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Loark Overview

Loark is a browser based action MMORPG that blends fantasy and sci-fi themes to create a mystical world known as Turmberg. This land is in desperate need of order the realms are fluctuating causing the elemental forces and inhabitants to become off balance. Choose a class and desired faction to fight for. Similar to games like Mythos and Diablo players are transported into a 2.5D universe to battle sinister monsters and foes. Score bags of loot from defeated enemies and use a handy Morale feature to upgrade weaponry for an advantage during combat. Participate in evil realm PvP melees or trek through the lands forging a reputation as a prominent commanding general. In this action-oriented adventure by ClapAlong players can conquer their planet and the galaxy in the name of their faction. There are eight different factions and three core classes but only the first two are available.

Factions – Bama, Colt, Geno, Sire, Loft, Nova, Kein, and Hawk



Giants– This class consists of wise dwarfs that operate massive mechanical robots to defend themselves against incoming attacks. Their strength comes from their machinery. Giants’ primary weapon is the hatchet.

Shamans – Often referred to as mystic psychics this class uses an enchanted drum to commune with powerful spirits. Shamans can cast various spells and execute devastating long range attacks on foes.

Charmers – Although this class must be unlocked, these warriors are equipped with musical instruments. The melody of their piping music will hypnotize any insect making them perform their bidding.

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Full Review

Loark Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Loark is a 2.5D F2P action MMORPG by ClapAlong. In this adventure players are transported into the world of Turmberg that has suddenly been spun into chaos due to an evil uprising within the hidden realms. It’s up to players as young recruits to salvage the land and preserve the power of the five elements. Become a Giant or Shaman and choose a devoted faction to fight for. Teleport through dozens of different zones battling mobs of monsters that ranges from cute and cuddly to ferocious predators. Collect loot, upgrade enchanted weaponry, and participate in PvP realm battles for rank. Combining fantasy and sci-fi themes this action RPG takes players beyond the Heavens and back down to Earth again. Loark is also a browser based game that runs completely on Java similar to classic games like Runescape.

Blood Splatter & Monster Drops, the Gameplay

The gameplay is very quest-driven much like traditional RPGs but with a slightly unrivaled twist. Players start out on what appears to be a space station with NPCs scattered about. As a new private for their faction users go from NPC to NPC completing various quests. As a recruit progresses there will be non-player characters with the sole function of assisting a player during combat. These instant comrades quicken the pace of battles and guide users through the first platform map. Quests in the game can vary from relaying messages to monster killing. Fetch liquor, test the quality of water, collect herbs, and of course take out several Evil Puppet Dolls along the way. There are countless quests for players to complete. Most of them require heroes to trek across the lands and kill a certain number of unwelcomed guests. Players can easily navigate their warrior through the terrain with a quick click of the mouse. The entire game is extremely colorful and resembles older titles like Diablo in terms of graphics. The world of Turmberg is swarming with beasts and rivals at every corner. Players have to perform a significant amount of grinding to level up.

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Although endless monster killing can become repetitive after a while the combat is relatively fast paced. It features a form of hack-n-slash combat much like the game Mythos. The skill animations are decent. Flames, purple poison smoke clouds, and shock waves propel towards enemies when initiated. Every fatal blow results in huge blood splatters on the ground. There’s a rare and rather convenient Auto-system integrated throughout the game that allows players skills to automatically level up simply by using them. New gear items from monster drops are also instantly equipped with a single click. The automated system complements the adrenaline pumping pace of the game well, especially when being attacked by a mob of critters. There’s a wide variety of unique looking monsters in Loark. Some of these creatures are practically a carbon-copy of popular Pokémon characters like Venonat. Players can battle dwarfs with flower hats, axe-swinging bandits, slithering serpents, disappearing ghosts, demons, sinister puppet dolls, and even evil floating heads. Boss characters are concealed and then later unleashed on unsuspecting heroes. The quests and monster slaying can be challenging. Each defeated beast drops HP, XP, loot, and sometimes a random item.

Instances to War

Special instances and PvP battles are also part of the gameplay in Loark. Most of the zones are safety areas where only PvE killing takes place but there are stationed realms throughout the world that users can enter to challenge others. These maps are chosen randomly when they’ve become overcome by evil. When a hero enters one of these zones it’s a PvP free for all. Any player of an opposite faction can attack. The maps usually contain monsters waiting for a rumble as well. It’s not a huge part of the game but it’s a nice change for those gamers that love some PvP action. Battle arenas can be fun depending on the number of players online. There are special instances locales that can be entered solo or with friends. In these challenges players must kill as many monsters as possible and make it to the exit portal before the time is up. Like Dynasty Warriors battling through hordes of monsters can be daunting. The higher level an instance the more likely help is required to complete it. Larger loot grabs, XP, and items are available when participating in instances and PvP melees.

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The Hatchet of Courage

The character customization options in Loark are limited. Although the NPC shops have dozens of items available most of them are generic knock-offs of each other. Each class has its own set of gear and weapons. Depending on a character’s gender armor and gear in the form of hairpieces, soft robes, pants, wristbands, footwear, headbands, formal tassels, boots, vambrace, mystic soleret, and enchanted moonstone can be purchased. The weapon selection is small as well. There’s only one weapon for each class. As players progress they can upgrade their weapon in strength through a morale system that simply increases the item’s stats. Giants can upgrade their hatchets to silver, bronze, black diamond, or a potent hatchet embedded with sheer courage. Shamans have an assortment of drums made from wood, pine, crystals, or passion and the Charmer features a selection of harmony pipes. None of the items stand out which makes all of the characters in the game look identical.

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Final Verdict: Good

Loark is a solid 2D browser based MMO that despite its poor English translations is extremely entertaining. Players become soldiers fighting for a chosen faction to bring balance back to the world. Similar to games like Mythos and Diablo it features a fast paced hack-n-slash style of combat. Complete arduous quests, fight off hordes of creatures, participate in PvP battles, explore instances, and move up the ranks from private to high-ranking general. Upgrade weaponry to perform more devastating blows during battles or cast powerful spells conjuring insects to obey your every command. This action adventure meshes fantasy with sci-fi for an interesting take on a common RPG story of good versus evil. Fans of other ClapAlong games or of Mythos and Diablo might enjoy this F2P gem.


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