Top 5 Best MMO Racing Games

Like all other sub genres of the ‘Free MMO’ / ‘Free MMORPG’ industry, MMO Racing games have thrived over the last few years. More and more big game publishers are releasing their own MMO racing games. Perhaps the most popular and best in the world is Nexon’s Kart Rider, as nearly 20% of South Korea’s entire population has played it at least once. Unfortunately though, Kart Rider isn’t available in North America or Europe yet, but there are a lot of other good ┬áMMO racing games. The top 5 Best MMO Racing games ┬álist below was compiled using review data from across the internet and from our own reviews here on MMOHuts.

Top 5 Best MMO Racing Games

1. Need for Speed World

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Need for Speed World is a 3D Racing MMO by Electronic Arts – the same company behind MMOs like Battlefield Heroes, Battleforge, FIFA Online and more. It is an extremely high quality racing MMO with silk smooth gameplay, gorgeous graphics and plenty of customization. Like Drift City and RayCity, the game has a large persistent world as well as a section for racing. It is by far one of the most beautiful MMOs available and a must play for fans of racing games.

2. Project Powder

1340  350x263 project powder air tricksx

I’m sure a lot of folks are going to disagree with me here, but I’ve personally had the opportunity to play every major MMO racing game out there and I can safely say Project Powder deserves the #1 spot here. It has smooth, varied and unique gameplay. Come on, a snowboarding MMO? That’s pretty unique, especially since every other MMORPG company is churning out generic car racing games. If you’re looking for a fun racing MMO, look no further than Project Powder. It’s one of the best MMO racing games out there.

3. RayCity

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RayCity is 3D racing MMO developed by Electronic Art’s South Korean studio. The game plays a lot like Drift City from ijji, except with much nicer graphics. Graphically though the game is far behind Need for Speed World. Like Drift City and Need for Speed World, RayCity has a large persistent world city and a separate lobby based racing area. The game’s translations are quite bad but the gameplay itself is a fun.

4. Drift City

6395  350x263 drift city blazing

To be honest, It was hard putting Drift City below Project Torque, simply because Drift City is an incredibly unique racing game and certainly one of the best out there. Unlike traditional ‘lobby based’ racing games, Drift City has a large persistent world and a boat load of unique missions to complete. On top of that, the game has countless unique car parts and vehicles, making it one of the most varied and unique MMO racing games out there.

5. Tales Runner

588  350x263 tales runner dodging ice

To be honest, the only reason Tales Runner made it on this list is because the game is so incredibly unique. A racing game… without any vehicles! It’s a novel concept, and Tales Runner has proven that such an MMO could work. Now, the only thing left to do is polish the game up, as from my experience with Tales Runner, the game can be incredibly discouraging for newbies, as most of the tracks require memorization to master and there aren’t many players online. Nearly all of the courses and incredibly detailed and unique though, so if you haven’t played Tales Runner yet, it’s worth checking out for it’s novelty.

Best Racing MMO List Update July 3, 2010

By, Jake Bismark

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