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The Seventh Dragon Overview

The Seventh Dragon is a strategy game that players access via a web browser. The game has a fantasy theme and allows players to chose from three races, each with their own unique set of units. Gather resources, fortify your walls, and expand your territory with military conquest. Like many other strategy titles released recently, heroes lead expeditions in The Seventh Dragon and gain experience as they serve the player. Equip these heroes with powerful weapons and armor to improve their effectiveness. Players must form alliances and work together to survive in this harsh PvP oriented environment!


Human - Worshipers of light, humans place more importance on moral principles than strict law and order. Human units include: Spearman, Archer, Griffin, Swordsman, Bishop, Knight, Angel.

Elf - Protectors of the forest, Elves are a beautiful race that worships Nature. Elf units include: Kentauros, Leprechaun, Elf Guard, Pegasus, Dryad, Unicorn, Green Dragon.

Undead - To the living dead, death is tranquility. The Undead work tirelessly to enlighten the other races about the beauty of death. Undead units include: Skeleton, Zombie, Ghost, Vampire, Lich, Dark Knight, Dragon Zombie.

Devil - Followers of Chaos. Devils pray upon the weak and enjoy causing pain to other beings. Devil units include: Imp, Goblin, Hellhound, Demon, Ogre, Ifrit, Satan.

Neutral Monsters - These creatures are unaligned with any of the other races but can still help or hinder players. Monster units include: Norl, Lizardman, Dragonfly, Basilisk, Minotauros, Wyvern, Hydra.

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Full Review

The Seventh Dragon Full Review

By, Erhan Altay

The Seventh Dragon is text and image based strategy game that plays right on a web browser. With its simple interface and gameplay, The Seventh Dragon can be played in short bursts throughout the day. New players are introduced to the game by a series of quests and, like other strategy games, must slowly develop their starting city, found new ones, raise armies, make alliances, and conquer opponents.

19891  500x375 the seventh dragon gameplay

Fantasy Trio

The Seventh Dragon is hosted by a Japanese company that goes by the name Vector Inc. As far as I can tell, this is their first game offering for the Western market. The game launched on December 1st, 2009 and MMOHuts was one of the first sites on the scene. First and foremost, The Seventh Dragon should not be confused with the Nintendo DS RPG with a similar title: ‘7th Dragon.’ After navigating to the correct site, players can register a new account by entering their email address or simply sign in using their existing gmail, twitter, or facebook account. While using an existing social network account may be a bit easier, I always recommend signing up for a standalone account for security purposes. In addition to logging in with these social networking accounts, players can send their friends game referrals. When someone joins the game and purchases diamonds (the premium currency), the player who referred them is rewarded with free diamonds. Account creation is a simple process, players must choose between three playable races (Humans, Elves, and Undead) each with seven different combat units and unique building art. For more details concerning the races, please view our overview page.

19892  500x375 the seventh dragon grid

Seeing White

The continent of Asan serves as the game’s setting but players will likely feel underwhelmed upon first starting The Seventh Dragon. The interface and graphics are considerably plainer than those of other recent strategy games such as Evony or Empire Craft. Even many older titles like Khan Wars and Tribal Wars look more advanced than The Seventh Dragon. The game is most similar in appearance to Travian which shares the white background style. The Seventh Dragon does have a bit of animation, when new buildings are being constructed, players can see a little saw moving left and right or something along those lines. As players upgrade their walls and city administration, their town does physically change which gives a sense of development.

19871  500x375 the seventh dragon barracks

The Journey Begins

Like other strategy games, The Seventh Dragon provides a series of quests that serve as the game’s tutorial. These quests introduce players to the basics of the game and at the same time provide them an efficient build order. There are four key resources in the game; lumber, stone, crystals, and food. The buildings that generate these resources are located in the corners of the city screen and must be upgraded separately. Besides these four resources, population and gold play an important role in the game. Players can acquire gold either by taxing their population, receiving some as a quest reward, or as booty from a successful hunt or raid. Gold is used to train troops at the barracks, hire new heroes from the tavern, or to purchase new equipment for existing heroes. There are only sixteen or so quests in the beginner quest line which should take players through their first day. After this, quests play a smaller role but several are still available each day as ‘daily quests.’ Besides constructing and continuously upgrading the level of buildings, players will spend the bulk of their time sending out heroes to claim resource areas scattered across the world map or hunting monsters to gain experience and bonus resources.

19928  500x375 the seventh dragon tavern

Graph Paper

While the interface in The Seventh Dragon might not look like much, its simplicity makes it easy to navigate. There are seven tabs on the top of the screen labeled Castle, Hero, Map, Guild, Market, Ranking, and Quest. Another list of links on the right provides shortcuts to such places as the status page, game guide, and a building tree so players can see what they need to do to unlock additional options. Users can also add their own personal links to the game’s interface though I don’t see this as very useful since all modern browsers support tabbed browsing. The map screen in The Seventh Dragon is similarly plain but gameplay is remarkably similar to that of Heroes of Gaia. By default, the building queue limit is two and can be expanded by one for 5 diamonds per week. With buildings and upgrades taking 10 minutes to several hours each, this queue will usually be running, leaving little for players to do inside their cities. This is why it is so important to hire several heroes immediately and continuously send them out hunting. Not only will they can experience this way but also bring in additional resources.

19876  500x375 the seventh dragon cash shop services

Grinding Away

The Seventh Dragon can only be played solo for so long. Eventually, the 10 day protection period will wear off leaving players vulnerable to raids. Unprotected or inactive cities are a gold mine for aggressive players so it is important to find a guild to join. Players should aim for a local guild that’s well represented in their start area. More adventurous players can start their own guild by upgrading their Guild Hall to level 3 and since The Seventh Dragon allows guilds to form alliances, even small guilds can team up for mutual protection. How long a game like this can keep a player’s interest depends on several factors. The first is if they find an active guild and are able to enjoy the game cooperatively with other players. The second is how well the cash shop is handled. In this case, new accounts start the game with 20 diamonds but must purchase more in batches of 60, 135, 365, or 750. The cheapest option costs around $10 while the most expensive one is nearer to $100 but comes with the added bonus of 1000 fame. The range of features that require diamonds are all standard for the strategy genre; instant construction, resource trading, increased resource production, instant troop movements, and so on. Even though The Seventh Dragon isn’t the most graphically impressive or strategically detailed game out there, its simplicity has its own charm.

Final Verdict: Fair

The Seventh Dragon is a simple browser based strategy game likely to appeal to newcomers to the genre or those looking for an easier game to get into. With a clean interface and a limited number of units to worry about, The Seventh Dragon can be a rewarding browser based MMO


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