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Pet Forest is a 2D browser based fantasy MMORPG with turn based combat. Chose from four classes and start your adventures on Ruky Island. Pet Forest has an in depth pet system and allows players to work together in large turn based encounter, or challenge each other to duels.

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Publisher: PlayOMG
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: High
PvP: Duels
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Simple, smooth visuals. +In depth pet system. +Log in using social networking accounts. +Tons of quest with auto-navigate.

Cons: -Annoying system notifications. -Repetitive gameplay. -Some odd English translations. -Limited sense of immersion.

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Pet Forest Overview

Originally titled Canaan Online, Pet Forest is a MMORPG that does more in a web browser than many stand alone 2D turn-based games do with a standalone client. The graphics are simple, but remarkably smooth. The turn based gameplay takes place on a separate screen when players encounter an enemy. Players are accompanied into battle by a single pet. Newbies start with a flying pig pet, but can soon capture much stronger ones. Both pets and characters gain new skills and stat points as they level. The auto navigate feature makes questing simple, and the fast experience rate during the tutorial area keeps things exciting. New players have four classes to chose from and they are:

Warrior - Equipped with heavy armor and weapons, warriors have high defense but are susceptible to magical damage. Class skills include Assault, Taunt, and Chivalry.

Mage - Master of elemental and mental forces, Mages can dish out heavy damage but are fragile in combat. Class skills include Fireball, Icicle, and Calmness.

Priest - The divine powers of the Priest allow them to cast both supportive spells and curses. Class skills include Sacred Light, Devotion, and Dark Shadow.

Ranger - Equipped with a bow, Rangers let loose a flurry of arrows. Their high dexterity allows them to avoid attacks and deal heavy damage. Class skills include Concentration of Arrows, Dexterity, and Armor-Breaking Shot.

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Full Review

Pet Forest Full Review

By, Erhan Altay

Pet Forest, also known as Canaan Online, is a browser based MMORPG published by PlayOMG, the same Taiwanese portal behind NEO Online and Azuga Age of Chaos. While this is their first browser game, it has many of the same features found in similar client MMORPGs. Pet Forest translates the traditional MMORPG experience consisting of a persistent world, quests, PvP, pets, and crafting into a simple to understand web browser.

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Same Formula, New Look

Asian developers have been churning out simple, 2D turn based MMORPGs for years now but Pet Forest marks a significant improvement to the formula. Games like Wonderland Online, Myth War 2 Online, and Zodiac Online all have the same set up as Pet Forest; turn based encounters where the player is accompanied by a pet. Forest Online isn’t even the first MMORPG to adopt this method to a browser, Neverland Online did that a while back. But what this game offers is much cleaner visuals. It is also more accessible. Players can sign up, or use their Facebook, Twitter, or Yahoo account to log in. There is currently only one server available for the game called Breeze Coast. Each account supports several characters, and the character creation process is pretty simple. There are four classes to choose from: Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Priest. Appearance customization is limited to gender, 11 hair styles, and 11 face styles.

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Earning a Ticket

The first few quests are the standard walk-and-talk type. Players are introduced to each NPC in town and are ten sent off to fight a few monsters. Within a few minutes, player will reach level 10 and be able to leave the starting island and head to the mainland. Each level, players earn 4 stat points which they can distribute among five stats: Str, Con, Int, Spirit, and Dex. The newbie quests are well worth doing even if they do feel tedious since they reward equipment and tons of experience. The turn based combat works well, but feels

Island Greetings

New players start off on Ruky Island where a series of quests and help prompts explain the game’s basics. There’s even a bit of story thrown in, the character was raised on this island but is now ready to set off to the mainland. The first enemy players will encounter is a small flying pig. Not only is this the first monster players will fight, but one of these flying pigs serves as the starter pet. Almost every turn-based MMORPG incorporates a pet system, and for good reason. Newbies are unlikely to have in-game friends so an NPC companion is better than fighting alone. Both active pets and the player character gain experience rapidly during the early levels. There are always plenty of quests available, and they are easy to follow. An auto-navigate feature combined with the ability to see a list of all available quests makes progression always a single click away. In addition to available quests, players can use the search menu to see all monster types, NPCs, and other points of interest in their current zone.

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Gotta Catch ‘em All

The mainland is composed of nine major areas, with the first being Karugarner. Even after landing there, players will have a lot of learning left to do. Capturing new pets is major part of Pet Forest, and is done in a very pokemon-esque manner. Players must add snares to their hotkey bar and use them in battle. Weakening a monster before using a snare will increase the chances of capturing it. The quality of the snare and the level of the monster will also factor into the equation. After a successful snare, the monster is placed in a Soul Ball (pokeball!?) and must be ‘appraised’ before it can be used. Players start with four pet slots, a fifth is unlocked at level 30, and a sixth is available to VIPs who pay for the privilege. Several more pets can be tucked into storage and accessed by talking to a Pet Dealer NPC. Newly caught pets always start at level one and can be annoying to train since they only receive experience from monsters that are five levels higher or lower then them. This means players will have to backtrack and intentionally go out and fight weak monsters to train their pets.

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Jack of All Trades

The crafting system in Pet Forest is surprisingly complex. It is almost identical to the one used in Neverland Online. Raw materials like bronze and other metals must be harvested or collected as loot. Next, players must talk to a blacksmith NPC which brings up the crafting menu prompt. From here, players use drop down menus to select the type of equipment, its level, quality, and finally the specific item in question. The manufacturing cost is then displayed and includes both the currency required along with the materials. There’s no associated crafting skill, instead the success rate is dependent on the quality and level of the item in proportion the the player’s level. Equipment upgrades are handled in a similar fashion. Players simply select the gear they wish to upgrade and are given a list of required materials. Each type of equipment has a different level cap ranging from 92-100.

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Quick Start

Pet Forest does everything it can to give new players a smooth ride during the early stages. Besides fast experience, players start with item boxes that contain magic equipment and even some cash shop items like an experience scroll. All the main features including catching pets, crafting, and upgrading are explained through quests. Even the item mall is handled well. The in-game currency includes gold, silver, and copper coins while the premium currency is known as spell stones. These spell stones cost real cash, but players can buy and sell them through the Trading House. This trading house is located in the same universally accessible menu as the item mall and auction house. This makes it possible for players who don’t spend any money to still enjoy the items and services offered in the cash shop. Overall, Pet Forest and Neverland Online are very similar games. Which one gamers prefer will come down the personal choice. In any case, Pet Forest does a great job at offering a full range of MMORPG features into a small package.

Final Verdict: Good

Pet Forest is a simple free to play MMORPG that fits right into a browser window. The game has all the classic genre staples including quests, pets, play vs player combat, and guilds. The turn based battles are fun at first, but gameplay is pretty stale and repetitive in the long run. Pet Forest has all the fundamentals right, but could of used some more flashing out.


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