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Eredan iTCG Overview

Eredan is a medieval fantasy themed TCG MMO. Players become heroes in a world where it’s hard to distinguish the difference between friend and foe. When creatures of darkness begin to terrorize a land already torn apart by war a leader must be forged. Using a simulation similar to the mechanics of a physical card game players create their own deck of characters and spells to play against others in a duel to the death. Win matches, upgrade heroes, and participate in tournaments. Although comparable to other trading card titles such as Yu-Gi-Oh! Online and Magic the Gathering Tactics this game features Facebook integration allowing users to connect with friends or make new ones. There’s also a wide selection of cards to collect and trade from spells to items. Some are unique to certain classes or characters providing bonus stats. Each signature hero card displays the character’s race, class, and associated guild. There are also six multi-classes combining the Priest, Mage, Warrior, and Marauder class that are available as players advance.

RacesHuman, Beast, Ice Elf, Elfine, Golem, Guemelite, Hom’Chai, Undead, Solarian, and Unknown.


Warrior – These skilled fighters accumulate the most hit points out of all the classes. They have the ability to chain a second card when the first one is a weapon or item listed on the hero’s card.

Mage – Sorcerers with powerful spells but are physically weak. Mages lose their physical attack abilities when they cast an offensive spell.

Marauder – Considered ill-tempered thieves or rogues this class utilizes their speed and strength. Although they lack the typical warrior’s stamina Marauders get +1 attack when battling a particular class.

Priest – Their secret weapon is the all mighty Theurgy Card which enables healing and the power to cripple opponents. Priests are one of the best supportive classes.

Craftsman – Handy little devils equipped with special items that can be attached to any active character in play.


Zil Warriors – Army of Marauders with high attack stats and good defense. They’re generally lower in health than other guilds.

Kotoba – Warriors with custom equipment to eliminate foes quickly. There are no Priests in this clan and only a couple of Mages.

Noz’ Dingard Envoys – This guild possesses the best Mages in the world. Although higher in spirit levels Noz’ Dingard Envoys are weaker in areas of health and attack.

Desert Nomads – Abundant in Priests there arsenal of spell cards make them a worthy opponent.

Sap Hearts – In tune with the environment this class made up of Warriors and Mages cast powerful nature spells to destroy enemies.

The Pirates – Mostly Craftsman equipped with cool contraptions and damaging weapons.

The Mercenaries – This group can join any particular guild. Their stats are average across the board.

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Full Review

Eredan iTCG Full Review

By, Ange Perdu

Eredan iTCG is a 2D social medieval fantasy themed browser based online trading card game where players become an inexperienced hero named Lucyan. Determined to bring order and peace back to his troubled land he must fight villains and beasts with the help of a few trusted companions. All characters are represented by virtual cards that play similar to a physical card game. Players create their own deck with three fighting characters and up to 20 magical items or spell cards to use during combat. Challenge others in PvP battles to earn XP and magical crystals. Complete missions, win trophies, or participate in tournaments with friends. As players level up they can upgrade cards or trade with fellow warriors.

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Last Warrior Standing, the Gameplay

Most of the gameplay consists of PvP duels in the form of matches. To start a duel a player has to enter one of the two level rooms located in the lobby area. Available players will appear in a drop down list. Eredan has a small community of players but most of the members are devoted so there is usually always someone to play against. A quick click on the challenge button next to a user’s name will initiate the match. Once accepted a screen appears displaying each player’s three character or hero cards lined in a rows. Much like Yu-Gi-Oh! Online the interface resembles a physical card game. Battles are turn based and divided into several steps repeated until there is only one character card left. The first player must choose the hero out of their displayed deck and their opponent’s character card to duel. Then each player is allowed to select a card from their five card slot deck at the bottom of the screen only visible to them. These cards contain items or spells that characters can perform to deal more damage during attacks. Up to 2 cards can be played per player in a single turn.

Occasionally when a spell is casted like the Fireball a small flame burst appears near the card. It’s neither necessary nor impressive. After a character has been attacked they are temporarily tapped out until the other two heroes have been played. In between turns each player has the opportunity to discard cards customizing their hand. Discarded cards are randomly replaced from a player’s collection to maintain a full bottom deck. When a hero’s health stat reaches zero they are dead and their card is turned over. The last player with a hero standing or with the most accumulated points at the end of the round wins. Fighting earns XP and crystals that can later be used for purchasing decks in the game’s shop. There are also various missions and daily quests that can be completed to earn XP or prized trophies. These tasks usually require players to participate in some sort of duel in order to accomplish it. Missions also vary in difficulty from simple quests such as win three games using a Mercenary Deck to play 20 games and at the end of each match have a difference of health points of each character that is less than 8 points. For joining 10 fights or obtaining 100 cards in their collection players receive crystals and plenty of experience. Playing matches over and over again can be tedious making the gameplay feel extremely slow paced at times.

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Card Decks & Enchantments

Although players start out with the characters Lucyan, Shana, and Crystocat as part of their playable deck any group of heroes in a user’s possession can be participate in a battle. As players level up through dueling they can upgrade their cards or purchase starter decks using crystals. Every time a card is used during a battle it earns individual experience. When the required amount of points is reached a player can simply click on the card in their dashboard area and instantly upgrade. Upgraded heroes have higher stats.
Players must use strategy and a variety of spell or item cards similar to the game Magic the Gathering Tactics in order to be worthy opponent. Spell cards like the Door to Infinity that removes all active cards in play or the Burn in Hell enchantment that deals out heavy damage engulfing enemies with flames. Item cards come in the form of jewelry or weapons such as the Emerald Sword. Starter packs containing Aez the Wandering Warrior, Fog Snake, Selene, Moira the Witchblade, IRO the Duelist, and others can be bought or traded. There’s no chat interface. Users have to communicate via the forum boards or the embedded mail system. Once a player reaches level 6 and has played 30 games they’re able to access the marketplace to trade individual cards or complete collections with others.

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The Fee’z for Advancing

Boosters, decks, individual cards, and trophies are sold in the game’s official store also.  Most of the booster packs are divided by guilds. Each guild set contains 12 cards combining rare, common, and guild affiliated heroes. Decks have 23 cards with three character and 20 items or spells. Buy Clover, Captain Al Killicrew, Iolmarek, and Soraya with higher stats. The weapons or item card selection varies depending on class and guild as well. Collect Crystal Armor, the Sword of the 5 Elders, Simple Dagger, Short Sword, Draconian Sword, Deirf Geiss’s Double Blade, Mystic Staff, Bestial, Flail, and Pistol blade, Desert Wooden Bow, Scroll of the Insane, and Dark Stone Heart. There are only 18 cards available in the shop that players can buy using crystals. Each of these cards has a level requirement that must also be met. The rest of the items in the store have to be purchased using diamonds called Fee’z. This form of currency requires real money to accumulate. Players that invest in the booster packs and decks in the shop have a significant advantage over others. A very cool feature in the game is the Fan Card Creation. Players can create their own hero. Choose their name, rarity, write a description of their powers, and select various attributes. User’s have the option to pick a predefined backdrop or custom background. Draw and upload your own artwork or illustration to share. It’s a nice addition to the game.

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Final Verdict: Fair

Eredan iTCG is a decent free online trading card game especially for those new to the genre. Players have the option of perfecting their strategy in the training area or entering one of the level rooms for a challenge that will count on the scoreboards. There’s a nice collection of decks and booster cards to choose from. Create your own had by discarding unwanted cards for random new ones. Trade with other players or compete in scheduled tournaments. Although the gameplay is somewhat slow paced and the graphics could be a lot better the game is still fun for CCG fans. Players can upgrade their character cards increasing their stats as they progress and make their own Fan Card with a cool creator tool. There’s even a free download of the game’s original soundtrack available. Beginners or gamers that like Yu-Gi-Oh! Online or Magic the Gathering Tactics may enjoy this easy to pick up and play browser based TCG MMO.


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