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DC Universe Online has rolled out its seventh DLC today for all members – Origin Crisis. A story envisioned and foretold throughout previous updates in the game, Origin Crisis expands DCUO’s content with┬á new content for high level players, plus a new power set and more. MMOHuts got a chance to sit down with Jens Anderson, Creative Director at DC Universe Online, to get an inside scoop to this new DLC Pack.


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In Origin Crisis, players join forces with Future Batman or Future Lex Luthor in order to change the destiny of Heroes and Villains. By altering the history of iconic characters in the universe, both hope to transform their futures and create the world they dream. Within the Nexus of Reality, both good and evil struggle to change the outcome of the present and the future. This new story is what will propel players through two new raids, four new operations (two for Villains, and two for Heroes), and two new Solo Simulation Challenges.


The new operations, we’re told, involve a sort of infinite time loop with each other. Heroes and Villains alike will head into these operations to find an altered reality that represents the worst possible outcome – and in order to change that, they set out to change the lives of the iconic Batman and Lex Luthor, to prevent these outcomes from happening. The snag? The Heroes’ success is the start of the Villains’ operations, and likewise, the outcome of the Villains’ operation is what spurs the Heroes into action. Although not dynamically linked, the way in which the operations loop back on themselves will offer a sort of stability for the current timeline – or at least, so we can assume.


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New in Origin Crisis are the Iconic Anomalies. These special solo challenge modes are the first time that players can jump into the skins of iconic Heroes and Villains in PVE combat. Here, players can work with Future Batman or Future Lex Luthor to run simulations in order to collect data on the possible outcomes of altering events in the time-line of other iconic figures. We watched Jens take control of Bizarro and the Huntress in two different simulations, re-enacting key moments in their timeline. In both simulations, the player takes on the abilities and appearance of the iconic character, and is presented with choices along the way that will alter the story and events that take place throughout the Anomaly. These choices are coupled with an element of randomness that may add modifiers or different sub-bosses to further randomize these encounters. While this is a new step for DC Universe Online, Jens cautioned that the team will plan on only adding more Anomalies on a limited basis, and when the timing feels right, rather than flood players with iconic-controlling missions.


These Anomalies will be the starting core for many players to start gearing up for Operations and Raids introduced in Origin Crisis. Requiring a CR of 84, the missions will reward “Marks of Reality,” a new token currency which will allow players to collect Tier 5 gear. Three sets of gear are introduced in Origin Crisis: a Hero’s set, based around Aquaman; a Villain’s set, based around Black Manta; and a neutral set based on Booster Gold.


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Finally, a new Power Set arrives in DC Universe Online with Origin Crisis: Quantum Controller. If you’ve ever loved the thought of manipulating time, space, or gravity, this power set is going to thrill you. The set has two trees: Time, which focuses on manipulating enemy attack speed, regeneration rates, and the like; and Space, which focuses on teleportation, displacement, and gravity. Among the powers we were able to see were Quantum Tunneling, a move that allows players to “blink” forward a distance, which introduces several tactical advantages in battle including the ability to evade charging enemies or reach downed players. Players can also use their powers to pull enemies into a black hole, root or lift enemies, or defer damage. One ability which particularly tickled our fancy allowed the controller to throw enemies from behind them in front of them a fair distance, which makes another very interesting twist in tactical combat.


Origin Crisis is live today for all non-legendary players! The pack is a free download for the game’s Legendary members and is available for purchase to Free and Premium players via the PlayStation┬«Network, the in-game Marketplace, or for PC players via the DCUniverseOnline.com website.

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