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Holy War is a text & image only browser game where players take part in the holy wars of Medieval Times. Join one of three conflicting factions: The Christians, Saracens (Muslims), or Pagans. Players must raid and plunder to earn gold with which to train their stats, purchase new equipment, and upgrade their residence.

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Publisher: GameArt Studio
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Text & Images
Type: MMO
EXP Rate: Slow
PvP: Yes – Open
Filesize: None

Pros: +No download or install required. +Open PvP, clan wars, and faction battles. +Small time commitment required.

Cons: -Repetitive, slow paced gameplay. -Paying users receive significant advantages.

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Holy War Overview

Holy War is a traditional browser based MMO which is set in the Medieval age and pits players against each other in endless conflicts between three faiths, or factions. Holy War lacks a graphic interface or any kind of game client and instead relies on old fashioned text & images. The game only requires a small time commitment since all actions from plundering to working part time require no player interaction once initiated. Gold which is earned through combat or work is used to train your character’s stats, buy new weapons & armor, and to improve your personal residence. Thee three factions are:

Christians - The dominant faith of Europe. Unified under the Catholic church, Christians armies are mainly composed of formerly barbarian tribes who had destroyed the late Roman Empire.

Saracens - A word used by Europeans when referring to Arabs, and later all adherents of Islam. The Saracens expanded their influence across the Middle East and North Africa but were challenged by the Christian Crusaders attempt to seize the Holy Land.

Pagans – Before the advent of Christianity and Islam, various Pagan sects dominated Europe and the Middle East. They have since been driven out though some still remain in Scandinavia and other remote regions.

* Your faction choice has no effect on your character besides determining which side you’ll fight for. Players may change their faction periodically.

Holy War Screenshots

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Full Review

Holy War Full Review

By, Erhan Altay

Holy War is a browser based game by GameArt Studio, yet another Germany publisher. The game runs the same script as BiteFight and Gladiatus making all three games nearly identical. The only real differences are in site design and theme. In Holy War’s case, the setting is the Middle Ages during the time of the Crusades. Players create characters and must chose which of the three warring factions they wish to join — The Christians, Saracens, or Pagans.

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Faith Based Initiative

Like most browser games, account registration to specific to each server. Holy War is available in 10 languages, each with their own set of game servers. There are currently 8 USA/UK (English) servers to chose from with the only difference between them being their age. The higher the number, the newer the server which means players there have had less time to progress. I recommend new players start on one of the higher number servers simply because they’ll be facing off against lower level opponents. Holy War requires email verification before new accounts can gain access to the game. The character creation process only involves selecting a name and choosing from the three available faiths. Unfortunately, there are no gameplay differences between the three factions, in fact players are able to change their faction from time to time right from their profile page.

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It’s a Small World After All

Upon logging in for the first time, players are taken to their status page where they can see their character’s experience progression and stats. The 5 stats are: Strength, Attack, Defense, Agility, and Stamina. Each starts with a value of 1 and can be increased using gold. New players start with 100 gold and must earn more by plundering, working, attacking other players, or offering their services as mercenaries. Plundering is likely the best way for beginners to earn money and experience. Plundering pits players against the AI and can be done for 10-60 minutes a day (120 with premium access.) When their plundering quota is reached, the next best thing to do is head over to town and work as a gravedigger for 8-12 hours. Both plundering and working are completely automated and involve no player interaction once initiated. Sadly, the level of actual game interaction in Holy War is quite low, even compared to other browser based games.

14665  500x375 holy war town

Head to the City

The city in Holy War is unnamed but has the appearance of a midsized European village. There are in total 12 places to visit in the city including a blacksmith, elixir shop, stables, mercenary register, and other buildings. It is at the arena that players can sign up to fight other players for a chance to loot some of their gold though the arena takes a 5% commission for arranging the fight. The tavern serves as a casino where players can play either three card Monty or a dice game. The Stable sells mounts though new player will only have access to a Poitou Donkey. The ‘Work’ tab in the city page is a commonly visited location which players are recommended to use at night. Since working takes up to 12 hours, it is best to start the process overnight and then collect your salary the next day. There are serveral types of equipment available at the Blacksmith including weapons, shields, helmets, gloves, and body armor. You won’t be able to afford any of this stuff at first but eventually players should fully equip themselves.

14628  500x375 holy war battle

For Faith and Order

Besides fighting the AI while plundering and other players in the arena, players can participate in large scale Order (clan) and Holy battles. Each day there is a scheduled battle between two factions with players of the third one having the option to support either side. Players must be level 10 or higher to take part in Holy Battles but can fight in Order Battles as soon as they join an Order. Another interesting feature is the ‘residence’ which serves as a primitive form of player housing. Each player has their own residence which can be upgraded in two ways. Players can upgrade the house itself which increases their character’s LP (life point) regeneration rate and the residence walls which increase character defense. Both upgrades cost an ever increasing amount of gold, as does stat training and new equipment. All this demand for gold can hardly be met by the few hours of plundering each player is given which encourages players to visit the game’s cash shop.

14664  500x375 holy war tickets

Tickets for Everyone!

The premium currency in Holy War are tickets which can be purchased at a rate of $5.99 each or for slightly reduced amounts if purchased in bulk. The most obvious way to spend these tickets is to gain premium access. Maintaining a premium account costs 1 ticket per 30 days though additional tickets can be cashed in for 1000 gold up to level 10. For players above level 10, each ticket yields gold equal to their level x 100. So for example a level 15 character would receive 15×100, or 1500 gold. The benefits of a premium account are tremendous It allows players to fight others every 5 minutes rather than 15 minutes, it gives them an additional 60 minutes of plunder time a day, allows them to work 4 hours longer each day, let’s them change their horse’s name, gain access to a notebook, allows them to talk in global chat, and sell multiple items in at the stall in town. New accounts start with a week of free premium access which is meant to entice players to continue paying when they realize how inconvenient the game becomes without it. Holy War also has a shameless referral system which gives each player a referral code that they are encouraged to use when recruiting new players. There is a whole page dedicated to various html banner ads with your referral code built in. By referring players, you receive bonus gold equal to 10% of everything your referrals make which makes the affiliate system even more enticing than premium access.

Final Verdict: Poor

Holy War is a browser based game that hardly contains any gameplay features. Even compared to similar games, it has fewer features and less varied images. PvP is about the only point of the game but is hampered by a lack of interaction.

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