lord Dinglepus himself – while collecting loot and fame.


53973  420x310 dungeonrampage main screen


Dungeon Rampage currently features six classes. You’ll start as the Berserker, an axe-and-hammer wielding maniac who serves well as a melee fighter and tank. Through in-game gold, or through cash currency called gems, you can unlock the remaining five classes. At ranged is the Ranger (a classic bow and sword user), the fully-ranged Vampire Hunter, and the lightning-zapping Sorceror. Two other melee also join the Berserker: the support-and-healing Chef, and the deadly Ghost Samurai. Each class uses its own set of weapons and skills, balancing out combat.


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The core gameplay in Dungeon Rampage is the “dungeon crawl.” Dungeons are available in stages throughout several maps, raising in difficulty as you progress. Dungeons are also randomly generated, so while you may face the same stage background and enemies, the exact layout, traps, and challenges that lay ahead of you are completely random each time you adventure. You’re also never alone, unless you choose to be – joining a dungeon groups you with other random players who are seeking the same dungeon, or you can choose to only adventure with your friends. No matter what, all loot and experience are shared in Dungeon Rampage, except for food.


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A typical dungeon romp consists of one or more floors. Each floor contains gold, treasure chests, food (a healing item), experience, and fame (gold stars). Of course, there are also all sorts of monsters for you to fight, from knights and lions to minotaurs and imps. And monsters aren’t all you’ll face – the dungeons also feature traps you’ll have to avoid (and hope your fellow adventurers do as well.) In addition to fighting with up to three weapons, you can also revive your allies if they fall in battle, no matter your class. Stay through for victory, and you’ll earn bonus experience for your efforts. At the end, you’ll be able to open any treasure chests you’ve found with keys, if you have them, for a chance at weapons, gems, and even more chests.


53980  420x310 dungeonrampage traps


As your hero levels up, it can assign its stat points into one of four stats (a different selection for each character), such as max health or melee damage, two points per level. Each class progresses individually, which means that you will have at least six characters to get equipped and leveled up once you’ve unlocked them all. Your storage (where you can keep extra weapons, boosts, and more) is shared between all characters, and you can also visit the game’s item shop for more. Almost everything in the shops is available for the game’s standard gold currency. Only a few types of items can only be purchased with gems: skins for your heroes, special boosts, and combat pets. This means that all of the game’s content is available for free, with only special boosts requiring cash currency – which itself can be found in chests, if you’re lucky.


53972  420x310 dungeonrampage level up


That’s the basics of Dungeon Rampage, and we have to pause here to emphasize a few things. First of all, this free-to-play dungeon romp is one of the very few action games on Facebook, with arcade style controls, and tries to stay as free-to-play as possible. Second of all, there are no energy limits, no daily cap on how much you can play per day – which is practically unheard of on Facebook. That’s right, you can dungeon stomp to your heart’s content. Finally, Dungeon Rampage seamlessly integrates all three of its platforms (Facebook, Kongregate, and DungeonRampage.com) without requiring strange loopholes or segregating players, meaning that you’ll always have someone to play with. The experience of Rebel Entertainment’s development team – formed from former employees of Disney, Zynga, Atari, and EA – certainly shows, even though Dungeon Rampage is their first title.


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Rebel Entertainment didn’t stop at just showing us what’s already available with Dungeon Rampage’s current launch version, however. Plenty of awesome updates are planned soon for the game. First up is a new hero, the pyromancer, which will focus on ranged area-of-effect attacks using fire, with his special move unleashing the demon within. New skins are also heading out soon, including a beta-tester exclusive Berserker skin. Of course, new environments are also being unlocked soon, including a new castle area, and players can soon look forward to themed events during holidays, such as candy drops during Halloween.


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Dungeon Rampage isn’t done there, though. Two other major upgrades are coming to the system. A new friends system will soon expand the game’s current friend system so that after running a dungeon, players will be able to add friends on the victory page. This new feature will let players befriend each other through Dungeon Rampage’s internal system, which means players across platforms can request each other’s friendship for future dungeoning together – even without using Facebook’s friend system. Finally, you’ll be able to game with awesome people without having to share your personal details with them.


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Finally, the weapon system is also facing an upcoming overhaul. Currently, weapons are fairly simple, featuring one style of attack plus a set amount of damage. The new system will make three major changes. First, weapons will now have the potential to carry modifiers on them, selected randomly from various effects including chain attacks. Second, weapons will now have the potential for two types of attack, by tapping the key (standard attack) or holding it for a charged attack. Finally, weapon choice will become more significant as a rock-paper-scissor type of system enters the game, making some enemies weaker to (or stronger against) certain weapon choices. There are thousands of possible combinations with the new weapon system, and players will be sure to love the new strategy elements it introduces.


53977  420x310 dungeonrampage new weapons


Rebel Entertainment’s first game debut is a strong one, and they continue to look to the future on improving Dungeon Rampage’s content and options. Gameplay is simple enough for beginners and casual players, but rewarding enough for more action-oriented, serious gamers to also enjoy. We’re positive that Dungeon Rampage is going to continue to win over more gamers, and in time, perhaps Rebel Entertainment will start to reshape the concept of social gaming in new ways.


Learn more about Dungeon Rampage on MMOHut’s official preview page, and get dungeon romping!

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