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Every MMORPG has some social elements. Heck, when you throw a bunch of people into the same virtual world, whether they’re killing dragons or customizing their mechs, people are socializing. Apparently, teaming up with random people, selling swords and joining a guild isn’t ‘social enough’ for some people, as more and more ‘social MMORPGs’ are being released. These ‘social MMORPGs’ or MMOs, as the name implies, have a much greater emphasis on social interaction than actual gameplay. Players chat, dance and interact instead of killing monsters. This may sound ridiculous to some people, but think about it. How much time do you spend lurking on forums or trolling chat rooms? I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather log into a social MMO than spend time in a chat room. At least you get to walk around and interact with the people you’re talking to. If anything, you can always find amusement in trolling, and trust me, trolling in an MMO can be quite fun! Anyway, whether you’re looking to kill some time, make some friends, or just troll – the best free social MMORPGs currently available are:

#1 Gaia Online

gaia online parking lot

Gaia Online is an enormously popular browser based social MMO. Players can create and dress up their avatars as well as walk around a virtual world. It’s not only the most popular social MMO, it’s one of the most popular browser games out there.

#2 5Street

5street school area

5Street is a 3D dancing / social MMO published by Snail Game. It’s actually one of the only client based social MMOs out there. It’s actually marketed as a rhythm based dancing MMO, but it has quite a bit of social features. Unlike the other games on this list, 5Street does have some serious gameplay components to it, but it comes second to its social aspects.

#3 Habbo

habbo club mammoth

Habbo, previously known as Habbo Hotel, is a 2D browser based social MMO.  Players create and customize their own avatars and are given a room inside of the ever expanding hotel within the game. Make friends, earn badges, customize your room and more!

#4 PetPet Park

petpet park coral

PetPet Park is a 2D Social MMO with Mini Games developed and published by the same folks that made Neopets. Create your own PetPet, walk around and play mini-games. The game has dozens of games, plenty of zones to explore and great background music. It is geared towards a younger audience though.

#5 OurWorld

our world overview

OurWorld is a 2D Social MMORPG set in a large virtual world with an incredible amount of content. The game has hundreds of high quality mini games, clothing, accessories and more. The game’s housing system is also top notch.

By, Michael K.

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