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Three Kingdoms Online Overview

Three Kingdoms Online is a browser based MMO-SLG game. Set in ancient China players choose from the three distinctive kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu. Each offers various features that will affect gameplay. Wei has a more powerful military but can be costly in the building process. The Shu kingdom thrives on invading others and possesses a military unit that is more cost efficient. Wu lets players build hidden warehouses that protect resources during invasions. This kingdom feature aids in surviving multiple enemy attacks. Players construct their own city, recruit heroes, and battle to rule.

Resources – Food (Farmland), Stone (Stone Mine), Wood (Timberland), and Iron (Iron Mine).

Buildings – Governor’s House, Warehouse, Hidden Warehouse, Granary, Command Center, Barracks, Career Center, Market, Drill Ground, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Tower, City Wall, Stable, Scout Camp, Builder’s Guild, Mansion, Annexe, Library, Theatre, Iron Works, Monitor’s Office, League Flag, and Bunker.

Military Units – Militia, Pikemen, Shield Infantries Glaivemen, Lancers, Imperial Guards, Scouts, Pioneers, Crossbowmen, Repeating Crossbowmen, Swordsmen, Spearmen, Guardsmen, Archers, Light Cavalries, Calvary Archers, Battery Rams, Demolishers, and Longbow Archers.

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Full Review

Three Kingdoms Online Review

By Ange Perdu

Three Kingdoms Online is a MMO-SLG game based off the famous novel titled The Romance of Three Kingdoms which depicts a time of war, heroes, and divided nations in China during the 14th century. Players must construct their own city and rise to power. Recruiting heroes, building up troops, and conquering neighboring kingdoms is key. Although, Three Kingdoms Online is similar to other popular strategy games like Kingory, Evony, and Freesky Online it has several special features in gameplay that sets it apart.

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Becoming a Chinese Warlord, the Gameplay

Three Kingdoms Online challenges players in a game of strategy and management. Balancing infrastructure building, the training of troops, and producing valuable resources is essential in order to advance one day to Chinese Warlord. There is a large assortment of buildings that require constant upgrades and research to be done. Quests are divided into Growth, Daily, and Military categories. Growth Quests involve tasks required to establish your city. Players earn beneficial resources as rewards for completing quests. A nice feature in Three Kingdoms Online is there Daily Quests section. Here users can earn extra rewards by answering the 3Kingdoms Quiz, filling in a name in the Book of Heroes, and by participating in the Morning Exercise. The resources earned during Daily Quests are a nice boost for free players without gold currency. Military quests aid players in developing their war tactics and customizing heroes. The building process can be slow since construction is limited to two at a time. Acceleration scrolls are available but similar to other games like Evony or Kingory it has to be purchased. The quests, hero recruitment, and chat world helps to pass time while waiting to conquer neighboring cities. The game also has a lot of additional text about the Chinese kingdom that players can read through.

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War of Heroes

Heroes are a major aspect of this game. There are 641 epic heroes for players to recruit. Each hero can be leveled up, equipped with weapons, and appointed high positions. The amount of heroes a player can have is limitless. Heroes are recruited through the Career Center or captured when another player’s city has been conquered. When players complete quests, duel, use skills, and fight other heroes in the Warrior’s Tournament they will level up quicker. A hero can also be customized by before battle by equipping them with an arsenal of weapons, armor, potions, scrolls, and attributes. Hero attributes can be increased in strength, leadership, intellect, and politics. A hero can even be appointed as governor if their attributes in politics is high. Scrolls are earned or purchased through the in-game item mall and are used to teach skills that aid troops in battle. A hero can complete a faction quest by clicking on the map. They usually involve small scale attacks and scrimmages. The primary reward is experience. The reputation of your hero is gained through fights in the arena.

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Surviving the Black Market

In Three Kingdoms Online there is an in-game mall that allows players to purchase an assortment of items to customize and speed up gameplay. Weapons to equip heroes, scrolls to accelerate constructions, and aid in war strategies are available. Different size wealth and treasure packs give users additional resources. Custom weapons like the Sword of Heaven to slaughter enemies, protective gear helmets, chest armor, combat boots, gloves, horses, magical scrolls, skill books, Military Gift Packs, Wealth Packs, Treasure Packs, Tablet of Earth, and the Emperor’s Order. Gold must be bought in order to shop in the item mall. The catch is most of these special items are overpriced. The best deals if you want to instantly increase your resources are found in the Black Market. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how much you can buy at the Black Market per day. Users can get good deals on precious resources like iron, wood, stone, and food to increase the growth of their nation. It’s a nice alternative to buying expensive wealth and treasure packs in the mall.

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Lord for the Week or Emperor

Every Saturday in the world of Three Kingdoms Online the stats of noble rank is calculated. The player with the highest value over 2,234,400 will gain the prestigious title as Lord of Qin for the entire week. Players in each kingdom can also earn the title of Lord of their domain by reaching the contribution value of 1,396,500. In order to become Emperor a user must conquer the Imperial Capital, 4 State Capitals, and have a contribution value of 2,234,400. They have to hold the State Capital open for over 30 days to gain access to build an Imperial Palace. Once the palace reaches level 5 after each upgrade NPC troops will attack. If your palace is still standing when it reaches level 20 you’re earn the title of Emperor. Joining a league gives players additional protection and an increase in resource production. Some leagues are hostile and revel in attacking players that applied to but was rejected for their league.

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Final Verdict: Good

Overall Three Kingdoms Online is an interesting browser based MMO that uses history and different aspects of traditional strategy games for a fun gaming experience. When compared to other games like Kingory or Empire Craft Three Kingdoms Online brings something different to the table. The extensive hero customization and challenging gameplay will keep users engaged. Although, the in-game item mall is expensive it’s not necessary for players to play. The handsome rewards for finishing quests and daily freebies give users enough freedom to still enjoy this game for free.


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