Top 5 Most PvP Intensive P2P MMORPGs

It seems like a lot of new games today have either very limited or no Player versus player (PvP) options, which can be quite frustrating for gamers who enjoy the thrill of fighting against other players. Unfortunately for PvP fans, the PvP doesn’t get much love in most mainstream games. Enormously popular titles like MapleStory and  MegaTen don’t even have an ounce of PvP. Fortunately though, there are quite a bit of MMORPGs out there that still place a strong emphasis on PvP. The list below ranks the top 5 most PvP intensive Pay To Play MMORPGs available.

#1 Eve Online

11788  350x263 eve online attack

Eve Online is hands down the most PvP intensive pay to play MMORPG out there. Players can literally attack each other anywhere in the game universe. The open PvP environment allows for pirating mining ships or even large scale 100 vs 100 guild battles. The best part about the game’s PvP is that destroyed ships drop their cargo, which is freely lootable. If you’re looking for a PvP focused game, Eve Online is where it’s at.

#2 Warhammer Online

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Warhammer was heavily advertised as both a WoW Killer and a PvP heavy MMO. One of these statements were true, and it wasn’t the first one. Like Eve Online, players of opposing factions can attack each other practically anywhere aside from the newbie zones. The game’s battlegrounds are also another area of the game where players can duke it out. The beauty of Warhammer Online’s PvP is that players gain XP for defeating opponents, which means theoretically, players can reach the maximum level without every fighting a monsters.

#3 World of Warcraft

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Even though World of Warcraft is the most ‘main stream’ MMORPG today, the game’s PvP servers are still quite PvP intensive. Another perk about playing WoW is that it’s extremely balanced, which is something I can’t say for many games. With an Open PvP environment, players can attack members of the opposing faction in nearly all areas of the game aside from the newbie zones. I recommend PvP fans play on heavily populated PvP servers for maximum PvP interaction.

#4 Guild Wars

11311  350x263 guild wars attack enemy

Unlike any other MMORPG, Guild Wars can be a 100% PvP MMORPG, as players can create special ‘PvP characters’ which start at maximum level. That’s right, players can start off at maximum level with PvP characters. Instead of an open world PvP though, the PvP in guild wars centers around ‘ranked’ PvP matches in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and numerous other setups. With a dual classing system, similar to the system in Runes of Magic, the PvP in Guild Wars is quite exciting.

#5. Dark Age of Camelot

11482  350x263 dark age of camelot npc

Dark Age of Camelot was designed to compete against Ultima Online and EverQuest, but in a unique way. The game was the first to introduce large ‘realm vs realm’ combat into the MMORPG genre. Choose one of the game’s three ‘realms’ and defeat your enemies in this epic PvP intensive MMORPG. My only real complaint with Dark of Camelot though is that the game’s population has declined significantly, so the game’s ‘ream vs realm’ battles may not be as epic as they used to be. Fun Fact: Warhammer Online was actually developed by many of the same people who worked on Dark Age of Camelot.

By, Jake Bismarck

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