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Dragon’s Call Overview

Dragon’s Call is a browser based MMORPG with some simple animations. Play as one of three classes and explore the world from a top-down view. The publishers compare the game to a browser based version of World of Warcraft but this is mainly a marketing stunt. In reality, the game more closely resembles other browser fantasy MMORPGs. A quick tutorial advances players to level 5 and an interesting stat and skill system offers several different progression paths for characters. There are plenty of quests available which provide additional rewards, and most importantly a sense of direction. The classes are:

Mage – Ranged spellcasters who specialize in dealing heavy damage. They have light armor and low HP.

Warrior - Powerful front-line characters who can both tank and deal damage at close range.

Assassin - The main physical damage dealer. Assassins possess special skills such as the ability to stun and use poisons.

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Full Review

Dragon’s Call Full Review

By Jamie Skelton

Dragon’s Call is a 2D browser-based fantasy MMORPG with turn-based combat. The first game produced by GameDP, Dragon’s Call shares similarity with games like Legend: Legacy of the Dragons and Fallen Sword. The game is generally a graphically-enhanced text-based browser game, with simply animated battle scenes. Because of the simplistic gameplay, both PvE and PvP are offered to players, although most will find themselves doing both along the way.

21765  500x375 dragons call warrior

Permanent Style

After a simple sign-up process, players immediately get to choose one of three classes – warrior, mage, or assassin – as either male or female gender. Warriors can serve as physical DPS or tanks, mages serve as magical DPS, and assassins serve as another form of physical DPS. For those who find appearance important, be aware that in no way can the appearance of a character be altered from the starting images, either via customization or gear. An account is restricted to a single character, and there is no delete character or restart option other than to reset points and skills on an existing character. A player’s choice is permanent unless they choose to create a new account, which can be disappointing for some.

21745  500x375 dragons call newbie tutorial

Thrown Into The World

After you create your character, players are given the option of rushing through a tutorial, at the end of which they will come out level 5. The truth is, the tutorial can be skipped and a character starts as level 5 regardless, and the tutorial is less than helpful. In it, the player is whisked into the body of a young warrior who is hastily guided by a mentor on how to upgrade and embed his gear, and then goes off and fights a dragon on his own. The only lesson players learn during this is how to upgrade equipment, which they’ll have explained to them again in later quests – so forget the tutorial.

Instead, players of RPGs can rely on their instincts, and the rest can resort to the “Help” that appears in the upper right hand of the screen by the character portrait. This is always available, and provides tips appropriate for the character level, as well as identifying new skills the player can learn, new equipment they can buy, and what new quests are available to them. To help matters further, characters under level 20 can teleport instantly to both quest givers and enemies alike, although this may disconnect them later with the idea of moving around on their own without paying a premium cost for instant teleportation.

21745  500x375 dragons call newbie tutorial

Specialized in Killing

As a player gains experience, they will be able to specialize their character in one of two ways: stats and skills. Each level, players receive five points to distribute into five stats (Strength, Agility, Intellect, Luck, and Stamina) as they feel fit, and each of these stats has a different effect depending on the class. Skills, on the other hand, are determined via a talent tree; each level grants one skill point, and skill points can be distributed down one or more of several skill trees. Characters can only have four skills at any one time “loaded” (active), however, so skill placement must be done thoughtfully. As it turns out, these four loaded skills are the only skills a character will use in combat, outside of an auto-attack. Each has a chance to activate (unless they are passive), and this is because combat is out of a player’s control – although it is turn based, the game makes all the rolls, and therefore the decisions, for the player. Although each fight only lasts usually ten seconds or under, they are ten seconds in which the player can do nothing except watch the fight and chat with other players.

21747  500x375 dragons call orc scout

Kill 5 Rats

For those familiar with the typical “Go out and kill five rats for me” quest dialogue, Dragon’s Call’s quests will be found no different. Outside of a few quests which direct you to new NPCs with new quests, all of the quests in Dragon’s Call send you off to kill a certain number of enemies and then return. The good thing is, despite the repetitive nature of these quests, they are very useful. The main quest line (those quests which aren’t repeatable) give random gear appropriate for the player’s class, as well as stones to help upgrade gear. Daily quests, on the other hand, do not give gear but do give a sizable experience reward. Instances are also available for players who wish to group up with a few others for a better chance at gear. Whatever leveling path a player takes, however, the grind will be felt, especially past level 20.

Limited Action

Like other browser games, Dragon’s Call uses an Action Point system. This system gives players a limited number of actions per day, to a maximum of 200. If this is not enough for a player’s time budget, they can purchase additional action points per day at a great expense – 19,000 gold for five, or 1 Dragon Gold (premium) per Action Point via several potions throughout the day. Generally, 200 action points are plenty for a few hours of adventuring, but can wear out faster at higher levels, and this, along with premium-only gear upgrading items, can be what drains your wallet dry if you decide to pay cash for game play.

21753  500x375 dragons call screenshot

Arenas and Robbing

Although the combat is automated in Dragon’s Call, the game still offers PvP in two forms: Arenas and Robbing. The Arena is available in town, and allows players to challenge others of their level and arena rank for a chance to increase their own renown, and earn valuable Honor Points. Honor Points can be used as a currency to buy items only available for Dragon Gold (the premium store cash). The trick with the arena is that players are limited to twenty arena fights per day; however, arena fights do not cost action points. Robbing, on the other hand, is the act of attacking another player in the field. While players do not gain or lose honor for these fights, and they do cost action points, they gain one advantage: they can earn some of the other player’s loot.

Final Verdict: Fair

Dragon’s Call is fun enough to keep open in another browser window to return to throughout the day, or to play while at work. There’s always something to do, and it’s not attention intensive, which makes it great – as a background game. If you’re looking for a more interactive game, however, there are far better browser games that will keep you entertained for unlimited hours.


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