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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

Heroes of Neverwinter  is a fantasy themed browser Dungeons and Dragon style MMORPG. It uses the 4th generation Dungeons and Dragons ruleset and allows players to create a custom charecter and explore over 45 unique dungeons with friends.

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Publisher: Atari
Playerbase: N/A
Graphics: Medium Quality
Type: Web RPG
EXP Rate: Low
Filesize: Browser/Facebook

Pros: +Comic-style art. +Multi-player adds depth. +High energy regeneration

Cons: -Reliance on cash shop to unlock some adventures. -Gold per account, not character.

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Heroes of Neverwinter Overview

Heroes of Neverwinter, published by Atari, is designed to draw people to their upcoming MMO, Neverwinter, similar to how Bioware used Dragon Age: Journeys to promote Dragon Age: Origins.   This slick Facebook app has all the trappings of a decent Dungeons and Dragons campaign, with some interesting twists to make it a unique experience.  Similar in nature to Sacred Seasons 2 and PoxNora, Heroes of Neverwinter offers a fun entry into a turn-based grid system RPG.

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Full Review

Heroes of Neverwinter Full Review

By Jaime Skelton

Of Dragonborn and Halflings


Heroes of Neverwinter presents itself with cartoon-like graphics, which works in its favor.  The lines are crisp and detailed, almost like a comic book in nature.  The first thing you’ll do is create an adventurer.  You have your choice between four preset character types: Dragonborn Fighter, Eladrin Wizard, Human Cleric, or Halfling Rogue.  Each of these four options have their stats maximized for the class.  Additionally, you can choose to create a custom character using the four races and classes and assign stats yourself.

If you’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons, you have six stats to look at – Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Constitution, Intelligence, and Charisma.  The game offers detailed information on which each stat does and how it affects the different classes. Once you’ve selected either a preset character, or created your own, you can customize the character by choosing between three skin tones, three face types, three hair styles, and five hair colors.  If this is your first character, you will then be placed into a short tutorial that gives you some story background, as well as teaching you basic concepts such as movement, combat, skill and item use, and how to deal with traps.

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Neverwinter Afternoons


Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’re deposited into the town of Neverwinter.  A gruff guard named Jerith is there to introduce you to the various buildings in town and what they can do for you.  The tavern is where you recruit additional party members.  You can also buy food and drink, which have various effects for the adventure.  The arms depot and trade house allow you to buy weapons, armor, potions and other pieces of equipment, which all show up on the character.  Your house allows you to view your achievements and receive a free daily random item from your Chest of Wonder. Like most loot in game, it’s handled through the draw system; you have 10 cards laying face down, and you receive the item revealed on the card you choose to flip. Finally, once you reach level 10, you can use the dungeon workshop, which allows players to create dungeons for other players to attempt, and earn gold in the process.

Not That Kind of Party

The game is designed for a party of four, either through the tavern, or characters from your Facebook friends who also play the game.  Once you’ve assembled your party, you use the adventure board to bring up a map of the area around Neverwinter.

In the beginning, there’s only one job you can take. As you gain levels and certain quest items, more tasks unlock.  Doing a job takes a certain amount of energy; you start with 20 energy, and regain one point every three minutes.  Additionally, there are three difficulties per task to accomplish, and leader boards for each to see how you compare to others once you’ve successfully completed the task.

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Dragons and Undead and Kobolds, Oh My!

When you enter an area, you’re presented with a grid-based layout.  Characters and enemies can move a certain number of spaces each turn.  Combat is as simple as clicking on an enemy.  Your character will move to them and use their default attack.  You can see the order characters will act near the bottom right of the screen, allowing you a measure of strategy on which targets to focus on.  Additionally, you have various skills you can activate to help your allies or hinder your opponents, and as you level up, you unlock additional abilities to use.  Every job area also has monsters and chests to plunder, using the same card-based loot system.

When you’ve completed the objectives, you’re rewarded with experience, gold, and often times other useful rewards.  Your main character must survive until the end to complete the mission; however, should he or she perish halfway, the game offers a couple of means to revive characters.

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Final Verdict: Great


Heroes of Neverwinter is an interesting take on classic Dungeons and Dragons.  The major social aspect comes in the observation mode.  If your character is selected by either a friend or someone in the tavern, you can watch their adventure, and offer certain buffs at opportune moments.  Additionally, observation allows the character being used to gain experience for the encounter, where they normally would not.


There are some small errors here and there, most notably an occasional bug in which you can’t change rooms in a dungeon without refreshing the game.  There is also some reliance on Astral Diamonds – the game’s equivalent of cash shop currency – for certain things like energy regeneration and unlocking some adventures.  The game, however, can certainly be enjoyed without this.  Additionally, if none of your friends want to join, you’re not out of luck, thanks to the tavern recruitment.


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Heroes of Neverwinter Official Page

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