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Neverland Online Overview

Neverland Online is a full fledged fantasy MMORPG that is played right on a web browser. Players start in Moon Town and must complete a series of simple quests which reward obscene amounts of experience. With gift packs doled out every 5th level and auto-navigate and bot features built in, Neverland Online is an easy game to get into. With a large game world to explore and a nice musical score, it is one of the more immersive browser MMORPGs currently available. There are currently four classes available during character creation with the male and female version offering slight variations.

Ranger - A combat oriented class. Male Rangers prefer the Dao while females use twin-swords.

Assassin - Cunning warriors who dabble with poison and have high agility. Male Assassins use chains while females use whips.

Elementalist - Offensive spellcasters with high intelligence but low defense and health. Male Elementalists use fans and females use Zithers.

Taoist - Honorable fighters with supportive skills. Male Taoists use swords while females use the Flywheel.

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Full Review

Neverland Online Full Review

By, Erhan Altay

Neverland Online is the second online game to be published by the Chinese owned portal ‘hithere.’ Their previous title, Empire Craft, was a strategy game where gameplay mostly consisted of waiting for buildings to construct and soldiers to train. Neverland Online is a totally different browser game and is much closer to a traditional fantasy MMORPG. Players create a character, travel around a persistent world, complete quests, level up, gather resources, craft equipment, and even participate in PvP – all without downloading anything.

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Four Classes, Eight Choices

There is currently a single server in Neverland Online but with the game only recently released to open beta in November 2009, this is to be expected. Each account is given plenty of character slots considering there are only four classes to choose from. Players can select male or female versions of each class with each gender offering slight variations. The male Assassin, for example, uses chain weapons while the female version prefers whips. There are no appearance customization options available beyond gender selection making the overall character creation process rather dull. All players star their journey in Moon Town where they will get a first glimpse of what Neverland Online has to offer. The game’s graphics are not very impressive. This isn’t only because the graphics are two dimensional; the quality of the visuals is just not very good. A lot of the text is also of low quality, mainly due to poor English translations. There is no formal tutorial in the game but there are a ton of simple quests available with incredibly high experience rewards.

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Run Around, Get Rewarded

During the first 10 levels of Neverland Online, players will only be asked once to leave town and only for a few minutes. The first few levels will fly by as players complete a series of talk quests which send them from one NPC to the next. The game has a great built in navigation system which allows players to automatically move to a particular NPC when their name is clicked in the quest log. Despite a decent minimap (opened by hitting tab), auto navigation is by far the best way to travel. Players can freely move to NPCs located in their current zone but to auto-travel to NPCs in other areas of the world, a small silver fee is required. This pay-to-use theme constantly popups throughout the game, for example players start with a paltry 27 inventory slots but can purchase up to 153 more. The cost of new slots increases dramatically from a few silver pieces to tens of thousands of silver per slot. A number of early level quests involve short quizzes that test the players’ knowledge of the game. Fortunately, players need not read the garbled dialogue to find the answers to these questions. The questions only have two possible answers and one is almost always worded as a joke answer which is obviously wrong. After spending ten or so minutes in town during these simple quests, players will find themselves at or around level 10.

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Classic RPG Style

Combat in Neverland Online is turn based and takes place in special random encounter screens. While traveling ‘wilderness’ zones players will periodically encounter enemies to battle. It is during the first of these battles in a zone called Eastwood that players meet their starter pet. Like many 2D MMORPGs with turn based combat, including Myth War 2 Online, Elf Online, and Wonderland Online, players in this game are accompanied in battle by a pet. The starting pet is a rabbit which actually starts at level 10 and hits much harder than the player at first. Pets do not receive quest related experience rewards which stunts their level growth relative to the main character. During combat, players can give their character and pet various orders such as Attack, Guard, item, skill, and so forth. Each unit can be instructed separately or players can simply hit the ‘auto’ button and watch as the fight resolves itself. This auto feature makes Neverland Online very simple to play on one tab while doing something else on another. I found myself watching YouTube videos as I played and was pleased to find the game so flexible. Neverland Online does have a musical score but it is turned off by default. In order to activate it, players must open the options menu by hitting a button located on the top left of the screen. The music has an Asian feel to it and is generally pleasing. Some of the sound bits, such as the shriek defeated creatures make, are annoying so I recommend players put on their own music as they play.

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Gotta Catch ‘em All

Aside from the starting rabbit pet, players are free to catch new creatures and use them in combat. Almost any creature can be caught by using the special ‘catch’ action though weakening the target increases the success rate. Both pets and players earn 3 stat points each level which can be distributed among five stats: Strength, Stamina, Agility, Intelligence, and Faith. There are several auto-allocate options for those who want to be safe with their builds but more adventurous players can distribute the points manually. Besides stat points, players earn skill points to distribute among eight ‘powers’ which each associate with a different set of skills. There are four physical (Valor, Fortitude, Confidence, Insight) and four mental (Fervor, Delusion, Grace, Aura) powers but its best for players to specialize in one or two. Rangers and Assassins are the physical classes in Neverland Online whine Taoists and Elementalists comprise the mental jobs. There’s a surprisingly deep crafting system in the game which involves resource gathering and production. Players have a whole host of options when crafting equipment including selecting its rarity, quality, and level range. Besides simply crafting gear, players can upgrade materials, increase the attribute bonus of equipment, drill gem slots into gear, make potions, salvage materials from equipment, and so on.

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Give away the Razor, Sell the Blades

New player will be astonished at the experience rate in Neverland Online for the first 20 or so levels. Seemingly endless streams of quests are thrown at the players which provide a great sense of direction and steady rewards. But all this is serves as the games hook and quickly dries up. It is only at level 20 that players really move past the newbie phase and gain access to the global chat channel. New quests are still available in modest number but players should expect a much longer grind. As leveling becomes harder, it takes longer and longer for players to earn the next item package which are rewarded every 5th level and contain a slew of helpful items such as gear, double experience scrolls, potions, and scrolls that sell for nice sums of silver. Silver is only one of the game’s major currencies with the other being Gold. Gold is a much more premium currency and is used and the item mall to purchase high tier items. Premium purchases include powerful pets, high potency consumables with a ton of charges, and unlocking additional pet slots (players start with two and the max is ten.) As the levels go on, players have several mid to late game options to contend with. There are many dungeons in Neverland Online, some of which stretch on for 40 or more levels. Additionally, there is a voluntary PvP system where players can flag themselves open to attack. The grinding aspects of the game can be largely automated, there is a built in feature which allows players to set when and how often they are to heal, use skills, and so forth. Players who don’t mind this sort of repetitive gameplay or can at least overlook it while attending to other activities on the web should give Neverland Online a try.

Final Verdict: Good

Neverland Online is a full featured MMORPG that fits on a web browser. The graphics and dialogue may not be the best quality but this is still an impressive package for the fledgling browser MMORPG market. Automation features and an excessive emphasis on grinding do add a level of tedium but a detailed crafting system coupled with the ability to catch a large variety of pets makes Neverland Online worth a look.


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