Top 5 Best Side Scrolling MMORPGs

Like all other sub genres of the ‘Free MMO’ / ‘Free MMORPG’ industry, Side Scrolling MMORPG games have grown considerably over the last few years. Even though Side Scrolling games are still much more popular in places like Japan and South Korea – they’re beginning to ‘grow’ on North American gamers as well – as more and more side scrolling MMORPGs are being released here in the West. The top 5 Side Scrolling MMORPG games list below was compiled using review data from across the internet and from our own reviews here on MMOHuts. If you’re looking for the best side scrolling MMORPG to play, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Top 5 Best Side Scrolling MMORPGs

#1 Dragonica Online

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Dragonica is a 3D side scrolling fantasy themed action MMORPG published by THQ Ice. This was a tough pick as Dragonica Online is still a relatively new game – so it doesn’t have nearly as much content as the more ‘established’ side scrolling MMORPGs, but anyone who has played the game can agree with me that it’s one of the best free to play games out there. The gameplay is fast paced and fun, it’s extremely well localized (Good translations), and it has an extremely fun and rewarding ‘instanced’ dungeons. If you haven’t played Dragonica Online yet, go download it right away – it’ll be worth it.

#2 MapleStory

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MapleStory is a 2D fantasy themed side scrolling MMORPG published by Nexon and it was a very close ‘second’. Even though MapleStory is one of the ‘oldest’ side scrolling MMORPGs out there – it’s still one of the best, as Nexon has a done a great job with the game in terms of keeping it fresh, as the game has enjoyed countless major content updates since release. It has without a doubt the most ‘content’ of any side scrolling MMORPG and arguably some of the most content of any free to play game – as there are many, many playable ‘classes’ and an enormous game world to explore. If you haven’t played MapleStory yet and don’t mind the ‘childish’ graphics – do check it out.

#3 Dungeon Fighter Online

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Dungeon Fighter Online, called DFO for short, is an incredibly unique 2D side scrolling action MMORPG by Nexon. The game both looks and plays a lot like old school arcade beat em’ ups like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. The game has plenty of content, many playable classes and some extremely addictive gameplay. Anyone looking for a solid action MMORPG to play and isn’t too picky about graphics should certainly give DFO a try. Out of all the side scrolling MMORPGs out there – Dungeon Fighter Online is definitely the most ‘unique’, as the gameplay and graphics are both genuinely different than the competition.

#4 LaTale

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LaTale is a 2D Side Scrolling MMORPG that looks and plays a lot like MapleStory – but with a slightly less ‘childish’ look. The game has plenty of unique ‘jobs’ as well as enough content to keep players entertained. One interesting feature that LaTale has that MapleStory doesn’t, is an interesting arena based PvP system. Anyone who has already played MapleStory and Dragonica Online and is looking for something similar yet ‘different’ enough to be fun should give LaTale a try.

#5 Wind Slayer

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Wind Slayer is Outspark’s ‘take’ at the 2D side scrolling MMORPG market. The game both looks and plays a lot like LaTale except with only a few minor differences. Unlike Maplestory – Wind Slayer has a solid PvP system and an in depth crafting system. The game’s character customization options are also quite good compared to other side scrollers. Choose from one of the game’s six playable classes and explore the large game world of Wind Slayer. The game is certainly worth checking out but I recommend playing Dragonica Online or MapleStory first.

By, Jake Bismarck

Keep in mind, this top 5 Side Scrolling MMORPGs list was compiled in late 2009. If a new game comes out tomorrow, it won’t be included in this list. MMOHuts will release an updated list later in 2010 if many new games are released.

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