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Dungeon Empires is a 3D fantasy browser based tactical role-playing game that features an innovative dungeon editor. Raid hundreds of challenging dungeons. Create your own lair containing mystical beasts and dangerous traps to ensnare trespassers attempting to steal from you. Battle monsters, master elemental magic, and collect ghouls. Prove you have it what it takes to rule Middle Kingdom.

Publisher: gamigo AG
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: High Quality
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: N/A
Platform: Browser

Pros: +Great graphics. +Cool dungeon building feature. +Dozens of creatures, traps, and items to personalize. +Ability to train monsters.

Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. -Limited hero customization. –Looting restricted to one item per chest.  –Turn based combat may not be for everyone.

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Dungeon Empires Overview

Dungeon Empires is a free-to-play 3D browser game set in an abandoned world created by Light, Water, Darkness, and Fire Gods. These deities once ruled alongside each other until jealousy ignited a war of words over whose element was the most powerful. Envy turned into deep seated rage and eventually hatred among the once close-knit group. A large-scale war began. The battle resulted in all four of the Gods’ untimely demise. Now there’s a realm abundant with magical forces and creatures in need of a hero worthy to reign. Similar to games like Sherwood Dungeon or Age of Empires players raid dungeons, loot, and fight an assortment of monsters. Each player has their own dungeon that they can build and customize. Add various creatures to attack uninvited guests, set traps, select different room styles, and fixtures. Train your lair’s inhabitants to be unbeatable. Master spells to perform in turn-based battles against other player’s dungeon legions. Create the most challenging dungeon in the Middle Kingdom and rule.

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Full Review

Dungeon Empires Full Review

By Ange Perdu

Dungeon Empires is a 3D fantasy themed browser MMORPG that incorporates looting, building, and turn-based battles. In a deserted underworld of dungeons players become a young hero or dungeon master in the making. Explore a realm with magnificent treasures. Raid various dungeons. Kill numerous monsters from giant spiders to deadly ghosts. Master the elements and perform spells involving light or darkness to defeat foes.

Collect ghouls found during raids and train them to do your bidding. Construct your own challenging dungeon to prevent other players from stealing from you. Decorate it with fixtures, traps, and magical shards. Prove your skills as a dungeon builder and conquer those who dare to oppose you in this tactical role playing game.

Raiding & Looting, the Gameplay

Most of the gameplay involves dungeon raiding and building. Players enter a virtual world divided into five distinct sections known as the Foundation, Dungeon Vault, Pit of Shadows, RockFall, and Middle Kingdom. Each has a set level requirement in order to access. Beginners start off at the Foundation. There are hundreds of dungeons levitating in the air. Users can choose another player’s dungeon to raid or select the non-player dungeon option. Non-player dungeons are usually larger with complex maps and more creatures to battle. It’s 60 action points to attempt a raid. Action points function as energy in the game. The system is nicely balanced. Heroes can perform 5 consecutive raids before their meter dwindles down. When a player enters a dungeon a small map appears at the top of the screen. The maps slowly reveal rooms as players explore. Users navigate their heroes through different rooms using their mouse or by simply clicking on their desired location within the map. Scattered throughout the various rooms are monsters.

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Similar to Sherwood Dungeon there are a variety of mythical beings to battle. Fight skeletons, giant spiders, vengeful knights, ghostly armor, goblins, and evil rats. The combat is turn based. A gauge on the side of the screen with animated headshots displays the turn sequence. Players can decide to perform a standard melee attack or cast a spell. Defeating the beasts will open a chest with several loot items. Heroes can only have one item of their choice. Loots usually consist of a rare creature, additional room, fixture, or lump sum of gold. These items are used for the construction of a player’s dungeon later on. Successfully raiding and killing monsters earn XP as well. There’s an excessive amount of grinding necessary to level up. It can be frustrating and feel repetitive at times since certain aspects of the game remain locked until a hero progresses.

Darkness Spells for Battle

There are only hatchets, swords, and scepters in Dungeon Empires. During turn-based combat against various foes heroes rely on their spell casting to deliver damaging blows. These skills are learned once a player reaches a certain level and pays a small fee in gold. Melee attacks like the elemental strike, cleave, whirl, lunge, and taunt can be performed without draining mana. Spells in the art of Fire, Water, Light, and Darkness require a sufficient amount of magic to execute. Master the Inferno, Flame Strike, Fire Breath, Wound Cooling, Exorcism, Life Drain, the Nasty, Fortitude, and the Dawn to destroy monsters during dungeon raids. All of the melee attacks and spells have cool animations. The Ice Cage spell freezes a target for 3 turns. The Incubation slows down an enemy’s speed and causes high levels of damage. The Rainbow decreases a target’s magic for each of the four elements. The Ice Shield delays attacker’s next action and absorbs fire spells.

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Using the Dungeon Editor

In the Dungeon Editor heroes create their own chamber of horrors to stump other players. Rooms, shards, monsters, and fixtures are the four major components for constructing an appropriate lair. The editor’s easy to use interface allows users to simply click and drag items or a particular room addition into any area they desire. The only stipulation is that each cubbyhole must be connected through a corridor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this feature. Players can build elaborate massive dungeons with a variety of traps and dangerous beasts. A special feature prompts a preview window where users can view changes before committing to them. There are dozens of detailed room styles to choose from. Add small stone tiles, rugged stone floors, worn tiles, mine, mossy mine, Austere, cave, natural cavern, sandstone, limestone, crystal, Ancient crypt, or gloomy catacombs to customize your dungeon. Strategically place monsters and winding pathways to challenge trespassers.

Much like Age of Empires players have to carefully plan each move. Shards are magical elements that increase particular creature’s strengths. Each room can have a particular shard embedded. Fixtures include the standard torture table or alchemy shelf. This building feature is nicely implemented. There are some issues with obtaining these cool dungeon items. Tedious grinding or raiding does assist in accumulating creatures, rooms, and a few random fixtures but it takes a long time. Shards are extremely rare and hard to find in loot chests making heroes somewhat restricted in what they can do. The dungeon creating process is stagnated until a player is able to raid enough supplies or can afford to purchase the necessary items in the Premium Shop.

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Dragon Ore or Else

The Premium Shop is expensive. Every item requires a set amount of Dragon Ore. Dragon Ore must be purchased with real money. Players with this precious form of currency can really have fun in this game. Heroes without Dragon Ore have to do some serious goblin slaying. It’s almost worth it. In the shop there’s a wide selection of powerful dungeon monsters like the Icy Gargoyle, Fiery Mercenary, Glowing Wasp, Stone Golem, Icy Succubus, Cerberus, or Dark Skeleton Mage. Various mercenaries can be bought to assist in raids including a strong melee fighter, mage, and healer. A Megalith, Bone Mobile, Bitter Boletes, Ogling Shrub, Contorted Thorn, Armor stand, Pole arms, Darkness Shard, Fire Shard, Light Shard, Water Shard, Knight’s Hall, Ducal Dining Room, and Gun Chamber can also be purchased. The character customization options are limited. All of the heroes resemble each other. A small selection of items like the Flaming Great Sword or Scepter of Inspiration, Boots of the Thief, Plate Armor of Devastation, Robe of Mercy, Ring of Disintegration, and Headdress of Mercy can be used to boost a player’s attributes. The Merchant only sells a handful of health and mana potions so if gamers want more they have to venture into the Premium Shop.

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Final Verdict: Fair

Dungeon Empires has a great concept but it falls short in comparison to other next generation free-to-play browser games. Although the graphics are impressive the gameplay could be a lot better. The endless dungeon raiding gets old after awhile. There is an option for players as they advance to raid with friends and conduct monster training.

The best feature in the game is the easy to use Dungeon Editor. The downside is that it’s useless without the rooms, magical shards, and fixtures that take forever to acquire. Comparable to Sherwood Dungeon or Age of Empires in some ways this game definitely stands apart from the rest. Any gamers that enjoy fantasy and dungeon building might want to check it out.


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