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Khan Wars Overview

Khan Wars is a browser based strategy game which consists mainly of text and images. Like many games of this genre, Khan Wars has a medieval theme where player chose among various various nations each with their own bonuses. Unlike other strategy games, Khan Wars allows the construction of up to three buildings at a time which makes it much easier to progress through the game. The reason for this is that all of the servers (or worlds) in Khan Wars have a finite time limit and reset after a certain number of days. Players must use the time available to build up their city, muster their troops and fight their way to top top through alliances and stratagem.

Nations - Bulgarians, Franks, Germans, Goths, Byzantine, Britain, Arabs, Lithuanians, Russians.

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Full Review

Khan Wars Full Review

By, Erhan Altay

Khan Wars is a medieval strategy game developed by xs software and published by the browser game portal As a text based game, Khan Wars takes a bit of imagination and a long time commitment to appreciate. The need for proper unit formation and the ability to build multiple buildings simultaneously help Khan Wars stand out from similar strategy games.

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No Nomads Here

As many of you may know, ‘khan’ is a title of leadership used in nomadic Mongolian and Turkic tribes so it came as a surprise to find that neither of these groups were represented in the game’s 9 available nations. Each of the nations that are available has three racial bonuses, for example Arabs can train infantry at a 10% discount and Lithuanians have a 10% larger storage capacity. Beyond these bonuses, there are few real differences between the nations. Each has its own titles and a single special unit. In many ways the nation system in Khan Wars is similar to that of the popular RTS Age of Empires. Fans of the classic strategy game will feel right at home in Khan Wars despite the fact that it is far more open ended and slow moving. There are several servers new players can join, each of which is in a different state of completion. Like Travian, all servers in Khan Wars have a set time limit before they reset.

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Under Advisement

After selecting a server and nation, players are taken to their empty city where a portly, balding monk serves as their adviser. In Khan Wars, each building type has its own place and only a single copy of each building can be constructed. Like other strategy games, players must upgrade the level of each building to increase its usefulness. It only takes a few minutes to construct most buildings but as their level increases, it can take multiple hours for a single upgrade. Players can construct up three buildings simultaneously. This makes the game much less of a grind than similar titles but doesn’t eliminate the slow paced gameplay style completely. Rather than time being the limiting factor as in games like Evony and Empire Craft, players will find themselves consistently low on the four primary resources – Gold, Iron, Wood, and Food. These resources are generated from individual buildings and can be earned by other alternative means. One of the best ways to earn some extra resources for free is to click the ‘vote’ button marked by a green check mark on the interface. Khan Wars lists 13 top-sites which accept votes by the public once every 24 hours. By voting for Khan Wars on each site, players receive a small resource boost. The only other quick-fix to resources shortages involves using the game’s premium currency, coins. Luckily, players are rewarded with 100 coins for completing the first 10 quests which act as a sort of tutorial. For this reason alone, all players should run through the quest line.

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Sleek and Simple

Khan Wars has a clean interface with a glossy brown theme. The game is simpler than many other strategy games, with only a single city to worry about and a total of 15 buildings to construct. Of course this is mainly because Khan Wars has a much narrower goal. Build up an army, forge alliances, and fight to the top of the world rankings before time runs out. There are 15 standard military units ranging from infantry to siege weapons like trebuchets and ballisticians. In addition to this, each nation has its own special unit. These special units come in many varieties; some are infantry units while others serve a supportive role such as the British Drummer. Players can customize their army’s formation which can have a large effect on the outcome of a battle. A battle simulator is available for all players to experiment with but shouldn’t be overly relied upon. Besides formation, battles involve a good deal of luck and can be affected by the skills the participating players have learned. In Khan Wars, players don’t hire heroes but serve that role themselves. By building up their city and participating in battles, players earn experience and level up. Each level, players receive one skill point to distribute among 11 available skills. Some skills increase the effectiveness of a particular type of unit, for example ‘Warrior’ increases the strength of infantry troops. Other skills have more general effects like Finance which increase resource production.

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VIPs Only

New players in Khan Wars are only given a very short grace period before being susceptible to enemy raids. Players are safe so long as level remains 0 but after hitting 1, which only takes an hour or so, all bets are off. To make up for this, newbies are given several days of free VIP access which enables features like complex search, notifications for sent attacks, a player overview page, and several others. Unfortunately, other premium services must still be purchased. Players willing to dish out some cash are treeted to a whole host of benefits such as extended resource storage space, the ability to directly purchase resources, population, and increased troop loyalty. Additionally, players can pay to change their username, post worldwide messages, automatically complete building construction, perform religious rituals that provide bonuses, or to create a custom clan logo. Coins can be purchased in lots of 200, 300, 600, or 1000 but are usually accompanied by significant ‘bonus’ amounts. For example, if players purchase 200 for $4.47, they receive 100 as a bonus. Payment methods include PayPal, MoneyBookers, all major credit cards and SMS. The default currency is set to Euros which makes sense since the game is hosted in Germany. Most of the player base is European but Khan Wars is available in at least 33 languages and accepts payment in dozens of currencies. Most games try to minimize the effect cash shop items have on gameplay but Khan Wars makes no such effort, the VIP page is clearly marked by the phrase ‘Earn advantages over your enemies!’

Final Verdict: Fair

Khan Wars is a simple strategy game which allows players to get into the action much faster than most games in the genre. With no grace period and fast construction times, be ready to defend your fledging city on day one. Resetting servers, unbalanced cash shop bonuses, and the dated text & image based visuals are all significant blemishes.


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