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Seafight Overview

Seafight is Bigpoint’s most popular game and has a worldwide following.  With 25,000+ concurrent users throughout the day, Seafight is doing something right.  Like other browser based games, Seafight is a small and simple game.  It’s up to the users to create their own excitement through clan wars in this PvP oriented sailing game.  New players start with plenty of gold to equip their ship and take to the seas.

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Full Review

Seafight Full Review

By Erhan Altay

Seafight is published by Bigpoint, the same company behind Dark Orbit, Gladius 2, XBlaster, Space Invasion and several other browser based MMOs.  Like most Bigpoint games, Seafight’s main draw is the open PvP environment which allows clans to battle it out for control of entire zones.  New players or those not familiar with browser based MMORPGs may be put off with the slow paced gameplay and limited content, but fans of the genre have come to expect such limitations.

Getting Started

Seafight has no character customization since all gameplay is done either on a browser page or via your ship.  Instead, players start with plenty of gold with which to purchase better ships, guns, equipment and NPC crew members.  Gold can be acquired by completing quests or hunting NPC monsters and pirates.  The other major currency in Seafight is ‘Pearls’ which are much more valuable and difficult to obtain.  Players do start with some pearls but the most practical way to gain more seems to be through the cash shop.  Unfortunately, the most powerful ships and ammunition are priced in Pearls.  The initial Overview page presented to players when they first log in is very similar to Dark Orbit’s and acts as a sort of port.  From the Overview page, players can access the auction house (bazaar), pub (quests), the weapon shop and other locations.  The first place new players should visit is the pub where they can receive a quest and start sailing.

2078  500x375 seafight overview

Set Sail

Once you’ve accepted your first quest and launched the client half of Seafight, you’ll get your first introduction to sailing.  The graphics are generally very poor, the seas are populated with still island and monster objects that have no animations what so ever.  Movement is done through point a click via the mouse.  Most quests in Seafight are very basic and simply involve sailing from one location to another.  Luckily, new players are given a two week trial to the Seafight premium service which gives them the ability to input coordinates and automatically sail to the desired location.  After the two week trial period, players must pay for this privilege.  Trying to complete quests without the auto move is extremely annoying.  The second type of quest involves killing NPC monsters or pirates.  Combat in Seafight involves clicking your target and firing either harpoons (monsters) or cannon balls (other players or NPC pirates.)  Cannon balls and harpoon come in several varieties, with more powerful ones costing Pearls rather than gold.  Because of this, it’s usually best to use the cheaper ammo against NPCs and save the more potent stuff against other players.

2075  500x375 seafight damaged

Is That it?

After spending some time with Seafight, players may wonder what all the fuss is about.  Slowly moving around a dull sea chart completing dull quests is not at all exciting, especially not exciting enough to justify tens of thousands of concurrent users.  The main draw of Seafight and similar browser MMORPGs is not the level of content but the PvP.  The max level in Seafight is ten, with each level giving you access to the next set of maps.  All but the first set of maps have entirely open pvp, which means players can attack or be attacked by anyone at any time.  Death in Seafight is no small affair either; players will have to spend quite a lot of money repairing their vessel.  Open PvP means players will quickly have to join a clan in order to survive in Seaflight.  Clan battles are much more interesting than grinding off NPCs since there is far more strategy involved.  Clans may even take control of entire maps and construct colonies.

Worth the Effort?

If you take a look at some of the Clan and PvP related videos for Seafight, you’ll see just how exciting the game can be –  but is it really worth all the early game nonsense?  That all really depends on the type of gamer you are.  If you’re a casual gamer with a weak computer who still craves a chance to fight against others players than Seafight may be for you.  But if you’re looking for something that you can play alone, Seafight will be a letdown.  The fact that the cash shop provides such large advantages is also a problem, especially when competing for the monthly jack pot event.  Each month, players can collect jack pot points and participate in a large free-for-all battle with the last man standing winning  (in dollars) however many jack pot points they have accumulated (with a cap of $10,000.)

2082  500x375 seafight world map

Final Verdict: Fair

Seafight doesn’t have impressive graphics or a whole lot of solo content, but does provide a large game world for players to battle it out in.  Open PvP and the monthly jackpot are interesting concepts but likely to frustrate the casual gamer.


Seafight Screenshots


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Seafight Gameplay Video


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