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King and Conqueror Overview

King and Conqueror, also known as King of War, is the second browser based strategy MMO to be released by the Chinese publisher hithere. The game is very similar to Lords of Evil and requires players to amass resources which are used to construct buildings, research technologies, train troops, and hire heroes. There are three major resources in the game and they are Wood, Iron, and Gold. New players must chose from three available races, each of which has a different art style.

The races are: Empire of Men, Orc Tribes, and Dominion of Chaos.

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Full Review

King and Conqueror Full Review

By, Erhan Altay

King and Conqueror is the forth browser based title to be published by the Chinese portal hithere. Released on February 5th 2010, King and Conqueror is a strategy game where players start with a single city and must expand their realm via resource management, founding new settlements, and raiding their neighbors. Hithere already had a previous strategy MMO called Empire Craft, but while that game had animations and an Evony feel, King and Conqueror looks like a more traditional strategy game.

22239  500x375 king and conqueror orc tribes

Triple Entente

After a quick registration process which doesn’t even require email verification, players will be ready to jump right into King and Conqueror. Alternatively, players can use Facebook Connection to log in with their Facebook account. This feature is becoming more and more popular and can save users the headache of managing multiple accounts. As with most browser games, there will be a short delay while loading for the first time. After this initial load, players must chose from one of the three available races. These include the Empire of Men, Orc Tribes, and the Dominion of Evil. There are very few real differences between the factions, they mostly serve the add some visual variations to the game world. Each race has several male and female avatar pictures to chose from.

22253  500x375 king and conqueror screenshot

Lord of the Manor

After entering the game, player will be greeted by an empty city and a host of newbie quests to complete. As with other strategy games, the beginner quests serve as the game’s tutorial and a way of giving players direction. As I played King and Conqueror, the gameplay process seemed too automated. While all strategy games share this issue, flashier titles like Lords Online have spoiled me with colorful animations. King and Conqueror takes a more old-school approach which is similar to Lords of Evil. the first few quests involve building the three resource generating buildings; the lumbermill, gold mine, and iron mine. Each of these produces one of the three main corresponding resources. A city’s population is also listed on the resource panel, located in the top center of the screen. Workers are required to construct new buildings and to manage ones that have already been constructed. In order to boost boost population count, players must upgrade their Residence building.

22246  500x375 king and conqueror quests

The Royal Treatment

As players construct new buildings, they’ll be rewarded with resource bonuses for completing the corresponding quests. King and Conqueror doesn’t have an auto-build feature like Freesky Online, but it only takes a few seconds to a minute to upgrade low level buildings. Besides constructing new structures, quests will require players to upgrade various technologies. This can be done at the Library. Research and construction instructions have their own queue which makes it possible to do one of each at the same time. Cunning players can use this to start working on several quests that they haven’t gotten to yet. After constructing a Munitions Works, players can also start training military units in a third queue. In total, there are around 27 unique buildings and 15 military units in Kings and Conqueror.

22231  500x375 king and conqueror map

Forge Ahead

One of the more original features in King and Conqueror is the Forge system. Each day, players are given three ‘free’ forge uses. To use these freebies, players must open the forge menu and decide how much of each resource to throw into the process. After hitting the forge button, a random piece of equipment will be created. The amount of each resource entered combined with pure chance effects the quality of the item created. Additional forge uses require gold coins which cost real money. Gold and Gold Coins should not be confused. While one is an in-game resource, the other serves as the premium currency. So what good are these forged pieces of equipment? Well they’re used to equip heroes. Players start with one randomly assigned hero but can hire new ones as they progress. Besides leading groups of soldiers, they can be sent on their very own quests. These quests require no input from the player besides deciding if mercenaries should accompany the hero. The amount of time it takes to complete these quests varies but generally the longer it takes, the greater the reward. Experience points and copper coins are the main rewards and each plays an important role. Copper coins are the non-premium currency which can be used to purchase several items at the shop or auction house.

22216  500x375 king and conqueror hell forge

Battle for the Grid

After securing the home front, players can start exploring the world map. By reading the quest texts carefully, players should fully grasp the game’s dynamics. There are some translation hiccups throughout King and Conqueror but they are generally word usage related. You’ll know what the developers meant, but the wording may be off. Besides player controlled cities, the world map is littered with dark caves, NPC villages, and other locales. Players can send spies to these locations, collect resources from them or attack them. Like other strategy games, this one wasn’t meant to be played alone. An open PvP environment makes King and Conqueror a dangerous environment so teaming up with your neighbors by forming guilds is a must. Most games do offer some sort of newbie protection and this one is no different. Until a player reaches a ‘score’ of 3000, they’ll enjoy Novice Protection. It won’t take long of an active player to achieve a 3k score, but the real question is whether this game will hold their attention for much longer than that.

22221  500x375 king and conqueror item mall

Pay Your Dues

The advantages enjoyed by paying players is generally much larger in browser based strategy games than any other genre. In King and Conqueror, a willingness to pay means players can speed up their construction times, or even do away with it completely with the use of instant build items. Additional resources can be purchased along with a host of other items at the shop. These items are not cheap either. Gold coins cost about 10 cents each to purchase and many items for sale cost $5 or more. A ‘Novice Hero Pack’ is priced at 1500 coins which means it will set you back $150! There are plenty of cheaper, better looking games out there to get hooked on. Hithere’s previous titles, including Neverland Online and Age of Ocean where both more original than this.

Final Verdict: Poor

King and Conqueror does little to innovate in an already crowded genre. With dated graphics and gameplay that feels too monotonous, this one should probably be skipped.


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