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UPDATE: This game has been shutdown and is no longer available

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Colony of War

Colony of War is’s latest release in the form of a space themed MMORTS. With tons of browser based games on the market, Colony of War manages to offers a unique twist on a genre often flooded with
Evony clones. Players start off by choosing a nation and character, and will build their own independent empire, complete with customizable mecha and unique upgrades. Players are involved in both expanding their own colony within the nation and conducting space battes, but be sure to make allies and join a union for optimal enjoyment of all of the aspects of this title. With two types of battles (real time and battle reports), players have the option of attacking opponents with large forces or by roaming freely in space with their own customized gundam-esque mobile suit. There are also group battles and quests to do along the way. Players will be responsible for all aspects of their development, all the way down to the happiness and health of their own populated colony.

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By, William Liebenrood

Colony of War is a space themed browser based MMORTS developed by Netgame, creator of games like Hero Online and Cloud Nine. Colony of War was officially released on March 31, 2011 and the game currently has only one channel (Alishya) and a fairly small community with more channels expected to open once traffic picks up on the current server. Like so many other browser games, Colony of War offers Facebook connectivity or access through the Netgame main site. Anyone who has played a browser based strategy game before will be familiar with Colony of War’s basic gameplay, controls,but there are some differences which give this game some additional layers of gameplay which aren’t available with similar MMORTS titles.

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Background Story

Colony of War begins with a prologue video that gives a background on the story. In short, It is 2627AD and humans have moved to space and formed into two nations: AUG (Allies of the Universe Governments) and UFISS (United Front of the Independent Solar System). AUG was controlled by an alliance that was formed close to Earth and UFISS was formed by a group from a Mars settlement that established a colony around Jupiter to be independent from AUG.

41930  500x375 research center
Character Creation

Once the player selects either AUG or UFISS, there are 3 classes to choose: Special Fighting Type, Special Long Distance Type, and Special Thermodynamic Type. While there is the option to choose which colony you will be based from, there is no difference between the characters for either AUG or UFISS, which is a little disappointing considering the detailed introduction and background story on the two colonies and how they formed. There is a story for each character and provides little importance considering the characters are little more than an avatar for speaking with NPCs. There are talks of character specialties becoming more important as the game is developed further but currently these provide no influence on the total game experience.

41915  500x375 character selection
Creating A Colony

Once the player has selected their nation and character they are taken into a brief introduction on controls and are greeted with the standard tutorial of most browser based MMORTS games. Like most other RTS games you will form your own colony by building and upgrading your Colony Hall, Barracks,Research Center, etc. After a tutorial, a series of quests give players a sense of direction. Players are rewarded for upgrading their colony, joining a union, and winning battles. One feature that is particularly unique is the ability to create a Concert Hall. This allows citizens and members of your army to recover from battles along with providing entertainment for all of your citizens. Another unique feature to Colony of War is the Hospital, which unlike the name suggests is more of a medical research facility than an actual hospital, but as population grows will aid in healing civilians from diseases. This feature adds another dimension to the game which is not found in most games of similar build. In addition to Hospital and Concert Hall, players will be gathering resources of Sol and Antimatter which are primarily used in upgrades for higher level buildings (e.g. the Concert Hall and Hospital).

41941  500x375 warship factory
Creating Armies

Also within the game players will create units to build their armies for attacks on opposing forces. Players will find that even the most basic units are pretty time consuming to create and with the limitation of starting forces one can create it will take a good amount of time to get a decent army formed within your colony. This in addition to the fact that there is no instant build option available for upgrades, makes this a major drawback in building forces quickly. Although, you do have the option of purchasing nCash to expedite construction times and make life a little easier. nCash can be purchased from the website and equate to 1,000 nCash for every $1 spent. Within the game there are two forms of units: Assault (attacking forces) and Defense (defending forces). As the name suggests these are used respectfully for attacking and defending in battle.

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Once your colony is well established and you have gone through the basic quests for creating and upgrading your basic colony, players can build forces that will battle with nearby NPCs. Another tutorial briefly walks players through what they need to do to attack Cocoon forces and depending on the distance from your colony, the travel time will vary. Once the attack is complete and forces have returned, the player can view a very basic and somewhat lackluster battle report. There is no animation of the battles, so it is mostly just a battle report with an option to view what kills/losses occurred in the turns that each side took in the attacks.

Unlike similar MMORTS titles, Colony of Wars also allows players to pilot single Mecha units which are involved in battles with AI of the Cocoon and opposing nation variety. These battles are real time action which brings in elements of games like Mech Hero and are by far the most exciting part of the game. Upgrade options are available in the game once players reach level 5 and above. With any good Mecha you can upgrade the weapons and armor for better chances of victory in space battles with NPCs and opposing nation forces.

41926  500x375 npcbattlereport

Other Gameplay

Players must decide how best to upgrade their resources and when they will pick their battles. Settling a new colony through migration requires your character to be level 20 or higher and a hefty amount of resources. One benefit of migration is that your colonies are linked and this allows for resources to be generated much quicker (with exception to Sol and Antimatter). Like titles such as Evony and Lord of Ultima, players have the option to join a union, which along with the benefit of having in-game players in your corner, also has other benefits in latter stages of the game.

Final Conclusion: Good

Colony of War is an okay browser release and it does have some interesting features, with the main drawback being the time one must invest in getting to these features. This browser based genre is full of clones, but Colony of War does enough to differentiate itself while still maintaining the fundamentals of the genre. There are other MMORTS games out there that have more user-friendly interfaces and are easier to navigate and understand than Colony of War, but I am sure for those who are interested in the mecha genre, having real-time battles are a major draw to this game above others.


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