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Ruined Online is a 3D browser based third-person shooter by Bigpoint Games. Players enter a post-apocalyptic San Francisco fueled by mayhem. There are no heroes or angels in this shattered MMO world. Choose one of six notorious villains and load up your gun. Participate in competitive PvP tournament-style gameplay in massive arenas. Kill solo or in teams while earning respect as the baddest of them all.

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Publisher: Bigpoint
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: High
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Several Modes
Platform: Browser

Pros: +Great graphics and settings. +Cool weapon selection. +New matches begin automatically. +Nicely integrated chat features.

Cons:-No missions. -Set gender classes. –Few game modes and maps. –Customization options limited. –Controls could be better.

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Ruined Online Overview

Ruined Online is a free-to-play fantasy themed browser based shooter set in a post- apocalyptic San Francisco where everyone is a villain. Players select their evil doer and weapons of choice to wreak havoc on the abolished California streets. The only rule in this game is to survive. Use burning vehicles or giant metal pipes as shields while being attacked. Stock up on boosts or and buy more powerful weapons at the shop for an advantage. Equip your character with traditional machine guns or wacky artillery like the Bubble Gun to blow the competition away, literally. Similar to UberStrike, Metal Assault, and World of Tanks there’s always someone gunning for you.


Enforcer – Considered an Elite society guard these soldiers have a zero tolerance. Armed with a shock staff they can strike the ground causing powerful electrical blasts killing enemies within range.

Samurai – Mysterious character that unleashes a flurry of frantic slashes dealing largeamounts of damage. As a skilled masters of the arts execute a menacing finishing strike on opponents.

Mutant – Toxic sludge has transformed this class into monsters with extraordinary strength which makes up for their slow speed. These brutes have a powerful forward charge and reputation that instills fear.

Crawler – Humans that have morphed into freaks by living deep in the wastelands are now making their way back to society holding a grudge. Their special skill is to unleash a burst of bones that knocks the competition out.

Mad Medic – Homicidal lunatics operating as doctors of death. This class uses flash grenades from their gauntlet to blind nearby enemies for short periods while they think of a more devilish procedure to perform.

Assassin – Sexy assailants that equally enjoy teasing and terrorizing their prey. Their fast speed allows them to do somersault strike attacks dealing heavy levels of damage.

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Full Review

Ruined Online Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Ruined Online is a 3D browser based third-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco. Players step into the shoes of one of six distinct villains determined to clear the streets of other vile characters and potential competition. Each character features one unique skill and can use up to five weapons of their choice to eliminate foes. In this real-time MMOTPS with tournament style gameplay anything goes. Players are free to explore, hide, and destroy. Maneuver through tough disaster areas from a demolished Golden Gate Bridge to a haunted abandoned prison. Use objects to block flying bullets. Recoup with boosts and reload ammo for an intense shoot out. Go on a solo killing spree or work as a team. There are dozens of challenging achievements to earn as players prove they have what it takes to be the ultimate villain.

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Becoming a Villain, the Gameplay

Most of the gameplay consist of killing other villains and earning various achievements. This shooter gives players the option of toting guns or performing hand to hand combat. Once a character is chosen users enter the lobby where they can choose their desired mode and map. There are two game modes and several massive map variations. Players can select the traditional Death Match or combine skills in a Team Death Match. Each match is held in either a bridge, prison, or fort landscaped arena. In the most commonly played mode known as the Death Match villains operate solo executing as many kills as possible before the round is up. Each match lasts five minutes. The WASD keys are used for movement. Similar to the game UberStrike there are jump pads located in odd spots that users can hit to propel their character into new areas or floors at lightening speeds. The controls can feel awkward at times while playing since the camera view and aim is controlled simultaneously by the mouse. At the bottom of the screen players have five available weapons at their disposal that quickly equips with a designated key. Shots can be fired or the Q key pressed for close range melee attack on an enemy. There’s no score or XP earned in Ruined Online. Villains accumulate scraps the in-game currency by earning achievements and racking up kills. There’s a long list of achievements to reach. These tasks vary from killing yourself to going commando by killing 5 players each with a different weapon. Earn the hat trick reward for doing a melee, skill, and weapon kill or grabbing 150 pickups in a single match. Another round automatically starts after a minute or two unless the user decides to play an alternative map or selects another mode.

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Eradicating the Competition

Team Death Match is the second mode that allows villains to join forces temporarily to slay more sinister foes. Up to 16 players or more can participate in this type of round. There are no restrictions on how many players are required to start a match. This feature gives users a significant amount of freedom that other shooters often lack. Similar to Metal Assault team based matches are timed. Each round lasts approximately three minutes and is faster paced than the previous mode. Teams are picked randomly and divided into two groups distinguished by color. A character’s skin or wardrobe will change to their team colors of red or blue. Once started the match quickly becomes a game of cat and mouse as players try to dodge and shoot their opponents. The massive combat arenas with burning vehicles, hanging skeletons, debris, and large broken pipes give villains plenty of hiding places for surprise attacks. It’s actually loads of fun despite the small number of regular users. During rounds at any time a player can chat with teammates or opponents. An unusual but convenient feature embedded in the game is the invisible chat box. Players simply press the enter key to quickly send messages without cluttering up the screen with a bulky cornered box. Boosts or crates hidden throughout the arena contain premium weapons inside. Finding them will give a character a temporary edge during battle.

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Guns & the Black Market

The weapons selection is decent. Players can buy the classic Pistol, Shotgun, Gatling gun, Ray Gun, Rocket Launcher, Flamethrower, Giant Laser, Lightening Gun, Machine Grenade Launcher, Tornado Gun, Machine Gun, Shield Gun, Scrap Ray Gun, and infamous Bubble Gun in the shop. The Gatling gun is more powerful than the average machine gun and features a generously sized ammo clip for popping multiple rounds. The Grenade Launcher fires small grenades that explode several seconds later. They’re good at accumulating kills when attacking a group of villains. The Flamethrower toasts enemies dealing large levels of damage at close range. The Giant Laser causes instant death. The most sought after Bubble Gun is a crafty weapon that traps an enemy’s weapon in a bubble and makes it float into the oblivion. Often used as a defense strategy it enables a player time to reload and make a kill while the enemy is watching their gun hover in the air. Depending on a player’s accuracy the majority of guns in the shop are effective at taking out enemies. Boosts are also sold in the shop. Purchase invincibility, global cool down, weapon cool down, scrap shield, ammo refill, instant health, damage, and speed boosts to prolong combat. The Black Market is primarily used to exchange real money for in-game currency in order to buy better weapons, gear, and elite ammo. Players have the option of spending anywhere from a couple of dollars to $100 USD for prized Platonium coins. Although the game is free to play users that invest in premium weapons have a slight advantage over others. Buying higher grade weapons is completely optional. Strategy and speed plays a bigger role in kills than the quality of artillery used in Ruined Online.

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Final Verdict: Good

As far as basic shooters go this game is fun. The environments are cool and it’s somewhat challenging. Although Ruined Online has a small community of devoted players the low number of available death matches can be a turn off for some. It’s more exciting if you sign up with a group of your friends to play with. The lack of restrictions and fast turnaround for matches creates a casual but intense gaming experience. Players must use strategy and skill to kill everyone in sight. There are plenty of achievements to earn and creative weapons to snag along the way. Fans of UberStrike or Metal Assault should try this villain inspired MMOTPS.


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