5 Awesome Free to Play MMOs You’ve Never Played

There are a lot of free to play games out there. Both good and bad ones – unfortunately more bad than good. What’s worse it that a lot of the ‘good’ free to play games are often overlooked due to either poor marketing on the game publisher’s end or even lack of game coverage from gaming sites. One way or another though these games deserve much more attention than they’ve received, as all of the games included in this list have a very small playerbase. I’ve personally had the chance to play every single game below – and I strongly recommend readers to at least look into them.

Savage 2  - A Tortured Soul

Savage 2 Is a fast paced third person ‘action’ oriented game with a splash of real time strategy elements. It’s a mouthful, I know, but Savage 2 is definitely one of the most unique free to play MMOs out there. The game is published by the relatively unknown game developer S2 Games – the same folks behind the original Savage game as well as Heroes of Newerth. Savage 2 is an incredibly fun game and it makes me feel a bit sad inside every time I log on to play and see only a handful of servers with people in them.  If you haven’t tried Savage 2 yet – at least give it a chance. It’s one of my personal favorite free to play MMO games.

979  350x263 savage 2 warrior

FreeStyle Street Basketball

As the name suggests, FreeStyle: Street Basketball is a basketball themed MMO. Personally, I’m no fan of sports games in general, for both PCs and consoles, but I had a lot of fun playing FreeStyle online. Play 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 online with some friends or a pick up group. Each game takes no longer than five minutes making FreeStyle a casual game that can be enjoyed in small doses. One reason why FreeStyle is so addicting is that the game is remarkably simple, as there are only a handful of buttons that can be pressed, yet the game does take a great deal of skill. FreeStyle is another one of my personal favorite MMOs, unfortunately though the game doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves.

12339  350x263 freestyle basket ball mmo court

Project Powder

Project Powder is a fast paced snowboarding racing MMO by Outspark – the folks behind Fiesta Online, Secret of the Solstice and Dance Groove Online. Aside from the fact that Project Powder is currently the only snowboarding MMO out there, the game has some kickass fast paced addictive gameplay. The game’s musical score is also up there as the tunes fit the game’s theme quite well. I’m actually quite surprised Project Powder never really got too ‘big’ as it has everything from solid gameplay to great presentation. Definitely give project powder a chance – it’s quite fun.

1341  350x263 project powder boost full

Project Torque

Project Torque is a realistic 3D racing MMO by Aeria Games. Customize your own car and race against others across hyper realistic maps. Project Torque is currently one of the only racing MMOs out there designed for those more interested in racing than lobbing items. There are no ridiculous ‘game ruining’ items here, meaning the only way to win is to actually practice and get good. ‘Chaotic’ racing MMOs like Kart Rider and GoGo Racer are fun, but so is Project Torque, in its own unique way.

12  350x263 project torque sharp turn22

Dungeon Party

Dungeon Party is an interested free to play whacky ‘capture the flag’ style MMO with a lighthearted comedic theme. Unlike many MMOs, Dungeon Party doesn’t need to be played constantly to be enjoyable. The game is a few megabytes shy of a gigabyte, so it’s not exactly a huge game. If you’ve got time to kill – make sure to check Dungeon Party out, it’s a fun time sink.

9436  350x263 dungeon party haha

By, Omer Altay

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