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Lords of Evil is a 2D fantasy themed empire building browser game where players must lead their nation to glory by conquering enemies. Play as either Humans, Orcs or Demons in this strategic browser MMO.

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Publisher: Ray Flame Entertainment
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Low Quality
Type: Browser MMO
EXP Rate: N/A
PvP: Open PvP
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Ample starting resources. +Great interactive tutorial. +Many buildings, units and technologies.

Cons: -Hugely imbalanced towards paying members. -Slow start. -Clumsy interface. -Repetitive gameplay.

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Lords of Evil Overview

Lords of Evil is a straight forward fantasy themed browser game. Select either Human, Orc or Demon, and start conquering your enemies. Don’t spend too much time deciding which race to play as aside from determining your character’s avatar it has absolutely no other impact on the game. Those new to the empire building genre should definitely check out the game’s interactive tutorial as soon as they start the game. Those that played other empire building games like Evony, Space Invasion or Astro Empires however, should be able to quickly familiarize themselves with Lords of Evil, as unfortunately, these empire building games are all too similar.

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Full Review

Lords of Evil Review

By, Sam Truong

Lords of Evil, commonly abbreviated as LoE, is a free real-time empire building game developed by Ray Flame Entertainment. It boasts a unique guild and fighting system featuring three different races, all of which are the same, and a diverse technology advancement tree. MMO gamers will find that the main attraction of LoE is the fun PvP battles inside the game coupled with a well developed team battle system that makes the experience of gaining land, resources and conquered territory a whole lot more interesting.

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The depths of darkness

Registration is simple, and new players on LoE will be redirected to the Ray Flame website, where creating an account will allow access to all servers in addition to other games developed by the same company such as The Legacy of Holy Castle and Banish Land.

New adventurers will start off their journey in Lords of Evil by choosing one of three races – Human, Orc or Demon, each with their own unique buildings, units and upgrades.  Learning how to master the technology advancement tree will be the first task in building up a solid understanding of the game, and fortunately for newbies, there is an interactive tutorial available to guide players through all the basics. I recommend that everyone completes the tutorial as it’s both short and informative.

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And so it begins

There are two basic natural resources that are used in order to sustain an empire in LoE – wood and gold. Players start off with a lumberyard to gather wood, an ore mine for gold and housing to settle the population. The primary objective in the early stages of the game is to upgrade these buildings as fast as possible to increase the rate at which resources are generated and the unit capacity that your empire can sustain. This allows players to construct more advanced buildings, upgrade defences and train an army.

Another interesting gameplay element in Lords of Evil is its credit ranking system that protects newbies from being attacked in the early stages of the game. These credits cannot be ‘used’ or ‘sold’ and are designed purely to determine a player’s battle-readiness. As such, players with less than 10,000 credits can neither be attacked or attack others. There is a ‘Map’ section where players can view nearby cities. A green ‘W’ signals players with 5X less credits than the player, and a red ‘ST’ for players with 5X more credits, giving a good indication as to how strong an opponent is. Gems are LoE’s game currency – they must be purchased, but allow for advantageous benefits such as enabling ‘accelerating magic’ to be used. For example, ‘Pandora’s box’ is one such skill that decreases building construction time anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 hours, but require a lot of gems.

Everything is calculated in real-time, meaning that as a player sleeps, studies or works, their collective resources will continue to grow. By upgrading certain buildings such as the lumberyard and ore mine, these resources will accumulate faster and allow more flexibility in constructing new buildings and expanding armies when the player returns to the game.

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Burn, loot and destroy

PvP is one of the most interesting aspects of the game. Player’s will find that by carefully developing a strategy before making a move may give them the upper hand in a battle. For example, successfully infiltrating a city with a scout reveals the city’s defences, resources and other confidential information which becomes important later on in assessing an attack. The battle system takes into account an army’s attack bonus, healing and offensive capabilities and pits it against the other player’s defensive capabilities. Battles are calculated based off an in-game fight system and the losers will suffer devastating casualties and lose resources. The combat system revolves around turn based battles, where two armies fight each other and deal damage in successive rounds. Be on the watch if your opponent is in a guild – there are many guilds in LoE, some of them large enough to send in several stronger members to take revenge on a city that may have recently been destroyed. But then there’s the saying – if you can’t beat them, join them. Player’s can join guilds themselves for some protection and the ability to participate in some larger guild battles.

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What else can I do?

Aside from the game itself, LoE offers a lot of helpful resources to new players and Ray Flame regularly hosts events and competitions to make each day with the game much more interesting. Players are also able to visit the forums, making posts which earn them Flame Points (used for discounts on gems), read up on the latest news and more. Additionally, LoE features a community voice section where players are able to contribute by posting their thoughts about the game system.

Final Verdict: Fair

Lords of Evil is fun and easy to play, but there are definitely a lot of better alternatives like FreeSky and Ikarium. The game’s guild battle systems and in-game mechanics will provide some entertainment, but overall, Lords of Evil is your average fantasy themed empire building game through and through.


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