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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

FusionFall is a huge sci-fi browser based MMORPG that takes place in the Cartoon Network multiverse. Create a unique character and help your favorite cartoon heroes save the planet from the evil Lord Fuse. Fight with swords or guns and collect tiny Nano helpers like Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls and Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy to help you on your journey.

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Publisher: Cartoon Network
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High
EXP Rate: Slow
PvP: N/A
Filesize: Plugin Required

Pros: +Great visuals. +Authentic voice acting. +Fast paced combat, unique progression system. +Plenty of missions.

Cons: -Auto-targeting too sensitive. -Appeal limited to younger audience.

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FusionFall Overview

FusionFall sets a new standard in the browser based gaming genre. With huge 3D environments to explore and plenty of voice acting from the cast of your favorite cartoons (like Dexter’s Lab) FusionFall has much higher production value than your typical MMORPG. Even the combat system, interface, and missions are well crafted and easily compete with client based games. But these amazing features come with a steep disadvantage — free players can only access the first few areas of the game which takes place in the future. To put this restriction in perspective: there are a total of 36 Nanos but free players can only acquire the first 4. Full access comes at the price of $6 a month or with the purchase of a $10/month family plan that covers 4 accounts. The first four nanos and their abilities are:

Buttercup - The ‘green’ Powerpuff girl that has the ability to stun your opponents, cast a group heal, or reward you with more fusion matter after defeating an enemy. She is the first nano you acquire during the tutorial.

Numbah 2 - A short fat kid from Codename: Kids Next Door. His abilities include a passive movement increase, teleporting the player back to safe spots or rewarding extra taros for defeating enemies.

Eddy - The most outspoken of the Ed brothers from the series ‘Ed, Edd, and Eddy.’ His three abilities are: a self-heal, a group speed boost, and a shield that protects your boosts & potions from being destroyed by enemy attacks.

Eduardo - A large purple monster from the show Foster’s home for Imaginary Friends. His abilities include a nuke, a radar that detects nearby enemies, and an area of effect heal.

FusionFall Screenshots

FusionFall Featured Video


Full Review

FusionFall Full Review

By Erhan Altay

FusionFall is the new browser based MMORPG developed by Cartoon Network and Grigon Entertainment. The game was announced several years ago but has suffered several delays and was finally released in mid January 2009. FusionFall is a great achievement considering it runs on a web browser. The game contains a huge persistent world with great graphics, music, and depth that it puts to shame many client games that require a large download. All the major Cartoon Network characters including the cast of Dexter’s Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, and Code Name: Kids Next Door make an appearance in FusionFall, with voice acting included! Unfortunately, this kind of production value doesn’t come free. Like in Wizard101, another game geared towards kids, only the first few areas of the game were originally accessible to free users, playing through the rest required a monthly subscription. Cartoon Network has since released a major update that made the entire game free to play.

10175  500x375 fusionfall character creation

Join the Team

In order to launch FusionFall, players will need to install something called the Unity Engine which is a sort of browser plugin. It downloads and installs within seconds so it isn’t much of an inconvenience. Currently, the game only functions on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox so if you’re using a different browser, you’ll need to switch over to one of those two before playing. Right from the beginning, FusionFall shows its high quality with a voice acted introduction. Naming your character is a bit tricky, you can use a random name generator or enter a first & last name but it must be manually accepted by the mod team. My desired name of ‘Lord Altay’ was rejected so I went with a more generic random name, Rex Helmutwalker. The level of appearance customization was impressive, with 5 height, 3 weight options, 23 hair styles, 12 skin, 18 hair, and 5 eye colors to chose from. There were even more clothing options: around 30 shirts, pants and shoes. After character creation, a series of voice acted scenes and movies guides you through the tutorial.

10158  500x375 fusion fall swirling

The Clutches of Lord Fuse

The story behind FusionFall isn’t very coherent but the amount of backstory, or lore, that’s available is impressive. During the first few minutes of the game Dexter and several characters from Code Name: Kids Next Door explain that in the future the evil Lord Fuse is poised to conquer our planet by spreading slime all over the place. This slime, or fusion as it is called, has spawned evil duplicate versions of all the major Cartoon Network characters and it falls to you to stop these evil copies. But first, you’ll need to learn how to play. A private assistant called ‘computress’ will explain the games controls and interface as you progress through the starting area. Movement is done via the W,A,S,D keys while the mouse controls aiming and interface navigation though keyboard shortcuts can also be used to open up menus. The combat is actually very fast paced; players use guns and swords and attack by left clicking with the mouse which fires at their current target. Switching targets is done simply by moving the curser over a new target, no need to lock on. The game’s minimap shows the direction of mission objectives which are tracked one at a time and the inventory menu functions similarly to other MMORPGs.

10172  500x375 fusionfall cape

Save the Nanos

The main form of progress through FusionFall is tracked by how many nanos you’ve unlocked. Nanos are tiny versions of Cartoon Network characters that are acquired by defeating evil Fuse versions of those same characters. The first nano, Buttercup is gained during the tutorial mission but the rest dwell in their own small instanced zones which players gain access to by reaching a certain level. Players can equip up to three nanos at a time and summon them by hitting either 1,2,or 3. Once summoned, nanos hover over the player with their energy bars slowly diminishing. Right clicking with the mouse causes the nano to use its activated ability while passive abilities are in effect the moment the nano is summoned. Each nano has three abilities though only one can be selected at a time. By the end of the first area, called ‘the future’ you’ll have 4 nanons collected all of which I detail in the overview.

10206  500x375 fusionfall jump

A Technological Masterpiece

Few MMORPGs today have the same level of production value as FusionFall, with voice acting and a huge game world that has very few ‘invisible walls.’ Players are free to jump onto roof tops and explore the world on their own. The overall graphics are very impressive and leave many of the client based games I’ve reviewed in the dust. Obviously the game is geared towards kids but teenagers and adults who grew up watching Cartoon Network classics like Dexter’s Lab or The Powerpuff Girls will feel a nostalgic affinity with FusionFall. There are always extra missions available to keep the game’s pacing bearable but since combat is so fast paced and monsters usually die within a few hits, combat is rarely boring. The only problem is the amount of travel the game requires. I found myself running back and forth between town after killing 4 of a certain monster, than 8 of a certain monster. Later on, you can pay to have Mojo Jojo’s monkey agents fly you from one area to the other but even that involves plenty of waiting around. FusionFall has raised the bar for future browser games and hopefully as time goes by, Cartoon Network will release more of it content to free players so we can all enjoy the game.

Final Verdict: Good

FusionFall is a very impressive game with varied environments and characters. It has a larger world and more fluid gameplay than most client MMORPGs. FusionFall proves that browser based games have come of age.


FusionFall Videos

FusionFall Character Creation


FusionFall Cinematic Trailer


FusionFall Tutorial Mission


FusionFall Eddy Dungeon


FusionFall Second Nano


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