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Thirst of Night Overview

Thirst of Night is a browser MMORTS set in the future of Earth. With the help of a General advisor, your developing city under your rule is on a track for global domination. Focusing on building your regime (Constructing homes, concrete factories, steelworks, crystal pits, and blood labs.) in order to assert dominance on the playing field. Starting off with an undeveloped city, you work to establish buildings to create resources, and construct amenities to the city to improve moral of city occupants. Train troops to can attack nearby cities in order to defeat rivals, collect resources, and expand your regime.

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Full Review


Thirst of Night Full Review

By M. Hauschel

Taking a cue from their last release, The Godfather: Seven Families, Kabam created a MMORTS with a similar gameplay. With impressive design and art esthetics, Kabam has created another well-orchestrated MMO that is visually pleasing as well as user-friendly.

Starting the Game

Creating an account is fairly simple. You’re given a few choices that allow registration; you can create an account by signing up with your Google or Facebook account, or you can create a Kabam account.

Once you’re past registration, you’ll be prompted to choose a female or male general to serve as your advisor. There are no advantages from choosing one from another; they serve mainly as a visual cue.

Within the game you can join or create an alliance with other players. Depending on the alliance, they can provide other players with resources, weapons, and protection. It should be mentioned that when you start, for one week (7 days) you are under protection. As in, you cannot be attack by other players for a week. So, you’re able to build yourself up with little fear of being bombarded by other vampire players.

50092  500x375 thirst of night alliances

Hunger for Power

With the help of advice from your general, they will guide you from quest to quest as your build your regime. The quests include constructing buildings, researching, training troops, plus a myriad of other activities. With each quest completed you receive resources and item in your inventory. These items can be use to speed up production of resources and increase attack damage of troops to other cities. The general provide a helpful tutorial in order to understand the layout of the game and where you focus needs to be in areas. In order to build your city into a empire, you’re going to build a variety of buildings. The houses control the population limit; the more house you build the higher the population with be. Cash is no longer useful in the world vampires; platinum is used a dominance currency. You tax your population to collect platinum, but be careful not to tax them too much as it can lower moral and cause them to leave the city. To raise moral, the construction of a nightclub can make your city more appealing. Blood labs provide blood, to feed the population and train troops. Steelworks and concrete factories produce steel and concrete, which are needed for construction projects and research. Overall, a decent amount of each resource is needed in order to construct buildings, research in the Research Center, train troops, and level up buildings.

50094  500x375 thirst of night arsenal

Feels like an Eternity

While there is a side game, Lilith’s Luck, in which you match cards to gain items for your inventory, you can only play a few rounds before having to pay cash to continue playing. This is where is gets a bit tedious. It takes a great amount of time to upgrade buildings, research in the Research Center, and train troops. With the lack of options to occupy your time, your best bet is to just walk away and entertain yourself elsewhere. Although, when you do walk away from the game the resources will collect on their own while you’re away. Depending on what you build or level up, these tasks can take a great amount of time. The game’s premium currency is useful in this area if you want to build rapidly. You can purchase rubies that can be used to purchase lunar cycles with different amounts of time that can reduce wait-time. If you have the patience, it’s not necessary to spend a dime in order to expand your regime.

50105  500x375 thirst of night countdown chest

Draw First Blood

Your objective is to dominate the world, but in order to do that you need troops. When you collect enough resources, you can train troops via the barracks in the city. Depending on how many you train at a time, and which type of troops you train, this can take as little as 53 seconds to several hours. Some types of troops require you obtain a certain level of area of expertise, researched from the Research Center. As you attack other rivals you collect items needed in order to create your very own gargoyle, which will serve as a protector of your city. In order not to remove your protection status in game, there are NPC gangs you can attack in the meantime. The NPC in the game are the fringe human groups living in the hills surrounding the cities. But once the protection status is lifted, you can attack (And be attacked) freely.

50095  500x375 thirst of night attack

Picture Perfect

The layout of the game is straightforward, and incredibly easy to navigate. The shortcuts at the bottom of the screen and the left of the screen, allow you to access the most needed areas quickly. They make sense, intuitively, and are not clunky in anyway. While the game itself is not entirely too active, it is presented quite well. The vampire themes are sprinkled throughout the game, and are done successfully. The sound effects of actions match the theme and art-style. The music becomes repetitive, as it doesn’t deviate too much. The interface is smooth, and provides gameplay with little hassle, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

50123  500x375 thirst of night world view2

Final Verdict: Good

Perfect for someone who cannot dedicate a lot of time in one sitting to a MMO. This is a game that can be played in small bursts of time. With an ever-growing community, someone looking for a social game would enjoy the PvP in this game. Fans of vampires and horror games will enjoy the theme and small details sprinkled throughout the game. While the Thirst of Night can become tedious and repetitive at times, it is makes up for it with the polished and user-friendly interface.


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Thirst of Night Articles

  • Thirst of Night Shuts Down - Posted on January 29, 2013
    Kabam will be shutting down Thirst of Night on Thursday, January 31, with all game servers going permanently online.
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