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War of Legends is a 2D browser based strategy MMO with an Asian setting. Players chose an Avatar to lead their forces, but must also grow their single starting city into a fledgling empire. Construct buildings, gather resources, and manage hundreds of troops in War of Legends.

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Publisher: Jagex
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Low
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: Slow
PvP: Open
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +View battles in progress. +Earn vouchers & purchase premium items with them. +Tasks provide helpful rewards and a sense of direction.

Cons: -Slow paced, repetitive gameplay. -Paying players receive large advantages. -Rough English translations. -Limited unit types.

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War of Legends Overview

War of Legends is the latest browser based strategy offering by Jagex. The game has the same basic script used by many other strategy games released recently. Players start with a single, empty city and must slowly build it up into a thriving metropolis. Manage resources, research technologies, train soldiers, raid your neighbors, and expand your empire by settling new cities. War of Legends has an Asian theme to it which sets it apart from many  Western fantasy styled strategy MMOs like Evony or Lords Online.

Troop Types:

Halberdier - The most basic troop type. They can be trained fast and grouped in large numbers. They have a slight bonus against Charioteers.

Swordsmen - Better armored than Halberdiers, but also more expensive. They are strong against archers.

Archers - Can strike before other unit types. Archers cost a lot of food and wood, they can mow down Halberdiers.

Charioteers - The strongest units in the game. Only a small amount can be led by a Legend and they are slow to train. They are especially effective against Swordsmen.

Resources – Food, Wood, Stone, Copper, Gold

Buildings - Palace, Village, Warehouse, Market, Legend Sanctuary, Legend Pavilion, Garrison, Parade Ground, Ally Base, University, Smithy, Armoury, Stable, Relay Base, Spy Camp, Watchtower, Ramparts

Research Skills – Cultivation, Logging, Mining, Digging, Alchemy, Riding, Construction, Logistics, Conscription, Army Attack, Army Defense, Army Speed, Legend Defense, Magic, Leadership, Skill Sense, Resource Sense, Army Sense.

War of Legends Screenshots

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Full Review

War of Legends Full Review

By, Erhan Altay

The name company Jagex is almost synonymous with Runescape, their first browser-based MMORPG which is still played by millions of gamers. Most fans may not know that Jagex has been trying to diversify its gaming portfolio over the years. They have published other browser games like Arcanists and Armies of Gielinor on their FunOrb portal, but War of Legends marks their first stand alone release since Runescape. It is also the first game published by Jagex that was not developed in-house.

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A New Direction

Players who already have a Jagex account can use it to log into War of Legends, but for new players the registration process is not complicated. The server list actually shows the number of players currently logged on, which is something every online game should do. After choosing a server, players must name their first ‘Legend’ which is what heroes are called in War of Legends. Currently there are three Legend ‘orders’: Warrior, Seer, and Monk. Three additional slots are available so perhaps more will be added in future updates.

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This Looks Familiar…

Besides being set in China and splashed with a bit of Asian mythology, War of Legends looks remarkably similar to the other strategy games released in late 2009 and early 2010. In fact, the game uses the same exact script as Freesky Online, Evony, Empire Craft, and Lords Online. I guess Jagex figured it might as well jump on the bandwagon while it was hot. Reviewing so many nearly identical games can get frustrating but to be fair to War of Legends, I’ll give it a shot. Players start with a single city with a palace located at the center. A short tutorial in the form of dialogue prompts explains the game’s basic interface. A series of Novice tasks help newbies establish their city and get it producing resources. There is no free instant-build feature in War of Legends as there is in Evony and Freesky, but the game does give away a few premium items to beginners.¬† Additionally, players start with 100 ‘vouchers’ which can be exchanged for premium items at the shop.

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From Novice to Growth

There are four key resources in War of Legends: Wood, Food, Stone, and Copper. The buildings that generate these resources are located in the outskirts of your city. The city center it self contains 28 spots for various buildings which can themselves be upgraded. The task menu should be closely monitored since it shows players what build order to use. Besides constructing buildings, players will be asked to raise taxes on their citizens, improve their citizens’ loyalty by using various pacify abilities, and to recruit soldiers. The latter is accomplished at the Garrison. One aspect that sets War of Legends apart from most other strategy games is its simplicity in military units. Rather than dealing with dozens of units, players must only contend with four. Halberdiers, Swordsmen, Archers, and Charioteers are the only unit types available though hundreds of each can be assigned to a Legend at any time.

22432  500x375 war of legends map

Tabbed Gaming

After thirty or so minutes, players will complete the line of Novice tasks and will have to move down to the next tab, titled Growth. By that time, players will have a university from which to research technologies, a warehouse to store resources, Legend Sanctuary which serves as the game’s hero tavern, and a Legend Pavilion where Legends can be managed. With most of the essential buildings established, the gameplay slows down considerably. Browser games like this are not intended to played with constant vigor, instead players should feel free to open up a another window and go about their work. War of Legends can easily be played by simply tabbing in once in a while to queue up new buildings and issue battle orders. Speaking of queues, players start with a cap of 2 in War of Legends but this can be extended to 5 with the use of a premium item. New players will have the opportunity to purchase this particular item with 50 of the 100 vouchers they start with.

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Master and Commander

Combat in War of Legends is mostly automated. Players assign troops they train at the garrison to their Legends and can then send these Legends off to raid certain objects on the world map. Special bonus spots such as hills, flat grounds, mountains, and forests each increase the production of one of the four resource types when they are under the possession of a player. These spots vary in level from 0-10 and are protected by NPC controlled Legends. The strength of the defending force varies depending on its level. New players should pay careful attention to the level of resource spots before attacking them. My initial army of 100 halberdiers was wiped out after I mistakenly assaulted a level 8 hill. Actually navigating the world map is a bit of a hassle, players must click on transparent arrows located at the left, right, top, and bottom of the screen. Why can’t we just hold the left mouse button down and drag? One interesting feature that War of Legends offers is the ability to jump into combat and take manual control over your troops. This feature reminded me of Heroes of Gaia, which had a similar function.

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Jcreds Required

Truth be told, War of Legends brings nothing new to the strategy genre. If anything, the game’s graphics and animations are actually a bit worse than many recent titles. Jagex uses the exact same premium store model implemented in dozens of other strategy games. Players can purchase items to speed up construction times, boost resource generation, and so forth. The premium currency in War of Legends is called Jcredits which cost about 10 cents US each. The items in the cash shop range from 3 jcredits all the way up to 2000. That’s right, $200 USD. Because of the Asian theme, War of legends is most similar to Kingory. Evony and Lords Online both have better animations, but War of Legends is still better than King and Conqueror which is another strategy game released at around the same time. Jagex could do better.

Final Verdict: Poor

Jagex disappoints with its first stand alone browser based strategy game. War of Legends is a rehashed version of the same game you have seen a dozen times before. The Asian theme and the slight control given over battles just is not enough to redeem War of Legends.


War of Legends Screenshots

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