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Dark Orbit Reloaded is a 2D Sci-Fi MMORPG played right on your web browser. While it lacks sophisticated graphics, Dark Orbit offers a large game world with PvP oriented gameplay. Players can be attacked almost anywhere in the galaxy and death carries a stiff penalty. Mine ores, complete quests and battle for control of lucrative fields throughout the galaxy.

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Publisher: Bigpoint
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Open PvP
Filesize: None

Pros: +No download or install required. +Large player base. +3 factions to chose from +Open PvP and faction wars.

Cons: -Repetitive graphics and gameplay.  -Boring Quests. -Cash items imbalance the game.

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Dark Orbit Overview

Dark Orbit is a popular space based browser MMORPG by Bigpoint. Like all of Bigpoint’s games, Dark Orbit is a heavily PvP oriented game. The first few zones are safe areas but the rest of the galaxy is a free for all.

Three powerful mining corporations can’t seem to divide the galaxy between themselves and continue to wage perpetual war against each other. New players are asked to chose which of these corporations they wish to join. Each has a different attitude towards their place in the galaxy. Switching factions is possible but not without a stiff cost. The three Mining Corporations are:

Mars Mining Operation - Profit seeking opportunists.
Earth Industries Corporation - Believe in commitment to the company and shared goals.
Venus Resources Unlimited - Their mission statement includes protecting the galaxy and caring for their employees.

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Full Review

Dark Orbit Full Review

By Erhan Altay

Dark Orbit is one of the more popular web based MMORPGs by the publisher Bigpoint who’s other works include Seafight, Gladius 2, XBlaster and Space Invasion. Before we get started, it’s worth mentioning that browser game’s like Dark Orbit are not for everyone. These games are often have very simple game mechanics and are thin in content. Dark Orbit is no exception, there is little depth to the game’s quests and universe. Instead, the game provides a huge galaxy and leaves it to the players to create their own entertainment through clan wars.

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Earn Your Wings

Dark Orbit lacks any sort of character customization, the only choice players make when first starting is which of the tree mining corporations they wish to align with. I’m not quite sure what difference there is between the corporations, my best guess is they simply serve as a way to pit the population each other in a three way to make things more exciting. Dark Orbit starts new players on their overview page where they may at first be overwhelmed. Before jumping into the game, let’s take a moment to explain the overview. There are two major currencies in Dark Orbit; Credits and Uridium. Uridium is the more important of the two but is generally much more difficult to obtain. In fact, the best way to obtain it seems to be through the cash shop so think twice before spending the small amount you start with. Besides your current financial position, the overview also displays eight blue tabs, each leading to another page. New players should start by hitting the ‘Quest’ tab and accepting the first quest that is available. This will launch the actual client portion of the game and allow players to move around the galaxy.

Mostly Empty Space

Once in space, on screen pop ups will instruct the player on basic movement; left click to move, hold to continue moving. Alternatively, players may click a location on the mini map and let the auto pilot take care of it. Each map has one or more jump portals capable of teleporting players to an adjacent map. In total, there are currently 28 maps in Dark Orbit with most of them allowing open PvP. Odds are, the first few quests will involve collecting various colored ores in space and can be very tedious. Along with ores, glowing bonus  boxes seem to be scattered around space which contain small amounts of currency and other items such as ores and ammo. Besides questing and farming NPC ships, collecting these randomly spawning bonus boxes seems to be the best way to earn money for those unwilling to use the cash shop.

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Pew Pew Lasers

Eventually, players will be able to test out combat through kill quests which involve hunting down NPC vessels. Combat in Dark Orbit is done in real time by selecting a target than clicking either the ‘laser’ or ‘rocket’ button. The damage you inflict is determined by both the laser cannon and the type of ammo. Cheaper ammo and weapons cost credits while more powerful ones are priced in Uridium.  Because of the steep uridium cost of powerful ammo, it’s best to use the cheaper type against NPCs and save the potent stuff against enemy players. While engaged with an enemy, both you and your opponent are free to fly around which adds a bit of strategy to the gameplay, especially in group fights. Before venturing past the first map, I recommend purchasing a new ship, engine, and shield. Ship, engine, shield and ammo purchases are all made at the hanger tab and the variety on offer is a bit disappointing. There are a total of 10 ships, 4 kinds of rockets, 4 kinds of laser ammo, and several shield and engine types. Buy what you can and head back into space.

Fight it Out

The single player questing and NPC farming may be bland but those were never meant to be the game’s draw. It’s the freedom to attack and destroy any other player that gives Dark Orbit a sense of urgency not felt in other MMORPGs. Is it wise to fly so far out alone in that new expensive ship you bought, knowing that you could be attacked at any moment? Finding friends and fighting as a team are vital for success in deeper maps which also tend to be more lucrative. As an added incentive, Bigpoint even offers a top prize of $10,000 to the last surviving player in a monthly free for all on a special battle map. Throughout the month, players collect ‘jackpot points’ which cap at 10,000. Who ever wins the monthly battle will receive an equivalent amount of dollars to their jackpot points. Now obviously a new player has no chance at winning this prize but it does give players something to aim for.

2054  500x375 dark orbit combat

Final Verdict: Good

As far as Browser games go, Dark Orbit is certainly one of the better ones. Fast paced and with a sizable community, Dark Orbit is an ideal pick up and play game for those lacking either the computing power or time to play more involved games.


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