Conquer Online – Invasion of Pirates Press Preview

Today marks the official launch of Conquer Online’s latest expansion, Invasion of Pirates. This expansion offers players the chance to play as a pirate, a brand new class with some interesting twists from Conquer Online’s usual play style. MMOHuts was one of the first to get a look at the pirate gameplay in a special closed beta preview of the expansion.

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A pirate in Conquer Online starts out as any other character does, with an automatic Beginner’s Quest in the Twin City. Pirate trainers are located here in the city with other trainers, and the quests remain the same as other classes. However, you’ll find that your pirate begins with a new class of weapon – the rapier. This is one of two weapons a pirate uses, and will be the mainstay for the pirate character until it reaches level 40. Pirates also start out with their own dashing style of coats, looking completely prepared to raid the waters.

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Starting pirates will find two abilities as their mainstays: Gale Bomb and Blade Tempest. Gale Bomb offers a large AoE impact, along with an impressive explosion, to detonate enemies, but sits on an 8 second cooldown. Blade Tempest, on the other hand, sends the pirate sweeping with their rapier in a single direction, cutting through enemies in a single motion while doing 90% weapon damage. Both of these abilities offer important combinations in later pirate life, but as a new pirate, they each offer their own strengths. Blade Tempest seems particularly effective when cutting through multiple enemies, and is a recommended triple combination before level 90, when combinations truly begin to shine.

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At level 40, along with a class promotion, the pirate also obtains their first pistol. The pistol is the pirate’s secondary weapon, but remains as important as the rapier. Both weapons remain equipped at the same time, which allows the pirate to combine pistol skills with rapier skills to introduce new combinations. The first pistol skill, Eagle Eye, deals damage to a single target, unlike the pirate’s initial AoE skills. This damage is more powerful, and also plays more importance once level 90 is reached and a key ability is unlocked: Black Spots. Black Spots is applied by Blade Tempest, and boosts Eagle Eye’s damage, which – when combined with other skills – leads to some powerful combinations in battle.

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Because of the nature of combos and skills with the pirate, many of which are on cooldowns, combo planning is essential. There are several possible combinations depending on a pirate’s battle situation, including XP skills that offer powerful barrages of damage. Knowing how each skill synergizes, and how to best manage individual or group targets, is essential, but the flow of combat is still evenly paced. More interesting is how pirates play out in PvP: pirates who know their skill combinations well may end up dominating, while players who fight hastily may suffer. Pirates also are unique in that they gain half the PK points other classes do, in exchange for a higher chance at obtaining loot from their enemies.

What we’re definitely sure of after experiencing the Pirate: these newcomers to Conquer Online certainly aren’t scurvy-dogs. With the new style of play – and some interesting combinations – pirates feel like a breath of fresh sea-air to Conquer Online. The expansion is available now for free download in Conquer Online, so put on your pirate hats and give it a try!

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