Shadowland Online

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Shadowland Online lets players travel through time to save their homelands from the threat of the undead. Join one of three factions, each with their own unique setting, and recruit champions from history to aid you in your cause. Start out by leading your troops in small skirmishes, before graduating into full scale battles! Join with other players to aid you in your quest to conquer the Great Lich Ossanal.

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Publisher: ZQGame
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: ??
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A

Pros:  +Time travel allows you to recruit historical champions. +Each faction has a unique setting. +Battle sizes grow larger over time.

Cons: -Generic gameplay elements. -Slower paced. -Limited Information available.

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Shadowland Online Overview

Shadowland Online is a unique take on an MMORTS. The world began to slowly fall under the sway of the lich Ossanal. Your goal is to travel back in time, recruiting heroes like King Leonidas, Genghis Khan, and Merlin to join your cause and defeat the undead invasion in your own time. You can join one of three factions: Tribal Union, Empire of the Nobles, or Mercenary Cooperative. Each faction has their own unique setting, and you’re tasked with building a headquarters to withstand the undead. As you gain more heroes, and build your army from the ground up, battles in the game will grow larger and larger. The game definitely encourages you to join an Alliance with other players, and leaders can compete for the position of High Ruler to lead all forces against the lich to try and eliminate him.

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