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Juggernaut Overview

Juggernaut is a free-to-play action role-playing game where players become soldiers fighting two wars simultaneously. In the mystical world of Haradan a sinister group known as the Devourers has invaded transforming ordinary creatures into ferocious monsters to do their bidding. The cities inhabitants who were recently freed from the enslavement of a false God are at arms with each other. Divided by their strong opinions of the future of the land they’ve become enemies fighting for control amidst the chaos. Players must choose a side and help defeat the Devourers while proving their clan deserves to reign. Complete difficult missions, kill hundreds of monsters, and battle others for rank. The game incorporates a unique combination of 3D combat seen in client based games like 4Story with an engrossing dialogue and interface common with text RPGs such as Heroes of Kung Fu. Wage war as a hero in Juggernaut. The three basic classes consist of assassin, defender, and destructor.


Free League – Wishes to build a new world without dictators or aristocrats where people are free to choose their own path.

Steel Cohort – Wants to establish a powerful state with order and discipline. They disagree with the Free League’s utopian ideas.

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Full Review

Juggernaut Review

By Ange Perdu

Juggernaut is a 3D fantasy themed browser based MMORPG where players enter the war torn world of Haradan. As heroes in the making they must past a series of tests to prove their worthiness as a Scorpion warrior. Tackle complicated missions and hunt down dangerous monsters or super beings to bring peace back to the village. Fight alongside friends against venomous hissers, cave ogres, and lost souls. Explore dungeons and destroy tough bosses. Forge magical stone fragments and rare crystals into orbs to perform special skills during combat. Participate in intense clan battles for rank or duel other players. Choose your side and fight in this unique online action role-playing game.

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Path of a Scorpion, the Gameplay

Juggernaut combines the best elements of text RPGs and popular 3D client based MMO games. Most of the gameplay involves completing quests, monster hunting, and battling others in fast paced PvP combat. Players begin their journey in a remote mountain settlement. Akrilon the instructor delegates a string of missions or quests to test heroes’ worthiness to become part of the Brotherhood of the Scorpions. To be initiated in this elite group players operate as a sort of mercenary completing various tasks for the residents of Radway in Haradan. There are plenty of quests. Each mission description features relatively long dialogue following the detailed storyline similar to Heroes of Kung Fu. Players have to choose their responses from various NPC before accepting their objective. Quests vary from reading ancient tablets and solving mysteries to killing troublesome beasts. The game tries to spice up the tasks with a bit of creativity like commencing a séance to help put Veronica the ghost’s spirit to rest but the majority of the quests still require monster slaying. Fighting off Ravagers, giant beetle Tuskers, Marsh Fireballs, and serpent Hissers in each town can make the gameplay feel repetitive at times.

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Monsters & Duels

As players explore different territories on the animated map they can click on roaming creatures to attack. When the fight starts an animated window will appear in the middle of the screen. Similar to 4 Story or other popular client based games players face off against their opponent in 3D. All battles are turn-based. Heroes can choose to strike right, left, or execute a direct hit. Slots on the sidebar allow players to apply magical stones or orbs for cool special moves. Devour your enemies in flames or strike them down with lightening for a quick victory. The high quality fight sequences almost make you forget you’re playing a browser game. At the end of the match fight statistics are displayed. Players earn gold, XP, or random dropped items after defeating foes. Depending on monster sometimes stone fragments are rewarded. Collecting three of the same type will form a mystical stone allowing a Scorpion warrior to perform fatal blows. When players join a battle already in progress they can’t see the other player’s character. Their hero simply stands patiently waiting until their turn to strike the monster. In Juggernaut there are also PvP duels. At any time another player can request a duel. Users have the option of accepting or declining the offer. Duels operate the same as a monster attack only instead of a Demon Boar it’s another human character.

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Heroism in the Battlefield

As players level up they can enter the Battlefield in Adrian Mines. Fighting in the battlefield enhances skills and boosts rank. Players can work their way up from a commoner to a knight. Players are divided by their faction into teams with three warriors each. Any user level 8 and up can participate. Although factions aren’t chosen until level 15 users without an affiliation can select temporary side to fight for. The first team to reach 250 points wins. 20 points are rewarded for every enemy killed. Defeating special players with the role of miner on the battlefield can receive up to 40 points. Heroism points are also given to heroes that kill players of equal or higher levels. Accumulating heroism points improve rank and unlock special items in NPC shops.

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Shopping for Orbs of Destruction

In NPC shops scattered across villages in Haradan players can buy weapons, armor, ammunition, food, potions, and magical crystals. There’s not much of a selection in many of the shops. Players will only find a dozen or so items available depending on their current level. Purchase helmets, clubs, swords, belts, cuirass, cauldrons, right bracers, elixirs, orbs, pies, and bread. To acquire most items heroes must earn them from slaying beasts and foes in battle or through the trade auction feature. When a player reaches level 6 they can trade with other players in the auction section. Rare items like the Orb of Destruction, Vampire Orb, Essence of Acid, Soul Transformers, Sharpening Crystal, Ancient Hero’s Helmet, Recruit’s Gauntlet, Sphere of Rage, and magical Volcanic Crystal can be traded for a fee of in-game gold. The character customization is quite limited in Juggernaut. All of the armor and accessories look identical.

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Final Verdict: Good

Juggernaut is an innovative free-to-play fantasy themed MMORPG. It features a combination of high quality 3D graphics with traditional text based elements for a unique gaming experience directly in your browser. Players complete challenging quests, kill hordes of vile monsters, and duel their enemies. Manipulate stones and magical crystals to become one of the most powerful warriors in the land. Join your fellow faction on the battlefield and earn the right to rule the new world. Although the customization options in the game could be better for the most part it’s entertaining. Players who enjoy text based role playing games will find this infusion a nice change.


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