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Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances Overview

Part of the Command & Conquer franchise, Tiberium Alliance is their first free-to-play title. Players have a choice of joining one of the two opposing factions, Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod. Battle over the war-torn landscape with other players over the valuable resource, Tiberium. Combat with the NPC clan, the Forgotten, from encroaching in your territory. With the help alliances to players become more powerful and expand their territory.

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Full Review

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances Full Review

By Daniel Dalton


Let Us Begin!

The focus of Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars is to build a base and expand while protecting yourself from the hostile parties around you. When you choose your faction you are asked to pick a sector of the map where your first base will be (it doesn’t really make a difference where you go, but the choice is nice).

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A Whole New World

You might be overwhelmed coming into a screen like this but the game does a good job of assimilating you into everything through its innovative tutorial. You’re taught the in-game mechanics and basics through a series of quests while simultaneously building your base up. Before you know it you’re ready for your first conflict.

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Who’s Next?

You are tasked to destroy a nearby Forsaken (an NPC enemy) camp with your newly developed army. It’s an easy job and they’re soon done with. New Forsaken camps pop up around your area periodically and you are encouraged to go out and exterminate them when you have the resources available to do so. Through fighting the Forsaken you are given an insight to how the PvP system of the game works. Every player has offensive and defensive capabilities. To attack another player you must first destroy whatever defensive set-up he has going on. It is very much a case of rock-paper-scissors. Infantry defence are hard countered by vehicle offense, which in turn can be countered by certain units. This keeps the PvP dynamic, there’s no one unit that is the answer to everything. In order to succeed at the higher levels one must scout his or her target and build the right unit to exploit the weaknesses in their defence. A target whose defence primarily consists of MG Nests (anti-infantry cannons that are also good against air) can be countered effectively by massing ground infantry units.

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The Calm Before The Storm – Rally The Troops

The incentives to attacking other people, apart from showing your superiority, are the spoils of the battle. You can plunder Tiberium from your enemies, the driving force of the C&C world that is used to make everything and anything. However, there are also  three other almost redundant resources, Crystal, Energy and Credits. The primary way you get these resources is harvesting them from your home base. Harvesters can be placed on Tiberium and Crystal fields to collect the respective resources. Power Plants are placed next to resource fields to collect Energy. Credits are farmed from Refineries. The Silo determines how much Tiberium and Crystal you can stock up before you have to use it. The game keeps you coming back to regularly collect your resources because each Harvester or Power Plant can only stockpile a certain amount of Tiberium or Energy before you have to manually collect them to continue production.

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So… What Now?

After you’re all set up the game loses a lot of its pace. There is only so much you can do in one sitting before you have to return another time to collect more resources and utilise them in building more of the same thing. Some people appreciate a slower paced game, others not so much. After a while I found myself wondering, “What now?” I realised all I would be doing is more of the same stuff. Collect more resources, get more army units, attack more people. After completing one quest which tasked ten skirmishes against The Forgotten I was excited to see what my next quest would be.

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This Again?

There is no sense of progression when you are only doing more of the same. This would be alright if the PvP was competitive and there was actually some kind of strife between players. However, there isn’t. It’s one extreme or the other. Either you’re on your own without an Alliance (guild) and you cannot get out of the rut that other players leave you in through constant harassment or you join the largest Alliance in your region and you as a collective dominate completely. Smaller Alliances have no chance of getting a one up over the bigger, already established ones because of how the system works. The end result is you find servers where there is one Alliance reigning supreme over everything else and there is no competition between the players. The only people left are the ones in the Alliance or those who get frustrated and leave eventually.

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Final Verdict: Fair

While the interface is very user friendly and the tutorial does a good job of getting you into the game, once you actually get there you come to realize there isn’t all that much to do. The gameplay focuses on you doing more of the same thing indefinitely. Due to the way the guild system in the game is, there is more competition between the player and the third NPC party (The Forgotten) than there is between other players. The game becomes akin to Farmville with Command and Conquer skins. If you’re a casual gamer not looking for much more than something to keep you occupied, then C&C: Tiberium Alliances won’t disappoint.


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System Requirements

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances System Requirements

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances officially supports Firefox 4.0+, Internet Explorer 9+ and Google Chrome

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