War of Titans

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War of Titans is a 2D browser based game set in ancient Rome. Chose from four gladiator types and battle your way to riches. Slay opposing players, NPCs, and fierce beasts in the arena to earn experience and gold with which to purchase new equipment and powerful alloys. Complete hundreds of quests and unlock access to new provinces as you level in this fast paced, PvP oriented MMO!

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Publisher: BigPoint
Playerbase: High
Graphics: Medium
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: Slow
PvP: Open
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Hundreds of quests. +Strong emphasis on PvP. +Explore all of Europe and unlock new provinces. +Optional tutorial.

Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. -Players spend a lot of time breaking create. -Cash items imbalance game.

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War of Titans Overview

War of Titans is a revamped version of Gladius 2. The two games are very similar and War of Titans can in many ways be thought of as ‘Gladius 2.5′ Gameplay in War of Titans takes place in various arenas scattered across the provinces of the ancient Roman Empire. Players must unlock access to new provinces by gaining experience through battle. New players start their gladiatorial careers in the city of Forum Cornelii in the province of Italia Superior. PvP plays an important role in WoT, players can attack one another even in the very first arena! Hundreds of PvE quests are also available which take place in special instanced arenas and help players level faster. The four available gladiator types are:

Amazon - Female warrior whose special ability is Life Leech which sucks the life out of her opponents and heals the Amazon.

Camulus – A male gladiator whose Whipping attack special ability causes a devastating amount of damage to all surrounding opponents.

Validus - A reckless fighter whose special ability is The Berserker, which causes him to deal double damage but lowers his defense.

Saracus - A brutal warrior whose Rampage special attack causes him to charge his opponent and beat the life out of them.

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Full Review

War of Titans Full Review

By, Erhan Altay

War of Titans is a revamped version of Gladius 2 complete with improved graphics, a brand new map feature, and many more PvE quests. The game is hosted by Bigpoint, a large German browser game portal best known for their Dark Orbit and Seafight titles. Fans of the game’s predecessor or other arena styled browser MMOs like Xblaster should definitely give this new and improved version a look.

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The Life of a Gladiator

Like most browser games, War of Titans has a brief registration process and no files to download. Players can create an account on the game page but I recommend creating an account on BigPoint’s main site since that can serve as a universal login for all the games the company hosts. There are currently four servers available, one for each American coast and a Global Europe server. The American servers are in English while the European server is available in multiple languages. Bigpoint games are generally much bigger in Europe than America and the server populations reflect this. Expect a much larger playerbase on the European server. After selecting a server, players are presented with four gladiator types with very Romanesque names: Achilla, Camulus, Validus, and Saracus. Each class has a different physical appearance and special skill but is otherwise identical. As players progress through the game, they’ll be able to purchase the additional gladiator types so there’s no need to sweat over the initial selection. There is no appearance customization option available after selecting a class; players are simply asked whether or not they would like to play through the tutorial.

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Gladius 2.5

Gamers familiar with Gladius 2 will immediately recognize the arena visuals when the tutorial loads up. Some of the graphics have been tweaked, for example the player characters are larger than before and the terrain looks a bit more 3D but otherwise the look and feel of the two games are identical. Players move using the mouse, attack by hitting ‘ctrl’, and switch weapons with the number pad. New character start with two weapons, a sword and throwing axes. Melee weapons weaken over time and will require repair while projectiles require the purchase of new ammo as they run out. The tutorial only contains a few simple quests which ask players to move around a bit, destroy crates, and finally defeat an NPC opponent. After this tutorial, players are taken their depot where they can view their character’s stats. From this screen, players can also access the rest of the game’s menus including the World Map, Marketplace, Profile, Clan, Rankings, and Editor pages. Back at the Depot page, players can see their current level, experience points, and stats. There are four stats in WoT: Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Dexterity. Players again stat points as they level and can allocate them as they chose. As they level, players also receive skill points to distribute among 5 skills, Swords, Axes, Maces, ranged weapons, and armor. There’s a simple rocks-papers-scissors system in place between the tree regular weapon types; swords beat axes, axes beat maces, and maces beat swords. It’s best to specialize in one of these three types and save the rest of your skill points for the armor and ranged skill.

19699  500x375 war of titans depot

Tedious Work

One would expect the life of a gladiator to be all excitement but that’s not always the in War of Titans. When players are done fiddling with the menus, they can enter the arena by hitting the large ruby like button towards the bottom of the interface. This will take them into the local arena of the city they’re currently in. Each arena is composed of what seems like endless series of rooms connected by teleporters located on the edges of the map. There are several graphic templates ranging from jungle areas to deserts, battlefields, ruins, and so forth. Gameplay in all these regions is identical, players walk around, find things to beat, fight, loot, and move on. Most arena maps are filled with NPC opponents and animals, the best way to tell if a humanoid is an NPC or another player is to see if it has a title above its name. For example, new players start with the title ‘crate killer.’ Gamers looking for some thrill should seek other players and start bashing away at them but those more interested in advancing through the game should concentrate on NPC targets and crates scattered across the map. By defeating enemies or destroying crates, players accumulate gold, silver, and jackpot points.

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Hit the Jackpot?

Like Dark Orbit, there are three currencies in War of Titans. Silver is the most common, players start with 10,000 of it and it is used to purchase many ‘normal’ type equipment from the marketplace. Gold is the premium currency which can be purchased with cash. Players start with a sizeable gold pile of 5,000 but should be careful not to blow through it recklessly. Unlike silver, it is difficult to earn gold in the arena. The final currency is jackpot points which are the rarest of all. These are normally collected in denominations of tenths, making them quite rare. Players can accumulate up to 10,000 jackpot points in a month. Each month, players can participate in a large free for all battle where the last man standing wins cash equivalent to amount of jackpot points they’ve gained that month. This may sound like an alluring prospect but rest assured many powerful clans have the system locked down and out of reach for the average player.

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Enjoy the Games

As players level up in WoT, they’ll unlock new provinces which basically server as methods of keeping similarly leveled players grouped together. Gladius 2 did this as well but the new system helps make it look more natural. The geographic area of the map goes beyond the Roman Empire’s actual borders, even at its maximum extent though much of the map is as of yet unlabeled. Provinces that can be unlocked are marked on the map with a level range. But even the new map feature and the addition of PvE quests doesn’t change the lure of War of Titans or games like it. This is a social game built entirely around player interaction, and by that I mean player competition. PvP plays a large role in many Big Point games and this one’s no different. Prospective players should bear that in mind and be ready to form clans in order to survive in the higher level arenas.

Final Verdict – Good

War of Titans is what Gladius 2 should have been all along. The new map feature adds a sense of progression and arena combat maintains its risky but rewarding atmosphere. Many new quests and other small improvements help make War of Titans a solid browser based gaming experience.


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