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Kingdom of Loathing Overview

From pimping out bitchin meat cars to beating up crazed drunken hobo’s, The Kingdom of Loathing has it all. With a unique hand drawn text based game play Kingdom of Loathing is defiantly one of the only browser based MMO’s of its kind. KoL has a very “Unique” style of game play. You pick up quests from random people do them and then get rewarded in either meat or a item of random choosing. With the meat you receive you go buy new equipment and everything else that has a monetary value. There are six classes in KoL and they are:

Seal Clubber - The melee warrior class, they learn skills that increase their attack and defense. Seal Clubbers can craft weapons and pulverize items into elemental components.
Turtle Tamer - Like Seal Clubbers, Turtle Tamers rely on the muscle stat but play a defensive role. Their abilities center around increasing, crafting, and buffing armor/defense.
Pastamancer - Pastamancers are spell casters who excel at creating delicious food summoning noodles to fight by their side.
Sauceror - Magicians that create potions and sauces, Saucerors can cast shield buffs, healing spells, and several offensive and passive moves.
Disco Bandit - The rogue of KoL, Disco Bandits rely on their speed (or moxie.) They can weaken their enemies with combat abilities and posses the pick pocket skill.
Accordion Thief - The bard like class, Accordian Thieves have much in common with the Disco bandit. They too rely on moxie but play music to buff themselves and their allies. Accordion Thieves can also pick pocket their enemies.

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Full Review

Kingdom of Loathing Full Review

By Jake ‘Shadow’ D’Agostino

A game made of hand drawn stick figures and environments can be a little deceiving at first sight, but in the Kingdom of Loathing it pulls it off with great intensity. One would come to believe that with no motion and no color a hand drawn browser game would fail within the first few days of being launched due to starving to death from lack of player base but it seems to have caught on and has come to stay.

That’ll cost ya 100 meat.. Wait.. what?!

Its true, Kingdom of Loathing has a very “unique” currency system that i believe has never been seen before. Meat, yes, meat. You pay with it, you play with it. You can acquire this unique currency from killing spiders to finding flipped over meat wagons. With it you buy all your essential items needed to progress further into the game. There is no need to worry about bag space seeing as how there is a “Closet” at your campsite to store your overstock of items.

The items of the game are just as unique and unpredictable as the currency. During the “Tutorial” process of the game The Toot Oriole, which is the first quest giver, asks you to acquire gum on a stick to fetch him a useless trinket from the sewers so he may give you a fortune cookie. This just shows the
comical and unpredictable nature of this game. From what i can tell, the plethora of items will not cease to grow.

Only one chance to make a first impression.

Now don’t get me wrong, but to some people, looks are everything. And when they see hand drawn stick figures on the home page some people may think that this game isn’t for me. But follow the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This game is much more then it seems to be. With a unique combat system where you choose from a list which items you wish to use, or which skill to attack with it can get pretty intense. Now, when you get past the tutorial and Finally get into the current of the game you can get pretty into the combat and Player versus Player of the aspect of the game. But, you do not have to. You cant be attacked whilst doing the obstacle course at the Cake Shaped Arena with your 5 pound Mosquito named frank. No, to actually take part in the
PvP aspect of this game you have to break the Magical Mystical Hippie Stone that is located at your camp making PvP a completely optional aspect of this game.

Clicking for a Quest

A text based questing system that consists of gathering items, clicking monsters to death, and meeting new people. Having to click back forth a few hundred times can get pretty annoying and isn’t great for your index finger either. But in no way should that be a turn off for this game. It can get pretty intimidating when you are faced with the task of eliminating those pesky gnome sticks on the outskirts of cobs corner. With no definitive story line it can be pretty hard to come up with brand new original quests that will keep the player-base interested but the staff of the Kingdom of Loathing pulls it off with ferocious intensity and comical genius. But, to keep the need for quests down you have a certain amount of adventures you can do per day. Which, can get pretty annoying when you have nothing else to do and all you want to do is to kill some stick figures.

Final Verdict: Good

Kingdom of Loathing is a very interesting game, from its hand drawn graphics to its interesting titles for items. Its not a game for everyone but once you give it a chance and actually get into the game, even if its just doing random quest after random quest, i have come to believe that you might just find it interesting enough to come back and visit it every once in a while to get some more Muscle points for your level 13 Seal Clubber.


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