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The Sims Social Overview

The Sims Social is social life simulation MMO that brings an immensely popular PC game series to Facebook. Players control their own avatar living life as simple or extravagant as they wish. Similar to other titles like YoVille and CityVille users create their own world. Expand your home by adding additional rooms or decorating with elaborate items. Start a small garden. Grow vegetables or tend to your yard by pulling up weeds and mowing the lawn. Visit neighbors to become friends or enemies. Dance, chat, relax, cook, fight, flirt, and joke around together. Begin a romantic relationship. The possibilities are endless in this social browser enabled version of The Sims. Select a character’s appearance, personality, traits, and upgrade a variety of skills that will unlock more advanced interactions.

Personality – Socialite, Rocker, Romantic, Introvert, Tycoon, Geek, Athlete, Creative, and Villain

Traits – Great Kisser, Insane, Ninja, Ogre, Slob, Steel Bladder, Neat, Super Mechanic, and Night Owl

Skills – Art, Music, Writing, and Cooking

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The Sims Social Review

By Ange Perdu

The Sims Social is a 3D life simulation game on Facebook where players can create and control their own personalized Sim character. Much like the previous versions for PC and mobile users interact with other Sims in numerous ways. Forge a long-lasting friendship or become an arch nemesis to fellow neighbors. Increase home value through remodeling. Add extra rooms, buy state-of-the-art appliances, and decorate implementing the latest trends. Landscape the backyard by cutting the grass and removing unnecessary debris. Plant flowers or grow a vegetable garden. Learn new skills like cooking or how to play a musical instrument. Visit friends’ homes to socialize or wreak havoc. Hang out and watch TV, party together, or play a nasty prank. Casually date or find your true love in this scaled down adaptation of The Sims.

46538  500x375 the sims house view 2

Entering the World of Sims, the Gameplay

Each player only receives one avatar to customize and control. The Sims Social gameplay is very similar to its predecessors but relies more heavily on social interactions and neighbor participation. Icons at the bottom of the screen monitors the avatar’s core needs such as socializing, fun, hunger, hygiene, bladder, and sleep. Performing certain actions like taking a shower, cooking dinner in the microwave, or playing a game on the computer will automatically increase the stats of the corresponding necessity. Players earn XP and occasionally currency in the form of Simoleons for completing different tasks. There are also random quests. These missions vary from flattering a friend to daydreaming on three different chairs. Collect color essences from certain household appliances from neighbors to unlock your inner artist. Some quests require players to buy a specific item and then interact with it several times. Almost all the objects in the game can be used by Sims or manipulated in some form or manner. Combined with the vivid graphics it’s quite impressive.

Instead of a job option players have to earn most of their income by completing daily tasks and upgrading skills. Items like the guitar, easel, old fashioned PC, and microwave when clicked on prompts a menu of available skills to be mastered. Click to practice guitar scales or the Flamenco Technique. Write blog posts from your computer or prepare fish sticks in the kitchen to sell. The skills are somewhat generic but necessary for players to progress in the game. As talents are upgraded new items that produce higher amounts of cash are unlocked. Characters can practice and master multiple skills. Another feature and method to earn money which is rarely seen in Sims titles is gardening. Each user has four small plots in their yard to plant crops ranging from strawberries to pumpkins. Much like FarmVille crops can take anywhere from five minutes to two days to harvest. Completing simple tasks like gardening or tackling quests earn XP and Simoleons.

46521  500x375 the sims creation 2

Expanding Homes & Relationships

Neighbors are mandatory for a Sims overall well-being and the expansion of their home. Similar to CityVille players have to rely on the generosity of their friends in order to progress at a decent pace. Visiting and forging relationships are essential. When players neglect their characters social needs they become depressed crying uncontrollably. Many quests involve stopping by neighbors’ abodes to perform a particular action. Chat, flirt, insult, shoot the breeze, talk about weather, ask about day, discuss work, find common interest, and dance together. Enemies can play devilish pranks on each other like putting a spider on their rival’s toilet or rearranging their personal belongings. All neighbors start off as strangers and become acquaintances upon the first visit. An unusual feature in The Sims Social is the relationship status permission procedure. Since every Sim in the game is a Facebook friend a notice is sent when another user wishes to start a romance. Players can approve or refuse any union. The fact that notifications are received mean players potentially face rejection in their virtual affairs which can make dating as brutal as it is in the real world. Help is also required to add an additional room or expand property size. To build a room several friends must visit and assist in the process. Cool furniture occasionally needs assembling by pals as well. Players are constantly sending assistance requests for building, assembling designer furniture, or accumulating specific items. The excessiveness can be annoying at times but necessary to gain the items.

46551  500x375 the sims new friends

All About the Simoleons

The shop features a large selection of furnishings, appliances, electronics, and décor to decorate a player’s home. Most of the items cost Simoleons which can be earned throughout the game. Purchase cordless phones to get the 411 immediately. Buy fans, clocks, coffee makers, music systems, designer counters, floor mirrors, dressers, storage boxes, comfy sofas, chairs, bookshelves, couches, paintings, wall hangings, lamps, desks, 32 inch LCD TVs, keyboards, and even a coffin style bed. Build an extravagant kitchen with a state-of-the-art G King Counter or Llamark Cook-Rite Stove. Located in the shop area is an icon which activates an easy to use live build mode. During this mode a grid appears around the house allowing players to place additional rooms, doors, tiles, wallpaper, or windows by dragging and dropping into the desired space. There are not a lot of different themes to choose from in this department. Many of the colors are pretty basic. Add shag carpet or various styles of patterned tiles. Energy can also be purchased for SimCash in the shop.

46545  500x375 the sims inventory 2

Final Verdict: Good

The Sims Social is a good life simulation MMO. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a Sims game. From the gibberish banter between characters to forming complicated relationships the path your avatar takes is completely up to you. Tackle numerous quests. Practice a new skill like playing an instrument or explore gardening. Comparable to YoVille in terms of its gameplay and customization options users can interact with their neighbors in multiple ways. Despite the fact that the ability to roam freely around town is prohibited any fans of the original series or avid Facebook gamers will still thoroughly enjoy this game.


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