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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

Nadirim is a 2D browser based fantasy MMORPG with an Arabian Nights theme. Players enter a world and time where legends and monsters exist. Take up your sword as a hero fighting a mysterious evil. Battle ancient myths like the Djinns, complete challenging quests, explore various territories, and duel anyone who opposes you. Go on a one-of-a-kind adventure in this F2P gem.

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Publisher: Twisted Tribe Ltd
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium Quality
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Duels
Filesize: Browser

Pros: +Unique Setting. +Plenty of quests. +Friendly Co-Op feature. +Strategic turn-based combat. +High production value, including a storyline and original soundtrack.

Cons: -Gameplay can feel repetitive at times. –Annoying energy system. –Battle animations could be better.

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Nadirim Overview

Nadirim is a free-to-play multiplayer browser game that uses the enthralling 1001 Arabian Nights fable as part of its storyline, which is rarely seen in traditional MMOs. Players embark deep into the desert wilderness where myths come to life. Conquer the great Djinns, encounter treacherous thieves, find magical lamps, fight gigantic sea serpents, earn treasures, and save the world. Complete arduous missions solo or with the help of friends. Duel other players to prove your name should be in the history books next to the other great legends of the past. In this exciting fantasy adventure slightly similar to Diablo, Runescape, and Ragnarok Online players get to become a hero in an epic fable re-told. There are only three starting classes available but as a player progresses, the Caravan Master and Nomad class can be unlocked.


Warrior – Skilled soldiers capable of dealing high levels of damage. They are equipped with heavy armor and an array of skills to take down enemies swiftly.

Sage – This class of magicians feature a wide range of spells and abilities. Sages can perform self and group healing making them perfect for team based melees.

Rogue – These fighters specialize in survival. Rogues execute critical direct hits that can quickly stop any enemy dead in their tracks.

Caravan Master – This special class collects slaves and uses them to fight their battles.

Nomad – Considered as part of the hunter class these wanderers possess the ability to control animals and summon them to aid in combat.

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Full Review

Nadirim Full Review

By Ange Perdu


Nadirim is a free-to-play fantasy browser based MMORPG by Twisted Tribe. Unlike most MMOs that often use Chinese Mythology for their storyline this game integrates an Arabian Nights setting. Players become warriors trekking through the desert wilderness stumbling across mythical beasts and legends. Fight a variety of difficult to beat monster mobs, face off with the legendary Djinns, thieves, retrieve treasure, and follow the ultimate path of a hero. Complete challenging quests while exploring various territories in the barren land. Players can initiate a duel or join a group of other soldiers to fight boss characters together. This rather original game features strategic turn based combat and beautifully hand-drawn graphics that almost make you forget that the game is entirely in 2D.

An Arabic Adventure Begins, the Gameplay

Players start out in Ennahar City with several NPCs stationed on the street corners. Clicking on an NPC will prompt either a mission or a brief conversation. There’s not much of a tutorial but the simple interface makes it’s easy to grasp the core concepts. The dialogue throughout the Nadirim appears in a very cool comic book-like design giving players the impression that they’ve entered a graphic novel that has miraculously come to life. It’s somewhat similar to Runescape. Players click their mouse button to navigate through the world. Green arrows and icons on the map indicate what direction players should head. Most of the gameplay revolves around tackling various quests and helping out citizens in need. One of the first major quests that heroes must complete is to kill a gigantic octopus monster called Tinnin that has been terrorizing the townspeople. It’s an exciting start to your adventure and sets the flow for the rest of the game.

Missions often vary from relaying messages to retrieving stolen goods from a gang of bandits. There’s also a decent amount of interactive tasks that require heroes to pick up objects like scattered pages or pick special herbs located in the forest. Each mission has a set level of difficulty ranging from easy to hard and rewards range from XP to special items. Despite the absence of 3D effects the characters and scenic backdrops are breathtakingly beautiful. The immense attention to detail really makes the game stand out in terms of quality and production value. To complete some of the quests players have to fight certain monsters, villains, or boss characters. Some boss character battles feature a cinematic cut scene that plays. The well designed video is almost similar to standard client based MMOs. It’s quite impressive. Clicking on monster or rival foe initiates an attack. All battles are performed using turn-based combat which can make the gameplay feel slow and repetitive at times.

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The Strategic Combat Skills of a Warrior

During combat players appear on a honeycomb shaped grid with a preset hotkey of available skills at the bottom of the screen. Each turn allows an opponent to move and choose a specific spell or hit to execute. Heroes have a decent set of skill trees and techniques at their disposal as their character levels up. Warriors can make a Focused Strike, Ambitious Blow, Painful Cut, Cleave, or toss a Throwing Axe. The game doesn’t feature any noteworthy battle animations. A bloody slash across an enemy or magical dust circle is about all you’ll see. These turn based melees are somewhat similar to classics like Diablo. Heroes have to use strategy to maneuver through the grid and avoid damage while striking opponents. Sometimes a hero will encounter multiple creatures or foes.

There’s a help icon that will allow any player passing by to join and aid you in battle. This friendly co-op option is rare. Not only is it a nice multiplayer aspect but it comes in handy as monsters become more difficult to beat. At any time a player can opt to duel another if they wish. However, dueling isn’t a major part of the gameplay. Like most actions in the game dueling will cost energy. The energy system implemented in Nadirim can be tricky. Players have to develop their own strategy for managing their energy. Each quest and battle expels a certain amount. It’s possible to lose a fight simply because your juice was a bit too low. Heroes have to monitor their health and energy closely to survive in this desolate land.

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Merchant Traders & Gems

Players earn most of their gear through quest rewards and grinding but occasionally items can be purchased through one of the local merchant traders. These NPC shops only have a dozen or so items for sale. A few basic weapons for each class, generic clothing, and a handful of potions are available for in-game coins. There isn’t much of a variety. However, customization is not totally lost. The marketplace has an assortment of different weapons, gear, boosts, and custom outfits. All marketplace items require precious gems which can be randomly earned during the game or purchased with real cash. Depending on a character’s class they can be equipped with the Noran Twin Sabers, Malatrian Enigma Staff, Sylen Champion Shamshir, Grand Halberd, Panageos Totemic Scepter, and Edan Razor Flyssa as a weapon.

Armor like gauntlets, metal gloves, snakeskin boots, royal turban, enchanted vests, night cowls, thorned spaulders, ancient cauldrons, mirror, and shadow armor can be bought as well. To help speed up gameplay there are also an assortment of boosts ranging from prized energy potions to combat boosters that will increase damage or health for 20 minutes to 24 hours at a time. One of the best selections in the shop is the array of outfits that enable players to customize their hero’s appearance. Dress your character in the Affarian, Ravenwood  Hunter, Ceytelon Assassin, Arakk’Hatur, Dreamwalker Adept, Eel Catcher’s, Emarian, Greenmore Botanist, Hollow Breacher, Molten Vanguard, and infamous Shadow Executioner Outfits.

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Final Verdict: Good

Nadirim is a high quality browser based fantasy MMORPG where players embark on an Arabian Nights adventure. Conquer evil and determine whether the sun will shine or fade in the shadows by battling legendary myths like Djinns. Complete challenging quests or explore different territories slaying mobs of monsters. Wage war solo or with friends in intense turn-based battles. Cast powerful spells or perform bone-shattering blows in PvP duels. Although some players prefer 3D graphics the detail environments and comic book style design make this a visually appealing game. Nadirim has regular content updates and the potential to become a great MMO much like Ragnarok Online. The unique setting and strategic combat system makes it a fun challenge. It’s definitely worth trying for anyone who enjoys playing browser games.


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