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Monkey Quest Overview

Monkey Quest is an MMORPG created by Nickelodeon in which players create and customize a monkey character that is used to explore a jungle world. This is a 3D side-scrolling game with basic controls and kid-friendly amounts of violence and puzzles. Although free to play, it does offer added features through Nickelodeon’s NickCash, which provides players certain perks. The game officially launched on April 2, 2011 and is geared towards children in the 6-12 age group.

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Full Review

Monkey Quest Full Review

By, William Liebenrood

Account creation in Monkey Quest requires email verification and players are required to login on the Monkey Quest site before each game.  Players can create their own personalized monkey, changing everything from the color of the fur to the hairstyles. While limited to a handful of options per feature, there are still a good variety of avatars that one can create and play with. Male and female characters are available, however, there is no class system to choose from as the monkeys are essentially traveling avatars in game. Players can change their hairstyle, hair color, main fur color, secondary fur color and face.

Once the character is created, players are allowed to select from three categories of names (first, middle and last name). While there are a ton of options to choose from, players cannot have the same name as any other character in game, which as the game grows in popularity, may cause a problem with character creation.

There is only one channel to connect to, but players will find that despite having only one channel, it is not laggy or overly congested with players in any one area.

There is a tutorial of basic movement functions, however, players will have no problem figuring out the controls on their own. Quick slots are used to keep items such as weapons and consumable items.  The game world is three dimensional but also keeps the side scrolling feel with movement between the foreground and background in addition to the up, down, left and right most gamers are familiar with in other similar titles. The animation has good detail which gives the game a funny and entertaining viewing experience.

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Monkey Questing

As you would expect from the title, Monkey Quest is mainly, well questing with a monkey. Throughout the game you will find your typical NPC that has a ? or ! above their head, indicating they are part of a quest you can accept. Other NPCs have grayed out ? and !s above their heads which indicate certain things must be completed before their quests will be available to the character. Being geared towards a younger demographic, the game also has an arrow at the top of the screen which tells the player exactly where they need to go to complete sections of a quest. Overall the questing portion feels a lot like your non-browser based games but does become a bit linear as there are only a select few options you have to quest in each region.

The one major drawback to this game has to be the loading screen between each portal. Players will find themselves constantly playing the “hurry up and wait” game as quests often times require players to go through multiple portals to complete simple tasks. While this is a negative in the game, those with the higher end systems should not have too much trouble.

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Go Bananas!

Any good monkey knows; that if it looks scary, attack it! Players will find a nice array of quirky enemies in the game and most of them are simple to defeat, while others require teamwork and assistance from other players to battle. With the concept of kids in mind, the creators don’t punish players to harshly when their monkey is defeated, but rather will send them to the nearest checkpoint or to the beginning of the portal if no checkpoint was reached. Players are simply knocked out for about 5 seconds before they can revive and there is no XP docking for dying at any level, which makes the game a bit too easy to master for players outside the intended age group.  All of the monsters you defeat offer your character some degree of XP which make your monkey stronger. Unfortunately, players are not in control of their own destiny when it comes to defense, health and attacking skills, and each level up will simply assign you additional health, attack and defense skills. As characters gain XP, more weapons, protective clothing, and healing potions become available. Similar to side scrolling titles like Neosaurs and Maple Story, shops are run by NPCs and as you go through more difficult areas, higher level items are available, while in earlier levels, the shops offer the basic materials a player would need to survive. Items can be obtained by completing quests or by purchasing them with bananas you pick up while exploring different portals, or by purchasing items with NickCash (some items are only available with NickCash).

Play It Again, And Again, And Again

Another issue some players may have is the slow XP rate. Players will need to devote a good bit of time to the game to really enjoy some of the higher level weapons and gear, but grinding is possible and the game makes it easy for players to leave and re-enter portals and collect massive amounts of bananas and crafting items. There also daily tasks which are simple to pick up between longer quests and will earn players a little more spending cash whenever they feel like straying from the main story.

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Final Verdict: Good

Monkey Quest is a good side-scrolling MMORPG that takes players into an exotic world filled with fun monkey activities and quests. The vivid graphics and innocent activities create a fun atmosphere for exploring. Complete lots of quests without the worry of a higher level player stealing your lunch money or lunch bananas that is and enjoy jumping, swinging and running all over the world of Ook. Players master basic skills and spend hours playing with other monkeys in puzzle filled lands of mystery. Chat and form parties with friends to take on challenging dungeons. Although the game definitely has it’s draw backs with the wait time between lands keeping players at the load screen than they would like, the game still has a lot to offer. Comparable to other titles like Maple Story, and Neosaurs; Monkey Quest takes players on a family fun adventure.


Monkey Quest Screenshots


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