Best Browser Based Strategy MMORPGs

By now I’m sure many of you have noticed the growing popularity of browser based strategy MMORPGs. It seems like every month there’s at least one new empire building game trying to take a slice of the lucrative MMO Pie. It seems like Evony’s success really got the ball rolling, as ever since Evony was released early-mid 2009 there have been at least 10 new free to play browser based strategy MMORPGs released. Below is a list of the top 5 best browser based strategy MMORPGs based on playerbase.

#1 Travian

travian inner city

Yeah, I know. This may come as a surprise to some people. The reason Travian made it to the #1 slot is that it has an absolutely enormous community and fairly balanced gameplay. Start off with a small village and eventually build up your armies and conquer your enemies. The game uses a distinctly different script than most other browser based strategy MMOs.

#2 Evony

evony city viewed

Even though Evony got a lot of flak for their misleading advertisements and shady history, Evony is still a top notch strategy MMO. The game has some of the best looking visuals of any browser based empire building game and simple straight forward gameplay. The only problem with Evony, and it’s a big problem, is that the game’s cash shop can severely imbalance the game. Another reason Evony made the list is that it has an enormous community.

#3 Tribal Wars

tribal wars city

Tribal Wars is a empire building MMO that plays a lot like Travian. One thing worth mentioning is that Tribal Wars actually came out before Travian, so it wins some points for originality. Tribal Wars took the #2 slot because it has less active players than Travian.

#4 Lords Online

lords online browser mmo

IGG really did a great job with this one. Lords Online is easily one of their best browser based games. My only real complaint with the game is that it feels a bit slower paced than other strategy MMORPGs, but the game makes up for it with solid visuals and an in-depth hero system.

#5 Heroes of Gaia

heroes of gaia city

This one made it to the list because it’s incredibly unique. Unlike traditional empire building games, players can leave their towns and defeat enemies with their heroes in order to level them up. It mixes MMORTS and RPG elements to create a fun filled unique experience.

By, Michael K.

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