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Nodiatis is a 2D browser based MMORPG that looks and plays much like oldschool PC RPGs. With 26 classes and a detailed skill system, Nodiatis is an in-depth experience likely to appeal to fantasy buffs and veteran D&D players.

14598  320x240 nodiatis main

Publisher: Glitchless
Playerbase: High
Graphics: Medium Quality
EXP Rate: Slow
PvP: Open / Duels
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +26 classes. +Step-by-step tutorial. +In-depth skill system.

Cons: -Crude animations. -Slow paced combat & movement. -Steep learning curve.

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Nodiatis Overview

Nodiatis is one of the most detailed browser based MMORPGs currently available. The game has a whopping 26 classes, dozens of skills and a unique method of skill advancement which involves sacrificing looted items to various alters. The user interface and visuals are reminiscent of old school PC RPGs circa the late 1980s and early 1990s which can either be nostalgic or just frustrating based on your age. Nodiatis even makes an attempt at a story line which starts by explaining the fate of an immortal princess whose father gave her to a horde of orcs in exchange for peace. While there is a massive world to explore and an impressive host of ways to customize your character, Nodiatis suffers from sluggish combat, movement, and a general sense of slow progression though there are premium features available for purchase which can help speed up gameplay.

Classes - Warrior, Druid, Ranger, Guardian, Warlock, Magician, Necromancer, Paladin, Archer, Priest, Trader, Craftsman, Vampire, Angel, Dark Knight, Wizard, Regener, Beastmaster, Tactician, Trapper, Adventurer, Weapon Master, Rogue, Alcoholic, Jeweler, Enchanter.

Nodiatis Screenshots

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Full Review

Nodiatis Review

By, Erhan Altay

Nodiatis is a text & image based browser MMORPG that looks and plays much like early generation RPGs released for the PC in the 1990s. Developed and hosted by a company called ‘Glitchless’ Nodiatis is likely to appeal to fans of oldschool D&D style RPGs that were heavy on detail and character customization but short on exciting gameplay elements. If you’re interested in a browser game that can provide a sense of immersion than read on!

14567  500x375 nodiatis homepage

Chained to the Wall

When players first visit the Nodiatis homepage, they’re greeted with the image of a nearly naked young woman chained to a pillar. This same image was and still is widely used in promoting the game which may be misleading but is quite modest compared to the advertising blitz undertaken by Evony, another browser based game that makes use of the female anatomy to attract an audience. Account registration and character creation are combined with your character’s name serving as your login. Appearance customization is very restrictive, players simply chose an avatar and background image from among 300 or so random choices than move on. Class selection, on the other hand, is quite impressive in Nodiatis. There are a total of 26 possible classes which range from the standard fantasy archetypes including warrior, wizard, priest, merchant and so on but also include some rarer templates such as angel and vampire. The developers must of ran out of ideas at around 24 classes and threw ‘Regener’ and ‘Alcoholic’ which are original classes as far as I can tell. Each class has a different melee, magic, defense, and recovery modifier. For example, Beastmasters receive a +10% bonus to recovery but suffer a -9% penalty towards defense. While all the classes play similarly during the early levels, I’d recommend new players go with a simple sounding melee class as their first character. The rest of the character creation process involves selecting a text color and setting a password.

14579  500x375 nodiatis class list

Welcome to Castille…

After logging in for the first time, a tutorial in the form of text boxes appear and lead players through the game’s early stages. Nodiatis puts more effort into its story than most online RPGs and this is evident in the amount of ‘flavor text’ on display. Castille, the city of your birth, is the last stronghold of mankind in a world that lies in ruin. Gloomy setting, isn’t it? Before entering Castille, however, players will see get a chance to view the game’s graphic interface. A top-down map with your character’s face in the center serves the GUI in Nodiatis. Movement is controlled with the mouse by clicking bordering grids and can be a sluggish process. Cities themselves are composed of a series of images with interactive spots that lead to new areas. Several shops are scattered around town including a magic shop, armory, and inn. There aren’t even any shopkeeper NPCs which gives both the city and game in general an empty feeling. There is a single old and mangled man in the church who serves as a quest giver. The tutorial walks players through town navigation, accepting quests, and eventually combat. This tutorial must be completed before moving on or even being able to chat.

14601  500x375 nodiatis overview

Kill Some Rats

Sticking closely to the RPG script, the first quest in the game asks players to kill some rats at the nearby docks. Combat in Nodiatis is time based and requires players to manually click auto-attack at the start of each fight. Animations are rather crude and simply show your equipped weapon jutting forward a bit towards your opponent. Monsters themselves are just still images along with the rest of the background during encounters. It doesn’t take long for battles to get stale and repetitive but combat in Nodiatis still beats the combat system in more primitive browser games like BiteFight or Gladiatus. The game does come up with an interesting way of dealing with loot though. In most games the random body parts looted from slain animals are simply sold to NPCs but in Nodiatis these items play a key role in skill advancement. The tutorial explains all this far better than I can but the general concept is this: players select which skill in each category they wish to raise than sacrifice items associated with that category at a local alter to raise the selected skill. Rat teeth, for example, are associated with combat skills and help increase a character’s piercing or crushing skill. Besides this original skill system is a more traditional level-up feature which rewards players 3 points per level to distribute among several stats.

14586  500x375 nodiatis fighting

Middle of the Road

The world of Nodiatis is large and judging from the geography of the world map, has room to grow. So far all players interact on a single server though this makes the public chat box nearly worthless due to the rapid message speed. The game includes many features found in traditional MMORPGs including ‘soulbound’ equipment and fully fledged PvP options that allow players to kill and even loot one another. To keep the world from becoming a free for all, stiff penalties are in place to keep the PK rate manageable but the threat of attack always lingers. Overall the game does a decent job at crafting a living fantasy world that players can get involved in. Unlike RuneScape, Nodiatus does not have a graphic engine. Instead it relies on text, images, crude animations, and some sound effects but it puts those elements together far better than most browser mmorpgs.

14599  500x375 nodiatis menus

Free, Standard, Premium

Like most games, paying players receive large benefits including faster experience rates, faster skill gain, and even additional gold and item loot off monsters. There are several premium options available in Nodiatis with the most common one being upgrading to a ‘standard’ account which costs $5/month. The text describing the benefits of a paid account are even cheeky enough to say ‘That’s $5 per month, compare that to console games that cost $60 and last 2 weeks on average!’ There is even a ‘premium’ account which costs an additional $50 for 16 weeks of ‘premium’ access. But the most hilarious part is a $55 permanent ‘grinder upgrade’ which makes it even easier to gain experience and gold. Add these up and you’re well over the cost of a console game, aren’t you Nodiatis? My advice as always is to try the game for free all the way up until you’ve gotten as far as possible without paying. If you’re still playing the game at that point than go ahead and pay since you’ve found something worth your cash.

Final Verdict: Good

Nodiatis offers a classic fantasy experience with plenty of classes and a detailed skill system all available for free on your browser. For players seeking a deeper fantasy role playing experience but unable or unwilling to download a client MMORPG, Nodiatis is definitely worth a closer look. But be warned, the slow paced gameplay and bare bone visuals make the game difficult to pierce.

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