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Monster MMORPG is a free to play browser based game that is similar to the popular Pokémon series. Players embark on a wild adventure exploring a dangerous world overflowing with critters. Collect, train, fight, and transform these creatures into pets. Build a team of unique super powered monsters and battle other players. Prove you have it what it takes to be a legendary master trainer in a virtual world where pets rule.

Publisher: MonsterMMORPG
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Low
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Open
Platform: Browser

Pros: +Over 1800 pets to train. +Unique monster designs. +520 maps split into 19 zones. +Extensive MonsterDex. +Large selection of shop items. +Bazaar trade feature. +Multilingual chat box. +Pet transformation system.

Cons: -Dated graphics. –No quests. –Repetitive gameplay. –Interface cluttered with Ads. –Limited character creation options. –Turn-based text combat may not be for everyone.

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Monster MMORPG Overview

Monster MMORPG is a F2P browser based Pokémon style game that allows players to become trainers in a virtual land occupied by monsters. Comparable to other titles like Pet Forest, Holy Beast Online, and Monster Forest there’s a large assortment of collectable and trainable pets. Each creature has its own set of special powers and moves that can be executed during battles. Build a team of unbeatable monsters by leveling and evolving them over time. There are over 600 unique pets to catch and fight. Explore a massive world of critters and conquer anyone who challenges you in this innovative fantasy pet themed adventure.

Starter Monsters – Masgras, Larvitle, Flolz, Gliling, Venopal, Scortorch, Nekitten, Nufo, Chlorulk, Smosea, Salapad, Beelet, and Padark

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Full Review

Monster MMORPG Full Review

By Ange Perdu


Monster MMORPG is a real-time fantasy pet themed text with graphics role playing game. Much like Pokémon each player becomes a trainer exploring a world completely inhabited by little monsters. These creatures possess a variety of fighting skills and special abilities that only experienced trainers can unlock. Travel from Palladium Town all the way to Swiftlet Island collecting and fighting rare pets in turn based battles.  Create a team of powerful monsters and pin them against other players’ beasts in PvP matches to see who deserves the title as top trainer. Use a large assortment of enchanted boxes, potions, and magical gems for an advantage during combat. Level up each individual monster and evolve them for a creature to be reckoned with. Trade pets with friends and chat while conquering a world full of monsters.

When Monsters Faint, the Gameplay

Each player starts out by selecting their own miniature avatar character to represent them in the game and one starter monster. Once they’ve entered the main page a small animated box on the left side corner displays their character in the current map environment. Clicking an arrow icon next to the split screen allows a user to move their character throughout the little digital world. The WASD keys can also be used. Maneuver through bushes, rocks, fields, beaches, and forests until a monster encounter appears. Most of the gameplay consists of battling and catching creatures scattered across the land. When a monster appears players have the option to fight or run. Monster MMORPG has a first generation type of PC game feel. It integrates small amounts of animation with text turn based combat similar to Pet Forest. During battles each creature is displayed with their stats and available moves. Players have to click on which move they want their pet to execute during each turn. A description of the brawl scrolls at the bottom of the screen summarizing whether each hit was successful and the amount of damage inflicted. Unlike other text infused games that are rich in content the dialogue is kept to the bare minimal. After each encounter players are rewarded a lump sum of cash and XP points for the pet that participated in the battle.

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If a monster is defeated or has a low health status they faint. Taking care of fainting monsters is not only necessary but annoying. Characters are instantly teleported to the nearest Monster Center to be healed. Although it takes a second to click the heal button once transported to the center players have to trek all the way back to their original spot while battling the same random monsters all over again. The slow one step exploration process and excessive amount of grinding makes the gameplay feel repetitive. During each battle players have the option of capturing their opponent and adding them to their team of monsters. Pets can be captured in the midst of combat by tossing a monster box. Every user receives a free pack of monster boxes to start. Fishing in the lakes or ponds is also a quick way to snag rare pets. Players can collect as many pets as they want but only six can be part of their monster team at a time.

PvP Battles & Monster Teams


At any time players can challenge others in a PvP battle by clicking on them or posting a message in the chat box. The procedure can be quick or lengthy depending on how fast the other user responds. These matches are not mandatory. The invite can be accepted or rejected depending on the user. Monster MMORPG has a nice sized community so there’s always someone willing to go head to head with. When a battle has been initiated it works identical to the monster encounters but with a time restriction. Each player has 15 seconds to choose their pet and desired move to execute. As pets are leveled up and money is earned additional moves and stat boosting items can be used. When a monster reaches a certain level it can evolve or be transformed. Higher level monsters have better odds for a victory. When players are building up their monster team strategy is integrated into the gameplay. There are over 600 creatures in the game each possessing a different nature and array of powers. The monster designs are really unique similar to Holy Beast Online. They range from bright and cutesy to intimidating. Collect bug, dark, electric, fire, flying, ghost, grass, ice, light, poison, psychic, water, and fighting pets to create a winning team. Monsters can be caught, purchased, or traded with other players at the Bazaar.

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Shopping at the Bazaar


The shops in this game are quite impressive. They carry a massive inventory of not only pets but items as well. Players can purchase dozens of additional moves, drugs, potions, gems, and boxes. Each monster has a set number of moves that they can perform. Buying the correct skill is relatively easy with the extensive MonsterDex feature. Players can quickly look up their pet of choice and view extra details to aid in their purchase decision. Depending on your monster buy special abilities like the Earth Shaker, Extraordinary Strike, Ghost Flare, Grass Rope, Knife Dance, Mystifying Horns, Seed Gun, Ray Cannon, Shadow Blade, Drake Claw, Destructive Squeeze, or Concentration Blast. General moves that enable user’s primary character to throw, ram, surf, slice, and climb up hills are also available. Drugs, potions, gems, and enchanted items like the handy Experience Armor temporarily boost stats.  Equipment in the form of fishing nets, boxes, and radars can be purchased to attract or catch hard to find monsters. In the Bazaar players can put their own leveled up monster up for sell or trade. Users have an opportunity to snag a high ranking monster without spending days relentlessly grinding. It’s a feature seldom seen in a game like this. Sellers have the option of selecting the best offer or bargaining a deal with the interested party.

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Final Verdict: Good

This Pokémon style F2P MMORPG has the potential to be a great game. Although the interface is somewhat cluttered with Ads and the graphics seem a bit dated at its core its fun. Players compete with others to become top monster trainer in a land where crazy looking creatures are lurking around every corner. Much like Monster Forest players get to explore various terrains from wooded areas to dark caverns. There’s literally hundreds of challenging monsters to catch and train. Players can battle others’ pets in PvP battles to earn a spot on the top ranking trainer board. Equip magical items to individual monsters, level them up, and create the ultimate monster team in this browser based role playing game. If you enjoy pet battling and text turn based combat than Monster MMORPG might be worth checking out.


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Monster MMORPG Links

Official Site

Monster Dex – Designed for filtering, and looking at monsters

The Move Dex is not designed yet but here is a temporary Moves List

Whole world map 18000 pixel 10% of its original size Here

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