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SigmaStorm 2 Overview

SigmaStorm 2 is made by the same studio behind Fallen Sword, and the two games are very similar. Navigate through the world of Sigma using a gridded map, and earn experience by completing missions and defeating opponents. Combat take place on separate screens in short turn-based bouts that play out automatically. The interface does take some getting used, especially moving around the map, but SigmaStorm 2 does have a lot to offer for those who master the basics.


Mutant – Heavy radiation has warped the DNA of Mutants enabling them to rapidly regenerate their flesh,  grow claws, powerful jaws, and tentacles.

Cyborg - A reinforced skeleton allows Cyborgs to attach various implants and weaponry directly to their bodies. Nano tech infused blood allows Cyborgs to dish out heavy damage.

Soldier - Intensive combat training has taught Soldiers how to use all types of firearms. Their combat suits provide maximum protection in the harsh environments of Sigma.

Purist - Mind over matter is the Purist mantra. The Psionic Sensitivity of a Purist’s mind allows them to channel Psi power and use it to shield themselves and strike opponents.

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Full Review

SigmaStorm 2 Full Review

By, Erhan Altay

SigmaStorm 2 was released in 2008 by Hunted Cow Studios, the same team behind the widely popular Fallen Sword. While SigmaStorm is set in a futuristic setting of cyborgs and virtual reality, it has the same core mechanics as the fantasy themed Fallen Sword. Both games make use of a gridded world map that players travel through one tile at a time. Battles are turn based and daily progression is capped by energy which is consumed during combat or when participating in other activities. The open ended gameplay, multiple PvP options, and varied skill trees give dedicated players a lot to explore, but the dated interface makes SigmaStorm a difficult game to penetrate.

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I’ve Got a Secret

The streamlined registration process in SigmaStorm 2 doesn’t require email verification, but it does ask players to answer one of those ‘secret questions.’ This may prove useful in account or password recovery, provided players don’t forget what they entered. After registration, new players are greeted by a welcome screen and a quickstart guide. SigmaStorm 2 has an old school interface that relies almost entirely on text and images. The game still functions just fine, but the interface can be daunting for new players. For this reason, it is well advised to read the starter guide carefully and follow through the ‘orientation’ mission line fully. The game does have a persistent world, but it must be navigated through by a very simplistic looking map. The player is represented by a square near the center of the map screen which is only visible on the ‘world’ page. Movement is done frame-by-frame in one of nine directions. Each step requires a page refresh that takes about a second. To access other parts of the interface such as the character sheet, inventory, skills menu or mission log, players must use the left-hand panel to load a separate page. This leads to a lot of back-and-forth which slows down gameplay.

27143  500x375 sigmastorm 2 tutorial

Fighting on Auto Pilot

Battles in Sigmastorm 2 are turn based and can be activated against any other character or valid NPC target sharing a tile with the player. Monsters and other players are not directly visible on the map, but are instead shown to the right of the map screen under the ‘location details’ header. Some tiles will be empty, while others will have a long list of occupants. There’s no practical limit on the number of targets per square. Players are free to attack one another in Sigmastorm, but would-be player killers can have bounties placed on their heads by their victims. This encourages bounty-hunters to go after murderers and helps strike a balance in the game’s PvP environment. After selecting a target, a new combat screen opens up and takes place in turn-based fashion. But unlike AdventureQuest or other turn-based browser games, the battles in Sigmastorm play on automatically without further player input. Both parties take turns swinging at each other until one side is defeated. Battles are usually over very quickly, and most kill quests can be completed within minutes. Victory brings with it experience points, credits, and usually items. Missions and NPC loot both reward equipment that can be put on in the ‘datasheet’ screen. Before players leave the tutorial, they’ll be armed with a weapon, and basic armor.

27104  500x375 sigmastorm 2 battle

Energy Flux

The planet of Sigma is not a cheery place. The game has a post apocalyptic setting which compliments the free-for-all nature of the open PvP system. New players start out as classless ‘clones’, but once they earn skill points by completing missions, they can chose between four classes. The choices include Mutant, Cyborg, Soldier, and Purist. Each class has a large skill tree, and a fifth skill tree labeled ‘core’ is available to all classes. Skill points are mainly earned via missions, but players are also given several points every 50 levels. The level cap and experience rate in Sigmastorm 2 are both quite high. Besides skill points, players earn 2 ‘evolution’ points each level which are basically stat points. These evolution points can be distributed among five stats: Attack, Defense, Armor, Damage, and HP. It will take a long time to play through all Sigmastorm 2 has to offer, but the game does have an internal mechanism for stunting progression. All actions require ‘energy’ which slowly regenerates every hour. There are other activities to keep players occupied beyond combat. The game has a crafting and trade system that allows players to act as merchants. Players can only craft items after acquiring the appropriate blueprint, like in Star Pirates and other MMORPGs. Some blueprints are rewarded for completing quests, others drop off monsters, and can be freely bought and sold at the trade hub. The gear and items players craft can also be sold in the Trade Hub for either credits, or the game’s premium currency – Flux Crystals.

27130  500x375 sigmastorm 2 nightstick weapon

Purple Diamonds

Flux Crystals play a versatile role in Sigmastorm 2. They can be used to instantly boost energy, and increase the maximum amount of energy a character can store. Players can even spend flux crystals to instantly gain experience, making it possible to hit max level with nothing but the credit card. These crystals can be purchased in various lumps, from as little as 25 for $5 to 400 for $60. The higher the amount, the greater the discount per crystal. There are other ways of earning flux crystals, mainly through referring other players. Hunted Cow Studios is very good at getting its users to use the referral system, who can forget all the Fallen Sword spam scattered across the internet a few years back. Nearly all browser games have some sort of referral system build in, and it does allow free players to make use of some of the shortcuts available to paying users. Players can also complete dozens of offers involving filling out surveys, signing up for free trials, and so on to turn crystals. The main problem with Sigmastorm is not the advantages it offers paying players, but the difficultly in getting acquainted with the game’s interface. The browser gaming genre has evolved a lot in a few short years, and despite the futuristic theme, Sigmastorm 2 looks and plays like a game from a prior era.

27134  500x375 sigmastorm 2 purchase crystals

Final Verdict: Fair

Sigmastorm 2 offers many of the features found in traditional MMORPGs, but the interface make navigation slow paced and, at times, frustrating. Player interaction is also stunted by the dated visuals. For gamers who can look beyond these aesthetic shortcomings, SigmaStorm 2 offers plenty of content to sift through.


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