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Immortal King Online is an Ancient Greece themed browser based MMORTS by NGames. In this Greek mythology infused adventure players have to establish a city and their own militia capable of defeating the Gods. Join forces with celestial or hell bound factions and wage war. Complete difficult expedition quests, recruit legendary heroes from the past, battle armies of mystical beasts, and challenge other players’ troops to move up the ranks.

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Publisher: NGames
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium Quality
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Arenas
Platform: Browser/Facebook

Pros: +Animated combat sequences. +Battle Arrays.

Cons: -Excessive CD system. –Slow paced gameplay.

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Immortal King Online Overview

Immortal King Online also referred to as IK is a fantasy war themed browser based MMORTS that transports players back to Ancient Greece. Similar to popular games like Evony, Empire Craft, and FreeSky Online the main objective is to use strategy in order to build a powerful city with a mighty army. Recruit over 120 different legendary heroes from Theodura to Oedipus. Train them in various techniques, upgrade equipment, and wage war. Select your own battle formations before combat to catch enemies off guard. Complete tedious expeditions for silver bounties and honor. Construct buildings, seize farms, fight monsters, and challenge others in the arena area for prestige. Enter dangerous instances or join a league to combine resources. Choose one of three factions and become the hero that fought the Gods.

Factions: Heaven (ruler Zeus), Ocean (ruler Poseidon), and Underworld (ruler Hades).

Buildings – Temple, Training Ground, Barn, Academy, Barracks, Tax Office, Market, Mint, Employ, Trading Post, Winery, Cottage, and Workshop.

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Full Review

Immortal King Online Review

By Ange Perdu
Immortal King Online or IK is a free-to-play war themed MMORTS based on Greek mythology. Players enter a world that has been divided by quarreling Gods Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Join one of the three affiliations and build a powerful empire with an unstoppable militia capable of destroying human foes as well as deities. Recruit and train hundreds of legendary heroes. Forge equipment, execute spells, upgrade buildings, collect taxes, seize lands, and battle other players’ armies in order to be ranked among the best. Declare war in the arena or challenge opposing faction troops for a quick skirmish. Complete various expeditions, fight off droves of challenging enemies in special instances, and form influential leagues with friends in this strategy browser MMO from 321Games.

Evolution of a Hero, the Gameplay

In IK most of the gameplay involves fighting troops and the monster armies that heroes encounter while exploring or conquering. Exploring is often done through the completion of quests and different expeditions. Quests primarily serve as a guideline for the direction players should steer their expanding empire. They often consist of simple tasks like upgrading a particular building, seizing a plot of farmland, conquering another player’s silver mine, or attacking an opposing faction. Unlike the game Evony players do not build their city from the ground up. Many of the structures are already established. Users’ sole responsibility is to upgrade and maintain their empire. The city-building feature in this game is a scaled-down version of the traditional elements seen in popular RTS titles. Food and silver are the only necessary resources. Food which is essential for maintaining troops is accumulated through seizing farmland. Entering the field area and clicking to attack an occupied farm plot will prompt a battle between your troops and the owner. The winner will possess the farm and its produce. Players earn silver as a reward for completing quests and by winning battles. Expeditions follow the storyline of the war-torn world and require players to enter various zones fighting militia blocking the desired pathway. Each expedition will ask heroes to obtain a particular artifact like the Golden Fleece or destroy a notorious boss character such as Perseus. In order to reach the course objective players have to battle dozens of troops scattered throughout the zone. Stationed troops vary in difficulty requiring players to use strategy in their methods of attack.

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The Power of Battle Arrays

A very cool feature in Immortal King Online is the battle array option which allows users to select the formation of their generals’ troops. There are seven distinct battle arrays available as a player levels up their city in the category of technology. Depending on the size the army it’s possible to set up a Cross formation, Scatter position, T-type stance, Crescent, Awl maneuver, Z-type, and V-type array. Each of these moves will significantly increase the block, damage, defense, or critical hits of the troop. Before initiating a battle players can choose their formation and commanding generals. Although automated all battles are viewed in an animated sequence with militia firing at the enemy. It’s a nice touch. Despite the live action the gameplay still feels slow paced especially since there’s such a long (CD) cool down system implemented throughout the game. After performing any action whether upgrading or fighting a cool down countdown begins. These time-outs can last anywhere from a several minutes to an entire day. After completing a couple tasks players may have to wait hours before they can play again. There are fast-tracks or boosts that accelerate the process but they’re hard to come by. As players move up the ranks they earn prestige unlocking more powerful heroes. Special warriors enable troops to perform skills like the Crippling Blow, Demoralizing Shout, Blood Lust, Bladestorm, and Shield Wall. The placement of potent heroes along with equipment can make a huge impact on the outcome of a melee.

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The Fated Blade & VIP Status

There’s a small selection of weapons and equipment available in the shop area. These accessories are pretty generic. They come in bronze, iron, and silver. Purchase a standard Bow, Sword, Spear, Rod, or Crook to equip heroes. Dress warriors in Normal Cloth Armor, Exceptional Cloth Armor, and Silk Cloaks. War-horses, Winged-horses, astrology, Elementary Potions, and spells can be bought as well. High ranking heroes when unlocked feature signature weapons such as the Argonauts Spear, Titans’ Hammer, Cerberus Snarl, Fated Blade, Betrayer’s Shiv, Maiden’s Dagger, Storm Machete, Flamen’s Crossbows, Soul Spike, Sword of Queen, and Trident of Poseidon. In the VIP Shop area gems with the ability to increase magic or skill attacks cost gold. There’s a VIP member status for players willing to spend real cash to buy gold credits. Similar to Empire Craft users with VIP status have a significant advantage over free players. They receive elite 72 hour training sessions, more training space, forced trade passes, faster training speeds, the ability to refresh daily quests, and advanced resource trade options.

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Prestigious Leagues

The game also features a battle arena and extensive league system. Once a player reaches a level 20 empire they can enter the arena area to challenge other players’ armies. These automated face-offs reward heroes with badges and the opportunity to change their rank. If a user continuously defeats over a dozen opponents they earn the title of unconquerable with their count of chain kills listed. Leagues function as guilds allowing members to accumulate silver and participate in various events together. Each league has a host, vice hosts, chiefs, officials, and senior roles. The host is the leader with the responsibility of selecting each position. When established leagues can seize farmlands as a team and dominate certain areas impending taxes on residents. There are also special quests and instances available as heroes advance.

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Final Verdict: Good

Overall IK is a solid fantasy war themed RTS with a few additional features that make it stand out from other similar titles online like Evony, FreeSky Online, or Empire Craft. Players explore Greek mythology as they tackle quests, level up, and recruit new heroes. There are over 120 distinct heroes that can be trained from Peirithous and Creon to the infamous Robin Hood. The ability to collect all of these legendary figures is not only addicting but challenging as well. Players have to continuously earn prestige to unlock better warriors. Instead of dull battle reports each encounter is fully animated. Choose from seven different battle formations and create your own combinations to annihilate opposing militia. Seize resources through fighting, expand cities, and challenge others in the arena area. Although the cool down system and shop item selection could be better Immortal King Online is still entertaining. Any fans of real-time strategy browser MMOs will enjoy this expedition with the Gods.


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