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Realm of the Mad God Overview

Realm of the Mad God or RotMG is Co-op fantasy adventure MMO set in an alter universe controlled by the Mad God Oryx. Players are summoned by the evil lord to become food for his minions. Fight for survival by using various weapons and spells. Complete dozens of quests. Explore large dungeons and slay thousands of monsters. Go against the Black Spotted Den Spider, Pink Blob, Flying Brain, and the Demon Warrior of the Abyss. Battle solo or with friends killing challenging bosses like the Cube God or raging Pentaract. Wage combat in a retro arcade-style world similar to Metal Assault or classics such as Pac-Man and Space Invader. Players unlock new classes as they level up and beat their previous scores. There are 11 different classes available in RotMG.


Rouge – Uses speed to deliver heavy damage at medium range while avoiding attacks. They are equipped with the steel dagger and the Cloak of Shadows.

Archer – Notorious for their long range attacks. Archers are armed with short bows and the Magic Quiver.

Wizard – Masters of magic these warlocks zap enemies from far distances using energy staffs and powerful spells.

Priest – Are able to take out opponents at long range using their magical fire wand. Priests possess the ability to heal themselves and fellow allies.

Warrior – Warriors deal the most amount of damage to foes. They have an arsenal of swords and defensive armor.

Knight – Is the second most powerful class next to Warriors. Knights have the highest defense of any other character.

Paladin – Perfected the art of close range combat. Similar to Priests they also have the ability to heal.

Assassin – Equipped with Centipede Poison to damage enemies over time. Assassins perform best when taking out opponents within medium distances.

Necromancer – Has the ability to drain life from adversaries in order to heal or save others.

Huntress – Lays various traps and shoots arrows to defeat opposing threats.

Mystic – Fights with energy staff and uses a magical crystal ball to confine enemies to a distant plane.

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Full Review

Realm of the Mad God Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Realm of the Mad God or RotMG is a browser based fantasy themed MMORPG shooter that takes place in an alternative realm. Players have been captured by the Mad God Oryx to become live food for his hordes of minions. Trapped in a world of endless dungeons it’s up to each player to fight for their survival. In order to escape thousands of monsters must be killed along with their mighty leader Oryx. Fight solo or get help from friends in Co-op combat against evil chickens, gelatinous cubes, slimes, pit snakes, hobbits, and demon warriors. Loot creatures, chat, and trade valuable equipment with other players. Find a way to make it out of the treacherous dungeons without becoming lunch.

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When Evil Chickens Attack, the Gameplay

This is a unique game. Instead of the flashy 3D graphics of most RPG shooters Realm of the Mad God features a pixel art design that’s reminiscent of the Golden Age of video arcade games. Heroes appear as blurred Lego figures similar to popular classics like Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Summoned by the wicked tyrant Oryx players must navigate and shoot through various challenging dungeons overflowing with monsters. Users have to blast away at a gang of evil chickens in the tutorial before entering the main world. Majority of the gameplay involves completing quests and killing enemies. Tasks vary from taking out the Scorpion Queen to battling Dreadstump the Pirate King. A larger amount of XP is earned for completing quests. There’s a wide assortment of foes similar to Ninerift. Each creature has a different personality and power making them difficult to conquer. Some monsters only attack in groups while others hide behind objects and hit when least expected. The variety and massive number of enemies in any given area makes the game challenging. These minions mean serious business. Monster grinding in RotMG is surprisingly fun. Whether you’re solo chasing a Goblin Mage through the forest or participating with friends in Co-op combat fighting off a horde of Elf Wizards it’s engaging.

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Dungeon Mayhem

There are massive dungeons to explore and conquer in RotMG. At the top of the screen is the dungeon map. These maps are very basic only displaying enemies, friends, and the hero’s current location. Only a small portion of the dungeon is shown. As players navigate through the terrain more of the map becomes visible letting players know what’s coming a short distance ahead. Fight off thousands of monsters in the Spider Den, Sprite World, and the Pirate Cave. New dungeons can only be entered through a portal. Portals appear after a player kills a particular monster. Similar to Metal Assault heroes move through grasslands to abandoned deserts. Using designated keys on the keyboard to maneuver through dungeons can be tedious at times. It often conflicts with the fast-paced gameplay. As players are bombarded by an army of scorpions reaching to press the letter A while clicking the mouse to shoot can be exhausting.

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Shoot-Out Free For All

Players are re-incarnated when they die. Similar to arcade games their stats are accumulated. A character’s number of shots, accuracy, tiles seen, kills, party member level ups, base fame, and new rank achieved are added to produce a total fame earned score. Once a player dies their hero has to start back over from square one. This makes leveling up to the max rather difficult. When a player successfully kills 2,500 monsters Oryx will summon one of his three event bosses. To have an opportunity to face off with the Mad God himself players must defeat Skull Shrine, Cube God, and Pentaract first. After they’ve all been defeated every player with the same stats will be instantly transported to his secret lair. It requires a team to take him down. Players shoot and strategize via the in-game chat interface to synchronize attacks. Oryx uses hordes of demon warriors as a shield. Players get to have fun in an intense shoot-out free for all to gain their freedom. Massive loots are left behind for the courageous heroes able to destroy the evil lord.

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Seek & Ye Shall Find

There are no item shops in RotMG. Players gather weapons, armor, potions, and clothing from looting their dead enemies. Slaughtered monsters will disappear leaving a brown sack containing a special item. Find weapons like the Poison Fang Dagger, Bow of Innocent Blood, Staff of Diabolic Secrets, Wand of Deep Sorcery, Dragonsoul sword, and the mighty Saber. Other accessories include Wolfskin Armor, Robe of the Moon Wizard, Silver Chainmail, Stingray Poison, and Cloak of the Planeswalker. Although there’s a large selection of customizable items to collect looting usually generates them randomly making it hard to acquire certain accessories. Enemies often drop items meant for another class rendering them useless. Players have an option to trade among each other. The game doesn’t have a set system for it though. Players have to depend on friends in chat to agree to swap items.

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Final Verdict: Great

Overall Realm of the Mad God is a great game. It’s a nice change from the typical Co-op shooters available online. Players get zapped back in time with the retro arcade style graphics and oldschool sound effects. Slay thousands of monsters solo or with friends. Complete quests, chat, and loot. The challenging dungeons and tough scoring system make RotMG down right addicting. Players will find themselves obsessed with their quest to defeat sinister Oryx. Blasting away hobbits, dwarfs, goblins, ghosts, and demons with pals is fun. The game has immense replay value. There’s always a higher rank or score that can be achieved. Shooter fans will definitely enjoy this unique MMO experience.


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