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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

Grand Epic Online is a 2.5D browser-based anime-style mmorpg. There are 4 playable factions, Grand Epic’s form of classes, with their own unique features and hours of mindless gameplay. Grand Epic Online prides itself on its innovative shapeshifting system where players can take form of any creature in the game.

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Publisher: Gamemily
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Low
EXP Rate: Low-Medium
PvP: World Pvp
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +Innovative shapeshifting system +Very casual friendly +Great auto-pathing system +Good time killer

Cons: -Game can be played with almost zero player interaction -Very repetitive -Overpowered cash shop. -Bland sounds and music -Dull character creation


Grand Epic Overview

Grand Epic Online is a fun 2.5D anime-style, browser-based mmorpg much like Neverland Online. Grand Epic Online has a unique shapeshifting system that allows the players to change into almost any creature in the game. This allows the player to gain certain attributes based on which creature the player shapeshifts into, and shapeshifting also allows the player to disguise themselves in PvP. In an MMO market that has been saturated with cookie-cutter type MMO’s, Grand Epic Online offers a nice and refreshing take on PvE and PvP with the shapeshifting system.

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Grand Epic Online Review

By Chris Sides

Sometimes, it’s nice to play a simple, fun MMO that allows the player to get lost in the game world. Players will find themselves mindlessly having fun with Grand Epic Online because it is very simple and entertaining. Grand Epic Online is one of those nice time killer games. It has a very repetitive nature, so it can be hard to play for hours on end, but that does not mean that it has no entertainment value. Grand Epic Online has many features that are in mainstream MMO’s but is all browser-based.

Character Creation

Being a gamer that really never spends a lot of time in character creation, Grand Epic Online’s character creation fit my style. It was very structured and essentially had no customization. The only options a player will have is picking 1 of 4 factions, Grand Epic Online’s form of classes, and choosing to be a male or female character. Players who love spending hours customizing his or her character won’t find this part of the game very entertaining. However, players who want to choose their fighting style and start playing will find that Grand Epic Online fits that description perfectly.


The first 10 levels are spent in Yanbo Island where the background music is stereotypical Asian music on a 30 second loop. After reaching roughly level 11, players can go to Raoyun Town. The music here does not match the scenery at all because Raoyun Town is a fairly colorful, bright place, but the music is horribly depressing. Along with the background music, the weapon sounds are generic as well. Players who aren’t really attached to the music and sound effects of MMO’s won’t be bothered by this, but some players may find Grand Epic Online’s sound and music dull and repetitive.


The questing system starts out quite fun, like most MMO’s, but dies quickly. The quests range from “kill 10 rabbits” to “deliver this package to that NPC.” The quests are much like the repeatable quests in Perfect World and really don’t offer anything new or innovative. Also, many quests have pages of dialog which leads to “Go talk to this NPC.” Players may find themselves skipping a large portion of the dialog, since much of the dialog is not required to complete the quest objectives.

Auto-Path System

The auto-path system in Grand Epic Online is very well made and similar to the auto-path systems in Conquer Online, Zero Online, and Heroes of Three Kingdoms. It’s very simple and casual friendly. If players cannot be 100% focused on playing the game, they will find the auto- path system very useful. Having this feature in Grand Epic Online allows the player to have some extra free time to do homework, check Facebook, etc. The controls are mediocre at best, so the auto-path system makes the game much more enjoyable.


The leveling at first went by quite quickly, like most MMO’s, but eventually became a grind. The leveling slowly becomes boring and repetitive, but Grand Epic Online has a unique auto- fighting system that is essentially a built in leveling bot. You start the game with 60 free minutes of auto-fighting and 20 free auto-fighting cards, but eventually players will have to buy more cards from the cash shop if they want to use this feature. This feature is great if a player wants to level while he or she was at school or work, but the experience received from killing monsters is extremely low. At level 9, each kill offers ~100 experience points and level 10 is 20,000 experience points away. Grand Epic Online is a much more quest oriented game for players who want to level at a faster rate, but it does offer fun, quick PvE for players who want to spend less time questing.


The PvP system is much like the PvP system in Lineage 2. Players are free to attack any player that is PvP enabled, but this will cause the player to become PvP enabled as well. Also, when a player becomes PvP enabled, that player will stay PvP enabled for 8 hours. For players who want open-world PvP, Grand Epic Online offers a fun, satisfying experience.

Shapeshifting System

The shapeshifting system allows players to turn into almost any creature in the game and gain different attributes based off which creature they turn into. Players can then disguise themselves as a creature to do a surprise attack in PvP, or to hide from higher level enemies. The shapeshifting system is a very interesting and innovative system. Many players will find this feature a nice change in pace from many MMO’s being played right now.

Pet System

The pet system in Grand Epic Online is similar to the pet system used for Hunters in World of Warcraft except that Grand Epic Online does not limit pets to only one faction or class. Any player can receive a pet by learning a skill called soul-seizing around level 9. This allows the player to obtain a creature as a pet, and the player can name his or her pet nearly anything they want. Pets gain levels as the player does, and each pet has its own attributes and skills. There are many creatures that can become pets and each pet can be customized for different uses.

Final Verdict: Good

Grand Epic Online is a fun browser-based MMO that any MMO lovers would find enjoyable. Since Grand Epic Online is browser-based, it is very simple to start playing. There is no downloading or patching, so there’s no real attachment needed if a player does not like the game. Browser-based games have a stigma of being very slow and boring, but Grand Epic Online is very fluid and entertaining.


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Shut down.

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