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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

Neosaurs is a 2D browser based MMORPG where players control dinosaurs and battle against the forces of The Darkness. Neosaurs is a side-scroller with many of the features found in client based MMORPGs. Design your own home and evolve your Neosaur!

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Publisher: Microsoft
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: N/A
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Full fledged MMORPG features in a browser window. +Multiple classes & attack skills. +Well developed backstory & lore.

Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. -Limited character customization options.


Neosaurs Overview

Neosaurs is a web based side-scroller MMORPG by Microsoft Games. It has keyboard controls, and plays similarly to client games like MapleStory, La Tale, and Windslayer. Users create a custom Neosaur which hatches from an egg sent from another world beneath the Earth’s crust. Talk to NPCs, complete quests, and gain levels by defeating monsters scattered around various maps. Neosaur is a simple game to pick up and play, but is very in depth for a browser game. Each account is given its own instanced house which can be decorated with new furniture. Start your journey as a Hatchling, then chose from three classes at level 10:

Rex - Rex has high damage and decent defense. Their skills are Fire oriented.

Cera - With high HP and defense, Cera is the tank class of Neosaurs. Their skills are Earth oriented.

Ptera - The ranged, supportive class. Ptera have powerful ranged and magic attacks along with Healing abilities. Their skills are Wind/Water oriented.

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Full Review

Neosaurs Full Review

By, Ange Perdu

Neosaurs is a 2D fantasy themed browser based MMORPG where players become a guardian to a Neosaur. These creatures live deep within the planet’s core and are descendants of prehistoric dinosaurs. Monsters controlled by dark forces have invaded their secret civilization initiating a war between good and evil. The outcome of this battle can destroy the balance of the entire world. It’s up to the Neosaurs guided by their guardians to stop the Inner and Outer Earth conflicts before it’s too late. Hatch and customize your Neosaur. Complete challenging quests as you explore different villages. Unlock dangerous dungeons and kill hundreds of monsters. Learn new combat skills for battle. Fight along friends in parties and win the war.

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Adventures of a Neosaur Guardian, the Gameplay

Majority of the gameplay involves completing quests, grinding, and clearing dungeons. Guardians receive their quests from various NPCs scattered throughout each village. Missions vary from killing 10 Quirrels and collecting 10 Red Berries to defeating Radgers in the plains. They often lack variety. Most of the tasks rely solely on monster slaying. Similar to Maple Story this is a side-scrolling game where players maneuver through various environments by leaping onto floating platforms stationed in the air. Guardians navigate their Neosaur using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Specific letters are designated for attacking and utilizing skills. There are plenty of skills that can be learned to increase damage during combat or heal. The game features a simple skill mastery system which allows users to accumulate dozens of different abilities quickly. Master the cranial blast, whirlwind, or claws of fury attack to destroy foes. Every time a skill is used against a monster points are earned. Once the set amount for a particular ability has been reached the attack or power can be upgraded. There’s a large amount of grinding necessary to progress thorough stages or chapters in the game. Fighting droves of primeval monsters is fun initially but it can become repetitive at times. Gold, experience, and hard to acquire items are rewarded for completing quests.

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Treacherous Dungeons

When a player reaches level 9 they can enter the dungeons. Dungeons are no walk in the park. Much like the game Windslayer there are hundreds of dangerous monsters to fight. Wage combat against Stone Molas, Horned Gekkots, Ursers, and creepy Acerarchnoids. They quickly outnumber players in solo dungeon raids showing no mercy. Each section of the dungeon features beasts of higher difficulty than the last making the journey to the exit an arduous one. Players jump from various platforms fighting off fierce Scorpincers in an environment that mimics a complicated maze. Near the final exit is usually a powerful boss monster like the King Mantidus that has to be killed in order to move on. Each dungeon has settings and a grade scale. If a player defeats all the monsters in a dungeon they will unlock the next difficulty setting allowing them to adjust it as they go along. A user’s performance is judged by the number of monsters killed, the times a player died, and their overall level. Experience points are rewarded based entirely on your grade. A quick mystery box mini-game appears allowing players an opportunity to snag a rare item. Users only have 10 seconds to choose but it’s a nice addition to the game.

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Parties in Dino Pads

Neosaurs has a nice chat feature that allows players to communicate similar to popular instant messengers. Emoticons and text appear in an assortment of colors during chats. Parties can be formed also. Users can easily add others to their friend list by clicking on their Neosaur. Join a party or invite friends to form your own. Parties are important a player progresses in the game. Higher level difficulty dungeons often require a party to clear. There’s an option that lets a Party Leader determine the way experience points are distributed. They can decide whether equal points are given or only the player that inflicted the most damage earns XP. Each Neosaur has their own Dino Pod that they can decorate. Friends can visit each other pods. The customization options for Dino Pods are limited. Players can only click and drag to rearrange furniture or add items that they’ve found during quests.

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NPC Shops

In Neosaurs there are three main NPC shops where players can purchase items. Many of the shops only have a handful of items to choose from. In the Grocer elixir potions that temporarily increase strength, dexterity, CON, and INT is available for a small fee of gold. In the Potion Shop various sizes of healing and magic potions are available.

The Armor Shop is only located in the town of Moonglow. Only players who’ve advanced far enough will be able to purchase equipment in the form of weaponry and shields. Players have to rely on their skills instead of weapons. A large amount of rare items in the game is earned rather than purchased.

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Final Verdict: Good

Neosaurs is a solid side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG that takes players into a world filled with prehistoric monsters and magic. The vivid graphics and stellar soundtrack of funky techno create a fun atmosphere for exploring. Complete quests killing hundreds of unique creatures from Green Weetles to the sneaky Setarutts. Players master special abilities to use during combat. Chat and form parties with friends to raid challenging dungeons. Although the customization options could be better for sprucing up your Dino Pod the game still has a lot to offer. Comparable to other titles like Maple Story, La Tale, and Windslayer Neosaurs takes players on a true adventure.


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Shut down.

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