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Space Heroes Universe Overview

Space Heroes Universe is a MMO space adventure game aimed towards children between the ages of 6-12 years old.  The game takes place in a distant galaxy filled with Space Heroes travelling around the system collecting Glows that have been stolen from Lord Shadowbot.  While completing quests and improving your skills, you as a Space Cadet have the goal of returning all the Glows to their home planet, Crystal Planet, and restoring order to the universe.

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Full Review

Space Heroes Universe Review

Blast Off!

At the start of the game, as a player you get to create your Space Hero. You’re given the option of a male or female human, or the third option, a little green space creature. After which point you can change the color or your suit, skin, and hair. Once you’ve created your Hero, you are dropped off into the game.

This is where maybe a cut-away animation or explanation of the story should take place, but there isn’t one. Your character starts off on your home planet with no explanation. After wandering around aimlessly, I noticed a quest book in the bottom of the screen. This is something that should be a little bit more noticeable for a new player, as there are no other instructions that appear on screen. While the subtle instruction is a refreshing take in browser games, this particular instruction style was a tad bit too subtle.

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Most games have the feature of hovering your mouse over an icon and it explains that particular icon, this game doesn’t. Which can make game play very awkward if you have no idea what the buttons mean. Along with the very cluttered looking environment, knowing what is a clickable option, and what isn’t, exists on a very thin line. Once again hovering your mouse sometimes doesn’t help.

Mini Games

Within Space Heroes Universe there are mini-games, where you can earn in-game currency. To find these games you have to explore your home planet and other planets in the system, which has its ups and downs. The bonus of having the games hidden allows players to complete quests in a certain order to find the games. The down side is that to play these games you have to travel each time to that particular area. The lack of a game menu makes playing the mini-games very tedious.

The games themselves revolve around building skills with your jet pack and a variety of other gadgets you are equipped with. Some of the games lack any kind of instruction and rely on trial and error to understand the game play.

52822  500x375 little space heroes mini game 2

Kids’ Club

As mentioned earlier, this is a game aimed toward a younger audience. Those of you who are older most likely won’t express interest in Space Heroes Universe. The game has a lot of features built-in to preserve a kid-friendly environment to young players. With chat moderators that carefully moderate conversations, and block profane or inappropriate language, parents can be sure that Little Space Heroes is a safe environment for their child to experience online gaming. If that wasn’t enough, Little Space Heroes is also 100% advertising free to ensure a healthy environment.

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Final Verdict: Fair

While Space Heroes Universe is creative in some areas, it generally falls flat in functionality. For a game that is aimed for a younger audience, a user shouldn’t have to read a manual on another part of the site in order to understand the game. The quest book that is meant to direct a user comes off as vague and very tedious to use. While exploring the planets, I’d often read the text of other players confused by the game play. The potential is there in Space Heroes Universe.


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