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Star Supremacy is a 2D sci-fi themed browser based MMORTS where players build their own colony with several command fleets, recruit generals, and battle each other for the territorial control of the universe. Research advanced technologies to expand troops. Customize space shuttles with various weapons and modules. Raid or capture different planets in order to move up the ranks. In this real-time strategic adventure from Barbily Games commanders vie to win the intergalactic war between conflicting races for complete reign of the galaxy.

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Publisher: Barbily Games
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium Quality
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Open PvP
Platform: Browser

Pros: +Nice graphics. +No download or install required. +Animated turn-based battles. +Ship assembly feature. +Generous reward system.

Cons: – Repetitive gameplay. –Small amount of quests. –Shop items limited. –Slow ship arrival/departure speed. –Game world could be larger.

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Star Supremacy Overview

Star Supremacy is a strategy browser based warfare themed MMO. Players become leaders in charge of establishing a fully-functioning colony base with powerful command fleets capable of destroying any opposing convoys. Construct various space stations. Research advance technologies, recruit high-ranking generals, raid, and capture resource nodes guarded by rival armada. Invest in special equipment or artifacts for an advantage in combat. Travel across the galaxy invading different planets. Similar to games like Dark Orbit, Space Invasion, Drakensang Online, and Immortal King Online players wage war in animated sequenced battles. Choose one of the three opposing human factions and a galaxy to start your new colonization. Each faction has a female and male character that players can select with set attributes.

Building Units – Industrial Plant, Detector, Farms, Lance Base, Commercial Center, Drilling, Aerophonics, Drilling, Research Facility, Ship Yard, Weapon Facility, Fuel Synthizer, Farms, Detector, Mine, Store, Industrial Plant, Colony Quarters, Hydroponics, Solar Panels, Engineering Facility, Power Station, Space Port, Base Control, High Energy Facility, Factory, Seismic Stabilizer, Colony Shielding, Missile Base, and Trade Platform.


UEO – A sinister organization seeking absolute power and reign over the entire universe. They will stop at nothing to accomplish this hefty goal. The UEO has the ability to research battleship chassis and earns one additional action per colony.

Seeker – Seekers were one of the first travelers to colonize space. These explorers have the ability to refine nebula gas nodes and attain a 25% increase in the construction speed of buildings.

Altairian – Once part of the UEO this sect disbanded to form their own settlement using advanced technology. The Altairians have the ability to mine asteroid belts, nebulas, and rings. They receive a 25% increase in aircraft capacity for all fighter bays.

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Full Review

Star Supremacy Review

By Ange Perdu

Star Supremacy is a 2D sci-fi warfare theme MMORTS where players become colony leaders establishing an intergalactic empire. Select a faction and choose whether to focus on gaining power, construction, or the advancement of your new colony’s technology. Build dozens of structures for a prosperous colony. Perform ground-breaking research from Aerophonics to Interplanetary Engines. Create massive fleets with attached weaponry, recruit commanders, raid resources, or capture them for continuous use. Travel to distant planets to establish new colonies. Assault or completely obliterate other player’s colonies in order to earn rank. In this space themed voyage explore unknown stars and seize the universe with your friends.

Expanding Your Empire, the Gameplay

Most of the gameplay in Star Supremacy involves the construction of colonies and fleets. After a brief tutorial players have to build and upgrade various essential structures in their base.

There’s a wide variety of units to choose from. Set up structures like Commercial Centers, Engineering Facilities, Trade Platforms, Stores, Hydroponics, Hubs, and Solar Panels. Each building contributes to the empire in a different way. Industrial Plants refines ore into goods, Space Ports allow users to create trade routes connected to their colony, and Quarters increases an empire’s population growth rate. Initially quests in the game serve primarily as a guide in the construction process. These tasks are often simple and vary from having a level 5 Commercial Center to researching the topic of agriculture. There are also daily repeatable assignments like assaulting the colony of a player or saying a word in the chat system. As players advance more specific quests geared towards security, combat, and commanding generals become available. Similar to games like Immortal King Online goods are not easily gathered. Valuable resources in the form of food or ore are produced in small amounts from farms and mines. Players have to venture out into the cosmos frequently to raid and capture resource nodes guarded by NPCs or other players in order to increase their colony’s reserves. Although it can feel repetitive at times both actions usually result in a fun turn-based space battle with an opportunity to snag a high ranking commander. Raiding and capturing outposts is not only a major part of the gameplay but essential in leveling up characters as well.

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Bombers to Battleships

To raid or capture any resource location players must first have a combat fleet at their disposal. The ship assembly feature in this game is impressive. In the ship yard area users can design and create a variety of different space shuttles equipped with various weaponry. Choose from basic strike crafts and destroyers to bombers. Attach modules in the form of heavy armor or scramblers to protect against attacks. Add missiles, heavy gauss gun, lasers, heavy rail, and flak cannons. Once the fleet is constructed and assigned to a specific commander players can simply click to invade an occupied resource node. Similar to Dark Orbit battles are interactive. During combat each commander with their corresponding fleets take turns attacking their opponents’ spaceships. Activate a standard attack or send in fighters and bomber crafts to attack each round. The last fleet standing wins. Battles earn experience along with a bundle of resources depending on location. When a player wages war against another player’s guarded node or colony they have the option of initiating a full assault or complete obliteration. Assaults allow the vanquisher to steal goods while obliterations damage the defeated adversary’s buildings. Strategy and research are also key components in Star Supremacy. Players have to strategize in the development of their fleet, topics researched, commander recruitment, and the equipment each character is equipped with. The extensive research option features multiple category topics that unlock dozens of ship designs, guns, and tools to enhance combat. Chances of a victorious win increases with higher level commanding generals and better equipment.

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Beam Swords & Heavy Firepower

The shop features a small assortment of equipment and weapons for players to invest in. Most of the items are rather generic in appearance. There’s not a lot of room for character customization. Purchase Beam Swords, Energized Helmets, Space Units, Crystal Necklaces, Microcomputers, Gauss Telescope, Laser Accelerator, Missile Accurate Device, Trade Tokens, Energy Potions, Hyperspace Shields, and Satellite Spies. Buy rare items for boosts like the Heavy Firepower which increases ship damage during battles or Space Robots for accelerating the construction process. Non-equipment items cost B-Credits. Luckily, for gamers there’s a generous reward system implemented in Star Supremacy which lets players earn credits for being online for a certain period of time. Users can easily rack up a large amount of B-Credits without spending real cash. It’s a wonderful feature rarely seen in free-to-play titles.

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Final Verdict: Great

This is a great space themed real-time strategy MMO. Players will find themselves obsessed with conquering the galaxy. The ship assembly feature really makes the game. Players have the ability to customize each warship with the specific weapon and module of their choice. As a player levels up and conduct the appropriate research it’s possible to build a massive fleet of unstoppable battleships. Destroy other players’ colonies or steal their valuable resources for fun. The interactive combat has an almost RPG feel similar to Drakensang Online. Players can equip commanders with special equipment and gear for an edge in battle. Strategy is implemented into every aspect of this game giving novice to hardcore players a challenge. Fans of games like Dark Orbit and Space Invasion will definitely enjoy this sci-fi adventure. The extremely balanced credit system makes Star Supremacy a genuinely free-to-play RTS worth checking out.


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