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Space Invasion Overview

Space Invasion is a fairly unique Sci-fi themed browser MMORTS that can be played both ‘casual’ or ‘hardcore’. The gameplay though, is virtually identical to another browser game called Astro Empires. Those familiar with Astro Empires should be able to easily figure the game out, while others will need to tinker around, as the game’s ‘help’ tab isn’t very detailed. Like Astro Empires, Space Invasion has a great deal of content to keep players entertained while they slowly expand their inter-galactic empire. Just a heads up though, Space Invasion is incredibly ‘slow paced’, especially early on, so if ‘slow paced’ games aren’t your cup of tea, skip this one, otherwise give it a go, as Space Invasion has a lot to offer.

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Full Review

Space Invasion Full Review

By, Omer Altay

After playing and reviewing Astro Empires, I decided that it would be best if I reviewed  a similar browser MMORPG so I can compare to the two while I still have Astro Empire’s details fresh in my memory. This ‘similar’ game is Space Invasion and it’s published by BigPoint, who also publish Gladius 2, Dark Orbit, Sea Fight and numerous other browser games. Like other Empire Building MMOs, players have to build up an economy and conquer their enemies. The entire game is presented through text and still images though, so if you’re looking for a game with actual 3D graphics / real time gameplay, Space Invasion isn’t for you. Personally though, I don’t mind the still images and text based gameplay as I feel that browser games should focus more on gameplay than graphics, as browser games simply cannot compete with the impressive visuals of downloadable MMORPGs like Atlantica Online and Runes of Magic.

13307  500x375 space invasion more buildings

A Slow Start

Like Astro Empires, Space Invasion is a sci-fi themed empire building game where players start off with a single planet and have to build up their fleets and conquer their enemies. Much of the early game is spent building up an economy, so players won’t have a chance to experience the game’s PvP elements until after they’ve invested at least a week or so into the game. Personally, I feel that Space Invasion starts of way too slow, as players start off with very few resources, so building up a sizeable economy takes a very long time and building up a large fleet can take even longer. Luckily though, the game has a large construction ‘queue’ of 5, meaning that players can automatically start constructing another building after their first one finishes. I found that after spending 10 minutes or so on Space Invasion on my first day, I was completely out of resources, which meant that I had to wait until the next day to even begin playing again. This isn’t exactly a bad thing as a lot of these empire building games are designed to be played casually or over a long period of time, but not having enough resources to really do anything for at least a week it a bummer, Astro Empires in comparison, is much faster paced.

13308  500x375 space invasion planets

Game Mechanics

The game universe in Space Invasion is absolutely enormous. The game has 16 planets per ‘map’ and there are well over 1400 maps. I would provide a more exact figure, but the game operates on an awkward non-standard grid system, so it’s hard to tell exactly how many maps are in the game. Since much of the game is centered around resource generation, it makes sense to talk a bit about it. All players start with a limited number of resources and can increase their resource generation per hour by building and upgrading Pig Iron and Mines on the planets they control. Mines can be upgraded all the way up to level 21 and the higher the level they are, the more resources they generate per hour, but also consume more energy.  Iron can be obtained by constructing and upgrading a blast furnace, which converts a certain amount of Pig Iron into the more valuable Iron resource. Ultimately though, the more planets a player controls, the more resources they have, as players can construct additional mines and other resource generating buildings on each planet. Keep in mind though, each player is only allowed to control a maximum of 10 planets.

The game’s combat, which most players won’t get a chance to experience for a good while is quite similar to the combat system in Astro Empires. Basically, when two fleets engage, whichever one is superior, meaning whichever has more attack power, will win. The game will also determine how many units were lost during an attack based on your opponents attack power. Aside from combat though, players can spend some of their resources on researches, which can provide a wide range of benefits ranging from combat upgrades to boosting economic output on certain resources.

13299  500x375 space invasion command central 2

Way too Similar

My first reaction after logging into Space Invasion was ‘This is way too similar to Astro Empires to be a coincidence”. Both games are virtually identical aside from a few key differences, the main one being Space Invasion’s snazzy modern interface. The only other real difference between the two games is that Space Invasion has numerous resources (Pig Iron, Metal, Kryptonite and Spice) while Astro Empires has only one resource (Credits). Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery I suppose. If you’re looking for a faster paced game Astro Empires is for you, but if you’re interested in a more drawn out and more content rich MMO, then look no further than Space Invasion.

Join an Alliance. Seriously.

I Really hate to keep saying ‘Like Astro Empires’, but both games are so similar that it does make sense, I swear! Anyway…. Like Astro Empries, the single best piece of advice I can give  in this review to new Space Invasion players is to join an alliance as soon as possible, because Space Invasion has an open PvP system, meaning anyone can attack you at anytime and the best ‘defense’ against a potential attack by a stronger player is the little tag in your name that shows you’re in an Alliance, also known as a guild or clan.  The Alliance tag on your name will act as a good deterrent to being attacked, as players will think that attacking you will lead to a retaliation by your alliance, and it usually will if your alliance is large enough. Keep in mind though, attacking a player in a large guild, even if you’re more powerful than he is will likely lead to disaster, as no matter how powerful you are by yourself, multiple players will almost always be able to defeat a single player.

13303  500x375 space invasion industry screenshot

A LOT of Content

I honestly think Space Invasion is one of the most in-depth browser games that BigPoint publishes. With 15 spaceships, 11 defensive units, 19 buildings and 15 available ‘researches’, Space Invasion does offer a lot of content. With a big name like ‘ BigPoint’ behind the game, it’s also likely that the game will receive regular updates to add more content to the game and fix bugs.

Final Verdict – Good

Space Invasion is without a doubt is one of my favorite browser games from BigPoint as it has numerous resources, a clean interface and a great deal of variety. The only real drawbacks are the potentials for newbies to be harassed by higher level players and the game’s incredibly slow start. Another small complaint is that even though there are a lot of ships and buildings, Astro Empires still has more variety.


Space Invasion Screenshots

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