Dragon Eternity – Review

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Dragon Eternity – Review

By Harry Ka-yan Cheung

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Dragon Eternity is a browser-based. Dragon Eternity reminds me of a game that was quite popular back in the day, but more fine-tuned. The gameplay is turn-based and the graphics are decent. The game has a medium-to-large amount of features and it gives characters a large amount of variety when it comes to certain features. Though not the greatest game out there, players who find interest in Dragon Eternity may end up playing for quite a while and sticking to it.


Dragon Eternity’s gameplay will look very familiar (to those who know what I am referring to). In my personal experience, I recalled a similarity to a game I played when I was about 12. I enjoy the gameplay, but from my own personal preference, I feel the gameplay may be outdated. A player chooses to attack, defend, use an item, or to attack with the intent to charge mana. Players that gain enough mana will have the choice to use skills. The damage will vary depending on the skill level or the stats a player may have. Skills are obtained through collecting certain materials and training that particular skill. There are many elements and each class receives their own profession in elements.

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Water Skill in use


Players can participate in battles against other players. These battles are placed on the battlegrounds. Players are placed on two different teams; victory is achieved when all the players on one team are taken down. There are many modes to Dragon Eternity’s PVP and each of them require players to queue in to participate. Although each PVP mode is different, none of the PVP modes hold a significant difference over the others; there are some differences though, like in “King of the Hill” where both teams get a king and the other players are set as attackers and the King can summon a dragon to fight as an ally.

Battlegrounds 620x464

The different modes of PVP

PVE & Quests

Dragon Eternity has some unique quests as well as some very generic ones. The generic quests that Dragon Eternity holds are the ones where NPCs will request a player to hunt certain mobs and/or collect certain materials, but there are also certain quests that will allow a player to fight alongside an NPC which makes it much more interesting. The allied NPC will vary between humans and creatures as players progress further into the game. Another interesting addition to their unique quests is the caskets. Early in the levels, Dragon Eternity introduces a casket, which is kind of like a puzzle, to players; the concept was interesting but the puzzle was not difficult.

Casket 620x482

Casket Puzzle


Dragon Eternity offers a variety of professions to its players. A player can choose to be a farmer, fisherman, hunter, or prospector. From the materials collected by using the gathering professions, a player can choose to use their materials to make items as blacksmiths, alchemist, inscriptors, cooks, or jewelers. Each profession requires a player to engage in different interactions; for example, a farmer must find good soil to plant their products and a fisherman must cast a tackle and actually fish for their items. Once players have enough materials, they can dive deeper into their professions and start creating items from recipes and selling them on the market or wearing it themselves.

Profession 620x373

List of professions

Reals, Gold, Silver, & Copper

Players can earn gold, silver, and copper from quests and daily rewards. The currency can be use to buy items from NPC stores and the marketplace. From my experience, it is not particularly hard to make money and nearly anything can be bought with in-game gold, but there is another currency called “Reals.” From the name alone, a player can probably guess that “Reals” is a form of cash shop currency. This cash shop currency offers players a fast way to obtain items and quickly get ahead of the game. Like most of the games I have been reviewing lately, “Reals” give players who purchase it an advantage, but players that do not purchase any receive no disadvantages since most items can be purchased with gold. The “Reals” converts from 1 dollar to 1 “Reals” to 1 gold.

Cash Shop 620x330

The “Bank” window for transactions


Players have access to a handbook which is provided by the Dragon Eternity webpage. The handbook is basically a database for the game that will answer most questions a player may have. It contains stats on items, information about farming, and feedback from players about items and actions. The handbook acts as a wiki of sorts for Dragon Eternity and I would like to see this more in other games.

Database 566x500

An example of what information the handbook may have


Graphics – 2.5/5 The graphics aren’t amazing but the landscapes look great and some of the skills look well made.

Gameplay – 1.5/5 Gameplay falls into a very opinionated thing but for the most part, the gameplay is lacking a lot. It offers players a fraction of nostalgia but otherwise, it is bland.

Features – 2.5/5 There are quite a bit of features that Dragon Eternity provides. Some of which are interesting, but not worth taking too much time into, in my personal opinion.

Community – 3/5 The community is quite active. There is a constant amount of conversing in the chat and there is a forum provided. It is quite friendly, too.

Customization – .5/5 Male or female? Sader faction or Valor faction? That’s all the choices a player gets until they can purchase changes in-game. Some purchases in-game may change facial and hair features, but aren’t worth noting.

Overview – 2.5/5 Overall, the game is mostly a nostalgia feeding for me. Dragon Eternity offers players a game that can be played without too much effort but for those who are interested; they can push to go more in-depth with the game. Graphics aren’t hard on the eyes and the community is friendly. The main problem is that Dragon Eternity is mostly outdated for today’s generation. If it’s a game a player has been looking for, it’s pretty decent but for any regular gamer looking for an mmo to stick with, this probably isn’t it.


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